Panzerbricks mNANTEC Museum

Flicker member and LEGO Fan A. Bellón a.k.a. Panzerbricks have created many WWII armor and weapons of Germany and they are so realistic and beautiful that they are worthy to be presented in a Museum. These photos were taken in the mNANTEC Museum when the Hispabrick Magazine Event take place. Check ot the Flicker Page of Panzerbricks for more detailed pictures of these detailed war machine models.

Microscale Metropolis

LEGO Fan and member Loctitegirl shared this magnificent micro-scale futuristic city in her account. The buildings in the city are very detailed and built with many pieces like arches and masonry bricks that you usually don't see in futuristic MOCs. I'm pretty sure that Metropolis is one of the most unique creations of 2014.

Nnovvember 2014

Flickr member Pascal (pasukaru76) shared the Nnovvember 2014 Poster. Poster contains 144 Vic Vipers by 91 builders. 

Custom Collectible Minifigure for Guild of Historica

My friend Brick Burger has shared these magnificent minifigures in his account. These are built for the Guilds of Historica Custom Minifigure Contest in forum. Each of the figures are created with original parts only. He managed to use interesting pieces combined from different themes and eras. Who would know that the witches tie matches perfectly with a dwarfs torso so well? I like all the figures because each of them has a unique feature that makes it cool and also their faction in GoH is easy to recognize. My favorites are Exiled Warrior, Purple Witch and Fire Mage.

Girl with the Pearl Earring Mosaic Built with Printed Tiles

LEGO Fan and member Arthur Gugick a.k.a. torgugick has created amazing mosaics using only official printed 1x2 tile pieces with decos like control panels, computersarrow signs, literally every kind of printed motives. He created the famous painting "Girl with the Pearl Earring" and the movie poster of the cult film "Silence of the Lambs"  You probably seen many mosaics built with bricks, plates or tiles before but these are really unique. Check out the videos where the camera zoom out beginning from the singular tile pieces and expands to cover the whole picture.

Pirate Jigbots

Flicker member and LEGO Fan Simon Liu a.k.a. Sci-MOCs has shared these unusual but fascinating jigbot models in his account. The usage of the planet pieces from the Star Wars Line is always an interesting building method. Although, It is a mystery (at least for me) how those eyes (tire parts) were attached to the spheres. Brick-built red parrot, brick-built tomahawk hair style and plume built out of red plant pieces are small details I really like.

Custom Space Faction Contest - Winners!

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

Thanks to all participants and congratulations to the winners!
For the contest main topic and the prizes click here.
Note: Winners should send their contact addresses via E-mail for their prizes.

Hexvale Cottage from Dark Isle Saga by Derfel Cadarn

Check out the newest creation of the LEGO Castle master builder Luke Watkins Huthinson a.k.a. Derfel Cadarn. This amazingly detailed and beautifully but extraordinary modeled house MOC is called Hexvale Cattage. Even the terrain in this little diorama is very interesting built using with modern colors. Using dark brown droid arm pieces to build climber plants is really an impressive idea.

Different fades of green and brown gives the diorama a realistic and dark look. Flesh colored figures fits the creation very well.


This amazing 1966 Batmobile MOC has been created by Flickr member and LEGO Fan Alex Jones a.k.a. Orion Pax. The shaping and the proportions of the vehicle are really fantastic and matches the original batmobile very well. Custom rims and decals on the sides are nice customization details. Robin figure from the new LEGO Juniors Set fits with the car very well. He didn't used the batman figure from that set though. He used a custom torso printing instead of an official one and dark blue helmet for Batman

Dwarf Exo-Suit or Exo Dwarf-Suit

Pate Keetongu shared this cute creation via flickr. It is built for Dress my Exo-Suit Contest on Eurobricks. I really liked flamethrower although, it is a bit long I guess. Hammer looks also awesome and boosts the dwarven feeling. I wish good luck to Pate Keetongu on the contest, if he wins it will be a well deserved one.

