GemStone Virginia - Beautifully iluminated huge castle city
GemStone Virginia
Like many of the LEGO fans, I like huge MOC's as well. This one is a historical city shared by MOCpages member Emerald Knight. His latest creation "GemStone Virginia" impressed me at first sight. This is a huge build is surely differ from other castle dioramas with beautiful illumination.

Additionally a large army including soldiers with custom sticker are ranged on the walls of the city.

You sholud probably also check his previous city "Golden Virginia" as well. It was also a great creation.
Golden Virginia

You don't love Pax, You just love his 'Doggystyle'!!!

                                     The legendary album of Snoop Doggy Dogg 'Doggystyle'

Alex Jones aka Orion Pax has created the ultimate MOC. He has just combined the men's best inventions; Rap music and Lego. He gave lot of effort there, just look at custom painted masonry bricks and custom stickers. Snoop must be proud.

Here you can compare this with the original cover.

Dragblaid Tower

Chris Maddison introduces us the 'technic pins'. At first every kid hates them, then they become weapon elements, and with years they might be used on their natural purpose. But let's face it, this one is           suprising. Chris has used them to create a swamp for CCCXI's secret hideout category. The roof techniques are also eyecandies. As a round building lover, I can say tis one successfully mixes accustomed round tower technique with the innovative roof and glorious swamp, by the way don't miss the creepy tree (or a huge animal's bones???) A great MOC with a great soul! Brick on Chris!

Custom Hot Wheels Drag Bus and LEGO Minifigure in the same box!

I'm going to share something very unique this time. I'm both fan of LEGO and Hot Wheels therefore this post is really exiting for me. Famous Hot Wheels custom designer Bryan Pope has made a rare Hot Wheels Drag Bus set using LEGO Brick/Minifig decals and combined it with a LEGO Collectible Minifigure (Series 7 - Hippie). This set is specially produced for the Hot Wheels Collectors Convention 2013. There is even a ebay auction about one of these item right now. Check out the beautiful box design of this set.

 THe LEGO minifigure and the Hot Wheels Drag Bus get together in the same box for the first time.

 It has brick decals on top of the custom drag bus.

Faun Bust from Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth is one of my favourite movies. Faun bust is built in excellent shape and angle of the horns are amazing. Personally thank you very much for this creation. Check out the Deathly Haliwel's creations and enjoy..

Creations of mpoh98

I really like the recent creations of mpoh98. I guess he is very young, but the sky is the limit for this young fellow. Ballista and the soldiers are cleverly built, well done. Combination of the minifig accessories are very genius, the warrior looks tough. Waiting more creations.

Erebor, The Dwarven Hall Of Kings
Blake Baer and Jack Bittner shared their amazing creation Erebor, The Dwarven Hall Of Kings on Flickr. They spent more than 80.000 bricks and 400 hours to build this artwork. 

Just look at and be amazed by the dwarven statues on the sides of the hall enterence.

Borg from Star Trek

Resistance is Futile!

I have never became a fan of Star Trek and I dont like the wachting any movie from the Star Trek franchise, but I could say that the bust creation is looking impressive in terms of modelling of the head shape. I actually find it very realistic. Remember the PredatorShawn Snyder  had been building busts such more of those characters for years and managed to capture the proportion in the shapes of the figure which has relatively few pieces. 

Welcome to the Funhouse

LEGO Batman and Robin, Joker's Funhouse

Woawwww. I can't find words to call this creation. Paul Hetherington (Brickbaron) created another huge creation after the recreation of Lady Gaga's Born This Way Concert. It is obvious that the creation was spent a lot of time of thinking about each section in the MOC. Details are amazing, just check out the images and enjoy..

Welding In Space But In Different Styles

Flickr member Nick V a.k.a Brickting shared his latest creation BURN-E (Basic Utility Repair Nano Engineer) which is actually a welding robot from Wall-E. The original BURN-E couln't be more precisely modelled with LEGO parts. I especially like the design of the eyes.

Yesterday Flickr member Simon Liu a.k.a Si-MOCs also shared his version of BURN-E which has a more conventional design. Click to see his version.

