Minas Tirith by Swan Dutchman

This wonderful micro-scale Minas-Tirith MOC was recently shared by flickr.com user and LEGO MOC'er Swan Dutchman a.k.a. Koen in his photo-stream. As many of you know already, this fantasy city is based on the famous book and movie series named Lord of the Rings, The round shaping of the structure is really impressive. The texture of the farm-lands and the mountain are also beautiful. Also we suggest you to check out the the MOC of Sauron's stronghold Barad-dûr, another amazing MOC that was shared by the builder before Minas Tirith.

Arale & Gatchan from Dr. Slump in LEGO form

LEGO fan and flickr.com user LEGO 7 recently shared this colorful and funny little MOC in his photo-stream. This MOC includes Arale Norimaki and Gatchan #1 and #2 characters from gag manga series named Dr. Slump by Akira Toriyama. These characters also show up in Dragon Ball as well. The simulated articulation of the figures looks great as well as the details on faces and accessories.

Nidhiki the Fallen Toa by Brick Brickolson

We don't see Bionicle MOC's very often but this one look pretty awesome. This impressive and evil looking MOC, namely Nidhiki the Fallen Toa is shared by LEGO fan and flickr.com user Brick Brickolson. I really like the small details around the head and the white claws which look really alien-like to me. 

Paragon Alpha, another impressive Mecha by Lu Sim

This awesome mecha MOC was recently shared by flickr.com user and LEGO MOC'er Lu Sim a.k.a.  Messymaru who is known for his amazing sci-fi creations. The shaping of the mecha is amazing as always and I really like the blade weapon built using a very huge green transparent piece.

News: LEGO Harry Potter 75954 - Hogwarts Great Hall is revealed

Photos for the upcoming Harry Potter set: 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall are revelead. The set will be on shelfs in few weeks. It looks like a standard playset rather than the epected UCS Hogwards castle. Set includes 10 minifigures in total which is great but we got already accustomed to sets with high minifigure number from the Star Wars, NinjaGo and City lines.

Hagia Sophia by Rocco Buttliere

LEGO fan and flickr.com user Rocco Buttliere shared this magnificent MOC in his photo-stream few weeks ago. The techniques used to build domes are very unique. I really like the yellow-green colored trees as well. Check out the photo-album for more photos.

Bugatti Chiron by Gerald Cacas

This awesome 7-studs wide Bugatti Chiron model was built and shared by flickr.com user and MOC'er Gerald Cacas. Every LEGO fan knows how hard it is to built realistic models in small scales and Gerald Cacas did a wonderful job on this one. The usage of flexible hose pieces connecting with lever pieces a very creative idea. this car even has two seats like the real cars unlike the official set version 75878 which has only one seat. The MOC has openable doors, hood and even a detailed engine inside.

Civilized Alien in Office

This funny small MOC was recently shared by LEGO fan and flickr.com user DVD in his photo-stream. The MOC depicts an xenomorph from the Alien movie series. I really like the inclusion of small details like the bow tie and the bag as well as the 90's style computer. Check out photo album for more photos.

Bear and the Maiden Fair, a Game of Thrones MOC

Talented MOC'er and flickr.com user Barthezz Brick shared this wonderful diorama named Bear and the Maiden Fair depicting a scene from famous TV series Game of Thrones. The detailing and color combinations are really great as well as the overall size of the creation. According to the description this MOC contains approximately 20.000 bricks. Check out the photo album for more detail photos of the creation.

Vintage Wedding Car by Pixeljunkie

This wonderful vintage wedding car is created by talented builder and flickr.com user Pixeljunkie. My favorite part is the shaping of the mudguards. Chrome coated pieces look also great together with white tires. Using minifigure hand pieces as handles are another small and creative addition to the MOC. Check out the builders photo-stream for more photos of the the married couple.