Eurobricks.com and Flickr member I Scream Clone has shared his MOC depicting an alien race the Pumpkonians who are living in the deserts of the Planet Agreon. The building style of the MOC reminds me the planet Tatooine from Star Wars. Here is the creators description about the Pumpkonians:

"Pumpkonians have learned how best to exploit the natural resources while turning a space buck or two. Commandeering bits and pieces from downed star ships and bartering with otherworldly conglomerates keen to mine the rich Ioth gas deposits for their jump gate technologies, the Pumpkonians have all they need for a simplistic life style."

I always like the idea of creating custom alien races and I Scream Clone hes done it very well. I like the simple but effective designs of many little equipment all around the MOC. Building gas tanks out of Death Star half-spheres is also a very good idea. Different types of desert animals like camel, scorpion and ostriches are nice additions to the creation. The band conveyor is one of the best details in this MOC for sure.