Today Lego Junkie also shared a BURN-E  design after Simon Liu and Nick V.

Long before these two builders shared their version of BURN-E Angus MacLane had shared the robot in his own Cube-Dude unique style in 2009.

 Angus MacLane also shared a micro-scale version of BURN-E in 2008

BURN-E is a short film created by Pixar in 2008. It is a parallel spin-off from the feature-length movie WALL-E. A repair robot named BURN-E is a minor character from the first movie, and the film is intercut with scenes from WALL-E, which takes place concurrently.

A True Masterpiece

Have you seen the magnificent artwork "The LEGO Ancient Chinese Tang's Horse" of Schneider Scheung a.k.a Schfio Factory? His creation is very popular on MOCpages lately. In case you are not fallowing MOCpages and haven't seen it yet, take a look to the avard winning artwork.

Best Sculpture Category winner on Brickfair VA 2013

Living in A Town

Town Houses 2

Working on a microscale is always very hard for me. While I am creating something in micro scale, I usually lose the essence of the shapes and it becomes an awful experience for me, that's why I appreciate people, who build microscale creations, a bit more. T.Oechsner built two apartments having nice level of details. However this time I like the feeling which makes me to think more than the technique. I can not explain why, but this creation reminds me Edward Hopper's this painting. Dark red apartment looks very depressive, it might be a solitary apartment and no one is living in side, but other one looks joyful and the cafe is full of customers. Dark red apartment expressed the alienation of human in towns. I think this creation is very powerful, because it makes me to think.

I am so hungry...

Fridge Horror

JéRôMe, also known as Vanjey_Lego, mostly creates nice and funny diaromas with the minifigures. He combines the different minifigure parts with others and the result is always brilliant. This time he creates a horror scene includes a fridge comes from a Fabuland set, a chopped minifigure and the protagonist hungry guy at 4 a.m. I love the diaroma, enjoy the simplicity in perfection..


Best celebration comes with the best MOC. Here is the Dalek model by Xenomurphy. Let us celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary with this beautiful model. (I still can't believe it's in minifig scale.)

Amazing builds keep coming for the CCCXI!

Another amazing build is shared today by Mark Erickson a.k.a Mark of Falworth, who became the master builder in Classic Castle Contest last year. "The Outcast Inn" is an entry for the Secret Hideout category. Plant designs and rock formations are nicely shaped as we always see in his creation. I especially like the tree trunks which he build using cheese slopes. Just take a look and prepare to be amazed yourself by the details of the MOC.

Unconventional roofs on medieval buildings

The Jester's Prestige
The latest MOC from Luke Watkins Hutchinson a.k.a Derfel Cadarn made me spechless. This medieval diorama is surely one of the best I have ever seen. The textures of the buildings are amazing. And the roofs of the buildings are not like the ones you normally do yourself. These oblique roofs are the sign of a new age in historical themed building. Seeing the participants so far, It looks like the Classic Castle Contest this year will be quite impressive.,

Perfect Castle for the Evil

Obsidian Spike
Flickr and member ZCerberus's latest castle MOC which is looking really scary and perfect at the same time. Modelling of the castle and the landscaping are totally great. The shades of gray are mostly used by castle builders and ZCerberus made an exeption this time. He used black colored bricks to shape his tower like castle. With perfect use of arches and slopes he managed to give his castle an extraordinary look.

Evil soldiers are guarding the Black Spires home base

Look at me ! I'm building cheerfully

Taking a look at GunmanLurikeen's (Giorgos Solomonidis) creation without being happy is impossible. he doesn't have so many unique technics but his way of using existing technic is very unique. He is very Bob Ross-like while building. Just look at his little happy rivers and flowers.  I wish he keeps on building and makes us happy.

Ancler River
Sir Gunman Lurikeen's Fountain

A Crazy Thing !!!

Check out what this dude has done! Bricktthing (NickV) makes people love bionicle parts. even the useless planet pieces become lovely cute things on his hands. I just stop talking and show the examples

Also special thanks to Iron Builder Contest, thanks to its existence we get the chance of enjoying these kind of awesome entries. 