Edible and Functional Chocolate LEGO Bricks!

Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi made everybody’s childhood dreams come true – he has created edible chocolate LEGOs. The bricks, which are made of white, milk, dark and pink chocolate, are totally functional. 

The bricks are looking very precise. They even have the LEGO brand name on top of the studs like real LEGO bricks.

The artist has even built a series of chocolate LEGO figures (teddy bears?) using these bricks.

1970 Corvette C3 Stingray

This amazingly realistic Corvette C3 Stingray is built by LEGO Technic fan and member Madoca 1977. This master piece is also fully functional with motors and lights. Check out the video of the car for more here. Additionally the creator also shared the instructions and more pictures of the car in Google+ gallery.

M-Tron Magnet Factory by Blake Foster

This huge space factory is built by LEGO fan and Flickr member Blake Foster who is a master sci-fi builder also known for the amazing space ships like "The Manticore" and "The Paladin". According to the creator this amazing sci-fi building is built over 2 years and took an estimated 3,000 hours to create with 100,000 pieces. The base is 40 x 60 inches, or 128 x 192 studs. It has a full interior with command center, hangers and much more. This MOC is probably the most detailed LEGO sci-fi building ever created.

The top of the building is amazingly detailed with dishes, utensils, antennas and many more detail pieces

Reallistic Guitars by Chris Rozek

These realistic guitars are built by LEGO fan and Flickr member Chris Rozek a.k.a. ChrisR18t. According to the builder the guitars from left to right: Rickenbacker 4001 Bass Left Hand; Gibson EB-0 Bass and Gibson Flying V. As you see the shaping and the size of the guitars are amazingly accurate.

Feel the Vivacity!

Rustic Corner is a pretty easy build but it this moc looks so alive. It can change your mood to happy immediately. It was like a remedy for me because I was bored to death studying for final in such shiny days. I hope you will feel the same. It is built by famous builder Nannan Z who is being not so active lately. He is maybe celebrating his own return and pretty hot summer days with this cheerful moc. It reminds me GunmanLurikeen's Sir Gunman Lurikeen's Fountain and Siercon and Coral's Black Baery Inn. You can see them also here. 

He also uploaded a description video on youtube.

Cantonese Opera - Guan Yu Cao, Cao

This amazing art pieces is built by Flickr member and LEGO Fan tkh / ieyasu."Cantonese Opera - Guan Yu Cao, Cao" is the name of this masterpiece and it is a finalist at the Hong Kong LEGO Building Contest. Brick-built pattern on the clothing and the background is amazing. There is even a tiger painting in this vignette.

Here is the most extraordinary use of scimitars I have seen until now.

Custom Space Faction Contest

1.     Design your own custom space faction and feature it in a vignette. It could be an alien or a human faction.
2.     There is no size and parts limits.
3.     Your vignette must include minifigures and at least one creation (a vehicle, a building, a device etc.) built with original LEGO parts.
4.     Custom parts including decals, stickers are allowed as long as they are used for customizing your faction. Custom parts includes thrd party brands like BricksArms, BrickForge, etc. Part cut-outs are not allowed.
5.     One entry per person is allowed. You may upload up to 3 images. If you choose to take additional pictures, you may link to an outside gallery in the description of the picture. 
6.     Digital backgrounds are allowed.
7.     No LDD (or any digitally created) entries.
8.  The winner will be decided by voting of selected LEGO master builders around the world.

How to enter the contest:
- You may upload your images onto official Flickr group of The photo must be taken in a clean and decent background with enough brightness to show the beauty of your entry. 
- Or if you choose to upload you images onto MOCpages or Brickshelf or similar website create a folder/gallery/album that contains 3 pictures featuring your creation and post the link of the folder/gallery/album under the post of the contest in the (as a comment).

Deadline: [UPDATED]
The contest begins now and will end on the 30th of Sempember, 2014

   Winner of the contest will get: Chima Set Scorms Scorpion Stinger (70132)


 Second place will get: Chima Set Gorilla Legend Beast (70125)

 Third place will get: Galaxy Patrol Figure from the Collectible Minifigure Series 7

New LEGO Ideas (Cuusoo) set will include green Classic Space Man!

