The Last Guild by K.Kreations

LEGO Fan and member K.Kreations shared his very old MOC The Last Guild with us today. He builded this MOC in 2015 for Brickslopes 2015 and never shared before. One huge house sitting on a well-built rock island. K.Kreations mixed castle and steampunk themes in one creation.

News: Photo for LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 17 revealed at Toy Fair

LEGO has recently revealed the box of the upcoming Collectible Minifigures Series 17 in the their preview event in New York Toy Fair. This high-quality photo and names was shared by the Brick-Show. According to them possible names of the mini-figures are: 

Top row from left to right: Surfer Boy, Gourmet Chef, Hot Dog Vendor, Elf Maiden, Circus Strongman, Yuppie, Veterinerian, and (possibly) Highwayman. Bottom row from left to right: Connoisseur, Butterfly Girl, Roman Gladiator, Corn Cob Guy, Retro Space Hero, Dance Instructor, Battle Dwarf and Rocket boy. 

The Brick Fan has released a feel guide for finding the figures you want in blind bags. In my opinion this series contains very nice figures and also below average figures at the same time. There are many new accessories, recolored pieces and animals that will make the LEGO fans very happy. The rocket boy and the corn cob guy will be possibly the most favorites among the fans because of their body-wear accessories. French bulldog that will come out together with Connoisseur will be nice addition to LEGO's dog species list.

Amazing Admiral Ackbar Bust by Eero Okkonen

This amazing and movie accurate bust MOC of Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi (1983) movie was recently shared by talented LEGO builder and our latest guest of honor Eero Okkonen a.k.a. Pate-keetongu who is best known for his big-scale character creations. The detailing on face is very impressive on this one. The mouth and jowl are built incredibly but my favourite section is the eyes. Don't forget to check out guest of honor page where you will find our special interview with Eero Okkonen.

Robo-Guardian is back and it is bigger than ever!

LEGO fan and user spaceruner shared this huge robot-shaped mobile-base MOC, namely RX1 Behemoth, in his photo-stream. Any old-enough LEGO fan instantly recognize the shape of the iconic 6949-1: Robo-Guardian from Space sub- theme Spyrius. The proportions and the colors match the original set very much but it is very much bigger in size. from the creativity standpoint the MOC is very impressive as well. The robot has a fully decorated interior.

Island of Catan by Simon NH

LEGO Fan and member Simon NH created a MOC that is full of different texturing techniques and well-designed brick built water effect. Two islands which have two different buildings on it has connected with a small wooden bridge. The Church has a roof with well known yellow hand piece technique. Color selection of wall section for church is impressive. The house which has roof room section that is builded by boat pieces has stunning ruined stone wall technique. Just like every piece in this building try to make this building impressive. I also liked the small wave effect near to the harbor. Island of Catan is a masterpiece!

Eddie Rickenbacker's Spad S.XIII by Daniel Siskind

This awesome world war I fighter planet model, namely Eddie Rickenbacker's Spad S.XIII was recently shared by user Daniel Siskind, who is also the owner of Brickmania (where tons of different custom creation including this one are for sale). The shaping and coloring of the vehicle is awesome and historically accurate for a minifigure-scale LEGO creation. The decals/stickers are also very nice. The builder also shared a beautiful air-battle action photo scene in his photo-stream where this plane attacks a German Fokker Dr.1 from behind and bricks fall of the damaged plane.

News: 71042 The Silent Mary revealed in Toy Fair

New York Toy Fair started today and new sets are revealed now. First set that we didn't know any information about is upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean set 71042 The Silent Mary. Set contains approximately 2200 pieces. It will have $199,99 price label and will be release on 1st of April.

Beautiful Windmil by soccersnyderi

LEGO Fan and member soccersnyderi shared his latest MOC named Holt Windmill in his own photostream. MOC includes a well built windmill with very neat wall texturing and very near color at roof sections that makes creation awesome. His ground and rock design is realistic with right plant and color choices. 

The Flower Garden by Chris Maddison

Nowadays, Iron Builder Challange shows us good usage of new Pentagonal piece. The contestant, Chris Maddison created a beautiful scenery that use this piece to create a fence for his garden. His MOC, The Flower Garden, is very neat and colorful with different scenery pieces.

Beautiful Modular Buildings by Łukasz Libuszewski

These beautiful and colorful modular buildings were built and recently shared as a group-shot by LEGO fan and user Łukasz Libuszewski a.k.a. looooookl in his photo-stream. The texturing and and color choices are great. I especially like the use of bright light yellow ("Chima yellow") in a city-building creation. Each bulding has a fully decorated interior too, so be sure to check out the builders photo-stream for more photos.