The LEGO Movie sets are featured in LEGO Shop

70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace
New "The LEGO Movie" theme sets are featured in LEGO Shop. They will be available on 19.12.2013. Total of four sets are showed up until so far in official shop. Those are: 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace70807 MetalBeard's Duel 70808 Super Cycle Chase and 70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair.
According to there will be 13 sets to be released in total.  All the sets will be available in stores in February 2014.

Realistic Ocean Drive Miami Diorama

Ocean Drive Miami Diorama
We always come by dioramas depicting war scenes but dioramas of touristic beaches are hard to come by. Flickr member 6kyubi6 and Brick66 created a high quality one. Ocean Drive Miami Diorama is quite detailed with lots of vehicles and minifigs. An orange sports car, a hot rod and a white limousine are driving the road, Boats, surfers and jet skies are on the sea. If you take a look to the real photos of the place you can see how accurately he build the diorama. An original design is for the trees on the beach and 6kyubi6 also shared with us its building instruction. I've seen many tree designs that give similar final look but this one is different and looks compact.

Batman and the Riddler just got their fancy ridezzz!

Flickr member Calin aka Tiler just posted his awesome creations. He is known for his beautiful hot rod creations, but this time he made the DC universe look better. He got the chrome parts from Chrome Block City. Very successful modification of licenced parts, I must admit :).

Knights of the Crow and their Nest

Crow's Nest
Another amazing creation for the Classic Castle Contest this is coming from Legonardo Davity. He recently posted this incredible house called crow's nest featuring his custom faction the Knights of the Crow. Using the Uruk-hai shields and Crow head-piece accessory from the Lone Ranger sets make his faction unique.  With all the details on the walls, ground and the snows on the roof...  this MOC is a real artpiece.

Knights of the Crow

Classic Cars

Here are recent digitalty modelled cars of Brickshelf member lego911. The cars are so perfectly modelled and finely detailed even in this scale that you probably wouldn't notice they were built with LEGO parts if you didn't look closely.

403rd Marine Heavy Assault Team

I really hate the helmet of Iron-man. It is too big for the minifigure head, it does not fit anything when you want to create a custom minifigure. However Piratesxlovexrum finds a great solution of using this part. He combined Iron-man mask with the armor of Alien Avenger. I guess this is the most efficient and only way of combining this part. Rest of the soldiers look very tough and ready to action:)

Iron Horse ...Burn ants burn

We have a road trip. Take your helmet, leather jacket and magnify!?! LEGO builders always come with new ideas of using parts in new ways. It is one of the best brick-made motorcycle. Monsterbrick has a cool style in mini scale, motorcycle is compact and looks very sturdy. It captures every essential part of a motorcycle and he made this look less than 30 parts. Enjoy your trip riding on a magnify...

Iron Horse ...Burn ants burn

Collectible Minifig Series 12

As many of you heard already the LEGO minifigure collection series 12 will include The LEGO Movie character. Here are officially announced characters of the series. William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Panda Guy, Marsha, Queen of the Mermaids, Velma Staplebot, Scribble-Face Bad Cop, Wild West Wyldstyle, Hard Hat Emmet, Gail the Construction Worker, "Where Are My Pants?" Guy, Mrs. Scratchen-Post, Wiley Fusebot, President Business, Calamity Drone, Taco Tuesday Man and Larry the Barista. Every minifigure comes with one or more accessories and a display plate

And most recently a picture of the box art from the new series is relased.

CCCXI Warriors of Finland

Flickr member Steven Erickson a.k.a Brother Steven shared his creation built for the Classic Castle Contest XI - Custom Faction category. The emblems are inspired from Finnish heraldry. According to Steven, the gold details at the top of the shields represent forests and the cross represents faith and the white spirals represent birch bark trumpets. The stickers on torsos and shields are looking really authentic. Maybe additional triangular shields could add some additional diversity. Flesh colored figure heads made the figures more realistic. I think he has a very good chance of winning in this category.

CCCXI Warriors of Finland