New LEGO Ideas (Cuusoo) set is announced today. The seventh Ideas (Cuusoo) set will be the Exo-suit (21109) originally designed by LEGO Fan Peter Reid (Click here to check out his creations in his Flickr account). The set will contain surprisingly two green space astronauts which is amazing because you may know that the original classic space theme didn't consist a green colored figure. There is also a video uploaded by LEGO in Youtube featuring the new set as well. The set will be available on August 2014.

Green space astronaut will be included in the set. Picture is taken from the video featuring the set.

The Odyssey from VirtuaLUG

Member of VirtuaLUG has built together a huge diorama depicting the Odysses and it is presented in Brickworld 2014 in Chicago. They won the group layout award with this amazing diorama. It constisted many great creations like giants, triremes, underwater scenes and much more. You can read the story from MOCpages.

Smaug from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Smaug, the dragon from the movie The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2014) is built with LEGO pieces by Flickr member and LEGO Fan Shawn Snyder who is also the builder of the amazing Star Trel bust "Resistance is futile".I like that the wings are build with plates instead of using cloth pieces and the sculpturing of the head is really amazing as well.

Rita Vrataski from the Movie Edge of Tomorrow
Flickr member and customization expert Minh Pham a.k.a Tuminio. has created this amazing custom minifigure of Rita Vrataski from the movie Edge of Tomorrow (2014). The character is a fearless soldier in the future with a huge blade and battle suit played by British actress Emily Blunt. The minifigure is created very accurately using LEGO brand pieces combined with other custom elements. Paint job is also amazing. I like that the head of the figure remained untouched since it looks cleaner by this way.
The poster of the movie Edge of Tomorrow featuring Emly Blunt.

New LEGO Ideas (Cuusoo) set 21110 Research Institute is revealed

Newest LEGO Ideas set  21110 Research Institute is revealed. The official set is not much different than the original model. The original model was designed by LEGO Ideas member Alatariel. The original name of the model was "Female minifigure set" and contains three different mini sets each containing one minifigure but it is changed by LEGO and three mini sets merged to a single set. In my opinion the dinosaur skeletton and the lab equipment seem fun o build but there is nothing very special with the minifigures.

Original fan made version of the set by Alatariel.

Hummer by Sariel

LEGO Technic master builder Sariel did it again. Check out this amazingly realistic model of Hummer H1 Wagon that weights 3.95 kg. The outside modelling of the Hummer is amazing as always plus it has a fully detailed interior. Additionally this car is also functional! This remote-controlled Hummer has diferent types of gears, automated turn signals and lights. Impressively, the hood, doors and trunk could be also opened. Check out the video of the creation here. Absolutely best Hummer model built with LEGO pieces.

Throne Room Vignette

This amazing throne room vignette is built by Flickr member and LEGO fan Patrick Massey a.k.a. MassEditor for the Guilds of Historica story line on forums. This large vignette is full of intereting details like a lawa flow around the throne. I especially like the huge door and the throne itself. The creator did also perfect modelling on the walls using different types of slopes and the stairs using snot techniques.

Red carpet with golden trims fit well with the throne decorated with metallic colored blade parts.

Charm of the Olive Green


Flickr member Devid  posted these two awesome military mechs. One is actually a drone and the other one is controlled by a minifig. This is hard to believe because of the thin structure of the mech. Other aspect that I must speak about is usage of the olive green. From the first presence of this color on the shelfs it became one of the favourite colors of military and sci fi builders. And you see here a good example here.

RBWY Girls

Flickr member and LEGO Fan Mike Dung a.k.a. MikeVd has created the four main characters from the anime-styled American web-series RBWY. The brick-built figures are built very accurately according to the animation characters. Brick-built clothes and accessories look great.

Characters from the animation series.