Classic Space is back?!?

We got this photo from The Lego Movie book. Maybe it is from second wave of Lego movie sets. I personally wish it is a real set not just a craft in a movie. For additional info we must wait and see.
2014 will be a great year exciting news just don't stop coming :D.

Santas in different styles

This Christmas many good designs are showing up in photo streams. Check our these beautiful creations. 
Cute little sleeping santa from Schfio. "Please wake me up on X'mas eve."

Chris McVeigh aka powerpig's Brickscetch 24 portraying the Santa Claus.

An unusual Christmas creation "Santa Mech" is built by the Flickr member Imagine Rigney. Check out the Santa figure sitting and controlling the mech inside the control cabin which is actually the head of the mech. Additionally he also built smaller mechs for the minion elves.
Another brickbuilt Santa model is created by Dave Caleta bus this one has no pants. 

The Rat Fink's Hot Rod Car

There are some creations that you dont belive at first sight that they are built with LEGO parts. Flicker member Misterzumbi's "The Rat Fink" Hot Rod car is one of this kind of creations. The details are really impressive. The picture of the car is looking like a comic book page. Honostly I think this creation is amazing and someting odd. I have never seen something like this before and  like it.

New Chima Figs

Check out new Chima minifigures! Upcoming animals are awesome. My personal thought on that they will turn many haters into fans of Chima.Rhinos, spiders and bats are new molds. (Cragger seems to become a good guy) But more exciting ones are new bat wings, scorpion armor and spider legs. We will see this legs in many MOCs next year. 2014 seems to be a great year for lego fans.

OH SHIIIII.........

Karl Oohlu is a crazy genius. But for sure he has a beautiful mind. Nothing to say more, photos are self-explanatory.

Black Spire Tower

Black Spire Tower
Gabriel Thomson aka qi_tah uploaded another creation. As he stated it is not very fancy, but this might be the first creation of an another massive diaroma such like this. I am looking forward him to add more creations.

Winter comes back

2013 Christmas Card
Last week the first snow of the winter was dropped in Istanbul, the traffic was held despite the measures, most of the streets was covered with snow. Our character in this creation had such a difficulties to reach the post box. I guess this is the first creation of Chris. It looks really solid, details are pretty good and i like the post box.

The Proposal

Everybody knows the space creations of Bart De Dobbelaer. Viewer really the space environment in excellence, he is such a perfect narrative into the space theme. Bart mostly establishes great stories behind his creations. This is the second episode of  misfortune Elizabeth and Sebastian ( first episode is here) When Sebastian proposed to her, pack of hydras revealed and attacked on them. Poor couple:)

Brick-built Lucky Luke is faster than his shadow 

Amazing Lucky Luke statue is created by the Flickr member 6kyubi6. According to the descriptions he built it for round 2 of the Tag Team Tournament contest on "Comic character brickbuild". He built almost every detail with simple bricks, plates and tiles yet he is very succesful. The shaping of the face is really outstanding. He also recreated the Shadow Showdown scene with his brickbuild model. One small difference is that the Lucky Luke doesn't smoke in the original version.

6kyubi6's version of the drawing
The original drawing

Unicorn on Fire

Mike Nieves a.k.a retinence shared his latest creation Rapidash in his flickr. Rapidash is a Pokemon character and it seems like a unicorn on fire. I always like statues in LEGO especially when built non-brick parts. Mike managed to built a statue with an organic design using minifigure body parts, dishes and bones. I think body and head of a horse could not be built better with LEGO.

Knight Gundam

A mobile suit by Flickr member Moko is a nice combination of medieval and sci-fi. Knight Gundam (Kishi Gundam) is a character, belongs to Gundam franchise and designed by Hajime Katoki. Here is the Lego take on by Flickr Member Lego Dou Moko. This mobile suit is a nice combination of medieval and sci-fi. Moko's creation seems like a charicatured edition of Knight Gundam. But sure it is very successful with its look and the techniques which are used for building. Even its cape is brickbuilt.

Let the photos talk!

With his shield and lance

Centaur Form

Brick Built Teddy Bear for the Valentines Day

A newofficial set of a brick built teddy bear is released for the Valentines Day 2014. Check out the lovely bear. According to the pictures gathered from an ebay auction (There are currently 3 active auctions), the set contains 127 parts for building the bear and a heart. It would be great gift for LEGO fan valentines.

An Indian Dream

Flickr member Legopard invented a new water technique and applied it to an Indian ıinfluenced MOC.

Look at the new water technique, it really looks like it flows. Also the roof looks awesome.

Legopard also tried to create an underwater rock view by using different colored modified tiles. I can't say he is successfull at this one but this new water technique is so smooth I think we will see this being used by other builders many more times.

A mecha creation by Kosmas Santosa

Geher 9 Maintenance Service
I really like the creation of mechas, but this time Kosmas Santosa's mecha looks very solid and extremely detailed. Parts on the gas tank and tool cart is very creative. Also female figure whose one leg is leaning on the front is not a new technique, but it looks so nice. However I do not like the background, nature or real looking textures do not fit very well with the idea of Lego, also the artificial light creates better quality on the parts, but this comment is totally personal.

