Sunday, February 14, 2016

Nova Dive from Star Wars: The Old Republic

LEGO Fan and member Jake shared this nice star fighter, Nova Dive from the game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The shaping of this star ship is very well done and it resembles the fighter from the game very much. The creator also uploaded a video and more photos in album. The creator of this model also recently shared a smaller scale Star Wars ship MOC CR12 Thranta Class Corvette which is also great build. 

Nova Dive star fighter from the game with orange markings as the MOC.

News: Sets for the second half of 2016 are displayed in NY Toy Fair

Photos for the upcoming 2016 sets from different themes are reveled in NY Toy Fair. Here are the photos of new sets from Nexo Knights, Super Heroes, NinjaGO and Star Wars. The sets include many new molds, prints and colors. I'm espcially impressed with the Super Heroes sets which include many new comic heroes which are never released before like Red Hood, Black Panther, White Tiger, Vulture and many more. We have collected all the photos in a separate page for you to see.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Viper Mk.II Model from Battlestar Galactica TV Series

We have recently blogged another classic space ship the Cylon Raider from Stefan Käsmayer. This time we blog maybe the most famous and recognizable space ship from Battlestar Galactica, the Viper. This beautifully shaped Viper Mk.II  from 2004 version of the series is built and shared by member Angelo_S.. I especially like how the cockpit section is built with flexible hose pieces instead of transparent windscreen pieces. The nose section is also shaped very well and also textured with small details which makes this vehicle MOC even more interesting. The custom minifigure for the Battlestar Galactica character "Kara Thrace a.k.a Starbuck" also fits very nicely to the creation. For more photos check out the photo album.

"Hello Ladies..." Deadpool built with Bricks!

Superhero film based on the Marvel Comics, Deadpool is on cinemas this week. The film is directed by Tim Miller, with a screenplay by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Flickr member and LEGO Fan Tim Lidy shared this great brick-built Deadpool figure in his photo-stream.

News: Photo of New Star Wars UCS Set 75098 Assault on Hoth Is Revealed

Information about the 2016 LEGO sets continue to be revealed on the internet. The box photos of one of the rumored Star Wars UCS sets, 75098 Assault on Hoth are revealed. It seems that the set will include a total of 16 minifigures and two big-figures including a tauntaun and a wampa. There are many seperate structures to build in this set including the shield generator, a defense turret, the ion cannon, a snowspeeder, the cave of the wampa and also a large hanger as the rebel command base. Containin 2144 pieces (Source: brickfan) and 18 figures this set will be priced as $249.99 according to brickset. It will be released on 5/1/2016.

Sniper Rifle from Halo 5 by Nick Brick

LEGO fan an Replica master builder Nick Brick shared this realistic 1:1 scaled replica sniper rifle from the video game Halo 5: Guardians. This rifle is called Nornfang which is a Spartan-II Linda-058's SRS99-S5 AM sniper rifle and is capable of killing a fully shielded Spartan in one shot in the game. This replica is 54 inches in length and weights 9 lb (appr. 4,1 kg). Check out the creators photo-stream for many more realistic replicas built with LEGO elements.

Original weapon model from the game

Friday, February 12, 2016

Military Transport Plane: Antonov 225

We dont't often see MOC's at this size. LEGO model master builder and member arwen.romel.hanna1 shared this amazingly huge military transport ship Antonov 225 in his photo stream. The creator also built tanks what can fit into this plane. The nose section opens up to load the tanks. The tanks and the plane itself are all minifigure scale. To understand the size of this MOC better check out this photo. The builder also shared many WIP photos from the building stages.

Cylon Raider from Battlestar Galactica by Stefan Käsmayer

This MOC resembles the original model so much so the fans of the classic Sci-Fi TV series Battlestar Galactica immediately notice this classic ship. LEGO Fan and member Stefan Käsmayer recently shared this classic Cylon Raider in his photo-stream. I especially like how the light bluish gray flexible hose elements are used to create the cockpit section. The overall shaping and surface texturing are also very impressive.

Cylon raider model from the TV series.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Coverpage of LEGO Home Decor Magazine

What's Cooking?

An awesome LEGO fan and flickr member Tim Schwalfenberg who is also created Tiny Train Diorama and Oil Rig in Micro-Scale On Frozen Waters photographed his latest MOC, What's Cooking? Photo of an incredible modern looking kitchen seems like a coverpage of a latest issue of home decor magazine. He created this MOC for Ironbuilder February 2016 edition.

Classic Fire Truck by Tim Schwalfenberg

The Ironbuilder challenge between Tim Schwalfenbeg and Jonas continue at full speed. The creativity in this challange is really impressive therefore we continue to post MOC's from it time to time. As his turn Tim built this amazing classic fire truck as his seventeenth build where he used the metallic pin element in various place like the latter, bumpers and lights. I especially like how the front windscreen is placed using the base parts of lever element