Fleet Review by Oliveseon


Flickr member and Lego Fan Oliveseon has shared this incredible diorama including a minifigure size destroyer anchored on a harbor city. This diorama is full of details and minifigures but what I like the most are the shaping of the ship hull and the colored smoke effect behind the fighters. He has done a very good job on the parade and the buildings as well. The modular buildings are also very well integrated to the diorama.

Nordana Castle


I always liked huge medieval castles built with LEGO since I was young. In recent years, after establishment of Bricklink and other online LEGO shopping possibilities along with new building techniques shared all over internet, we start to see new huge and detailed castles continuously. Flickr member and LEGO Fan Gideon_83 shared his latest medieval MOC "Mordana Castle" built for the Swebrick comunitybuilt which is one of the best and compact examples of castle MOC's. This castle is fictionally found in Avalonia. It has many little features that I have never seen before. I especially like the reeds in front of the walls and the design of the wooden doors. 

The wall design is also great but not exclusively unique. The interior-exterior detailing of the castle is really amazing. There are rotating stairs, stone statue, well, a drawbridge and also a cute small stone bridge

 Tile pieces in the stair fits the gap of the bricks impressively and makes it look really realistic.

Normally I am not found of roofs built with slopes but Gideon did a very good job on the roof of the building inside the castle combining red + dark red slopes and cylindrical mini towers around the roof.

Donald Duck

Awesome creation by LegoJalex. I'll let you enjoy it.


Karf Oohlu hits again!!!

Party Animal MOC contains the most hated minifig body parts and the most useless head piece but still looks awesome. Karf Oohlu is the most creative builder ever. Actually he is the definition of a builder, takes ugliest parts to combine the most beautiful. No more words, enjoy the silence!!!

LEGO MOVIE in theaters!!

LEGO Movie was on the cinemas and some creations has been started building in in term of displaying in the entrance of theaters. One of the displays in the theaters was this creation by DarthNick. Creation is not very fancy, but offers the essence of intro of movie. Also I can say that background wih boxes of full legos rather than using plain background reflects the motto of lego. After this creation you have got only one option - you must go this movie!

If you have not watch the trailer. Watch from here.

Hobbiton in Fabuland

Eurobricks member and LEGO Fan Gabe has shared his latest creation "Fabuland Hobbiton" in Eurobriks forum and in his Brickshelf gallery. This creation is a layout he prepared for Brikvention 2014,  a LEGO convention that took place in Melbourne. His amazing layout succesfully combines the world of Fabuland with the Hobbiton from the Lord of the Rings. Hobbit houses with fully decorated interiors, motorized windmill and a beautiful waterfall are some of the great features from the layout. 

The layout is detailed with floor textures, many furnitures and accessories

Some of the figures were hand painted to fit the Hobbit theme better, wheras i made others little vests and dresses out of fabric. Additionally the windmill is equipped with power function pieces and with a switch at the back making the sails on the windmill turn

Minifig Scale Oliphaunt

LEGO Fan and Flickr member Elliot Feldman (Simply Complex Simplicity) shared the biggest Oliphaunt MOC on the internet. The shaping of the oliphaunts body, legs and head is really amazing. Elliot cleverly used black eagle and dragon wings as flags. Terrain details like pine-trees and rocks are also looking good. Unlike any other olihaunt creation this one has an interior of its own full of mechanical control units and even a mini-frigde. Check out Elliot's MOCpages for more details.

This oliphaunt is controlled with a driving wheel and AT-AT control unit!!!

Famous Technic Sets in Micro Scale

Lego fan Kumbll has shared these cute creations in his Brickshelf gallery. These tiny cars are the micro versions of the famous LEGO Technic sets from 90's.  The shaping and coloring of the micro creations match the original sets very accurately.

LEGO Movie Coliseum Mocs

Chiukeung's LEGO Movie Coliseum MOC

Flickr members CK Tsang aka chiukeung and Imagine Rigney has built their own LEGO Movie Coliseum MOC's independently from each other. Both creations look very accurate according to the movie trailers. You decide which one is more amazing.

Imagine Rigney's LEGO Movie Coliseum MOC

Chiukeung also created the LEGO Movie logo with real LEGO parts which is looking really fantastic.

 Chiukeung's LEGO Movie Logo MOC

UNSC Spirit of Fire

UNSC Spirit of Fire by Mark Kelso
 LEGO Fan Mark Kelso aka Amhakia who is famous with his huge creations shared his latest giant star ship UNSC Spirit of Fire in his flickr album and MOCpages. This huge creation is 297 studs long and 70 studs wide. With all details on surface and its incredible size this shp is my all-time favourite sci-fi MOC. Check out Kelso's MOCpages for more information about this amazing creation.

 Picture of UNSC Spirit of Fire from the Halo Wars Game