Villa Amanzi by Robert Turner
Robert Turner a.k.a rt_bricks shared his latest creation Villa Amanzi in Flickr. This microscale creation is really huge (77 cm x 51 cm x 59 cm (30 in x 20 in x 23 in)) and also very detailed (with microscale furniture!) at the same time. According to the info given in the description, Villa Amanzi is a real life building found in Phuket Island, Thailand it has even a special website.
There are chaise lounges and umbrellas at poolside

The most unusual court entertainment ever!

Chris Maddison a.k.a cmaddison shared his latest creation Diner and a Show in Flickr and the Show is really something you normally don't see in LEGO form. This show is only for the plessure of the Goblin King performed by the goblin butcher and possibly prisoners. More suprisingly this creation is an entry for the court entertainment category of this years Classic Castle Contest. I like the structure of the walls combining old and new shades of gray. Bones, flags, spider.. are all nice details that make this creation look more realistic.

A Stunning Liebherr Model by Huib van der Hart

LEGO Liebherr  Project
Some of them might know this creation which was showed in Model Shows Europe about a year ago. This was used to be a WIP model in the show. Recently Huib van der Hart added the extended boom lift on his massive truck. He shooted this photograph, while he was testing the extention. It looks really massive, almost the extention reaches the ceiling.

New races are coming to the world of Chima

 Legend Beast Eagle is certainly reminding the eagle from the creator sets.

2014 Chima sets are revealed. There will be 5 different  "Leged Beast Series" sets featuring large scale brick-build animals combined with riders. There will be also additional minifigure races this year including bats, spiders, scorpions and rhinos. You can check out the list and pictures at Brickset.

New Chima sets are featuring new races including the rhinos and spiders.

This Crown Kinght Castle Rocks!

David Hensel a.k.a Legonardo Davidy built an outstanding castle for the Classic Castle Contest. He used hinged plates for the edges of the windows, which is really creative and I haven't seen this technique before. He also manage to build the rocks with slopes but he did not attach them vertically as many of the builders did. This castle probably would not be one of the largest castles in the competition but surely one of the best designs. He also mentioned in the description that this castle is the remake of the Crown Knights Castle built by De Gothia.

Eagle Camping Car

Chima Eagle Camping Car

Flickr member 74louloute posted this highly creative MOC a few days ago. His way of using sword leaf piece is a definition of NPU. This vehicle look like an eagle like it suppose to do but it also look like nest for the eagle warrior. ( Maybe that's why 74louloute called it as Chima Eagle Camping Car.)

Keneda's Bike in LEGO

The Arvo Brothers built a magnificent bike, Keneda's bike from the manga Akira and they even wrote a book about it. Check out the details of the masterpiece. Here is an example page from the book:

Hispabrick Magazine Issue 18

Download the new issue of the Hispabrick Magazine for free. Visit Hispabrick Magazine official page for details.

Medieval Town from Derfel Cadarn

Master of Castle Theme building Luke Watkins Hutchkinson a.k.a Derfel Cadarn created another magnificent medieval diorama. This time he built a medieval town and the name of the creation is "The Prince And The Pauper". The roof designs are genius, the wall textures are very detailed as always. Check out the detail pictures in his Flickr gallery.

Welsh Warband stikes CCCXI

Mark Erickson a.k.a Mark of Falworth shared his entry to the custom faction category of this years Classic Castle Contest after his real life brother Brother Steven. Mark's custom faction is the Welsh Warband. Although there is nothing extraordinary with custom stickers on shields and torsos they look realistic and in simple LEGO style. Honestly the stickers could be printed in better quality. He also used third party accessories as well. Everything aside posing of the minifigures in the creation is really impressive. I especially like the posing of the halberdier on his knees on the right.

Nnovvember 2013 Poster

Flickr member Pascal (pasukaru76) shared the Nnovvember 2013 Poster. Poster contains 174 Vic Vipers by 115 builders.

Microscale Luxury Lifestyle

MOCpages member brick to form has shared his latest creation Micro scale casa on his page. He succesfully managed to build a detailed modern house on the edge of the cliff combined with a fossil (microscale whale fossil!) underground. Small pool is my favourie part of the house. A small size forrest way and a tiny waterfall are also added as flovour. Overall he used simple bricks, plates and slopes and not extra ordinary parts but the result is a beauty of simplicity.
Microscale whale fossil is absolutely the addition that makes this creation extraordinary.

Legohaulic rocks again!

Tyler aka Legohaulic introduces us a little vic viper this time. For a kid it is basically a mix of galaxy squad egg, chima slopes and big black spikes. This creation makes people feel like a kid, who wants to swoosh it immediately. As an afol, I think it looks dangerous but in a way tempting. It express alien high tech very successfully by having a kind of organic look.

Look at this little mean machine!

Hatsune Miku

Some builders are mastered in large figure modelling. Flickr member Moko (LEGO DOU Moko) is surely one of them. His Manga figures are wonderful. His latest creation, the model of Hatsune Miku is really beautiful example of this art. In this figure I especially like the modelling of the hair and the posable arms.

The picture of the original character