Alien Ship Vyryatho 
Lego Fan and Flickr member Ricardo Soa a.k.a. Pyckyloko has built this unusual but beautiful alien space craft by using bionicle, technic and sytem parts together and the outcome is really amazing.

This is not a real photograph!

Believe it or not. This picture is not a real photo. It is a render done by Eurobricks member virtualrepublic. Here is the forum topic where he shares the steps.

Dragon Keep

This beautiful castle diorama is built by Eurobricks member ZCerberus who is known for his castle MOC's like Obsidian SpikeGreat Gatehause of Albion and many other great castle builds. This diorama is truly exceptional  with beautiful landscape in front of the keep. I epecially like the red wooden section of the keep and of course the three dimensional dragon symbols on the walls. The wooden bridge is also really a fine touch. According to the creators comment, this MOC is inspired by the set 6082 fire breathing fortness. You can read the story behind the keep here.

Portuguese Steam Train

This a LDD replica of a Portuguese Steam Train by Sergio Batista. There are tons of distinctive details which are brilliantly made to consist this LDD work. It is really challenging work to give complex of the cab and the rest of the locomotive. Also rendering is worth the presentation. Excellent work!

Daft Punk!

Check out the LEGO version of Daft Punk built by Moko a.k.a. LEGO DOU Moko. Perfect use of the mini-figure torso and legs from new Death Star gunners from set 75034.

Daft Punk is a French electronic music duo consisting of musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

New Ship of the Kaliphlin Fleet

Here is new creation ship, which belongs to his fiction world -Barqa,- of Gabriel Thompson aka qi-tah. Details and colors are amazing of the brick built ship. Also I like the waves which looks very real in terms of using new technique.

Yabba Dabba Doo!
This amazing Flintstones Car is built by Flickr member and LEGO Fan Karwik who is an expert on small vehicle designs. This car looks amazingly accurate with the cartoon. He used many interestin unusual parts like minifig hands, flex hoses and canvas sheets to shape the car. Only need of this creative MOC is the custom minifig of Fred.

An existing LEGO Ideas project alredy aimed to the Flintstones theme created by jjbuilding2. and includes custom Flintstones minifigures. These are the best customs about Flintstones I have seen so far. He also built a house with interior and a car for his project. Don't forget to support his project if you like Flintstones.
 The LEGO Ideas project of jjbuilding includes not only Fred but all 4 main characters of the cartoon

Minifig Scale Brick Built Motorbikes

One of the latest amazing motorcycles is this one made by Kristi a.k.a "customBRICKS". The shaping of the bike using robot arms is really amazing.  Combination of metallic silver and black colored parts gives the creation a realistic look for sure. Red colored part with printed decoration simulating gas tank is really an aesthetic final touch.

Another amazing motorbike is shared by F@bz. He did an amazing job at modeling as well. He used many types of minifig utensils as well as body parts but the seat is what I liked the most which actually a minifig cape part. There is also a custom far east style rider of this bike. Don't forget to check it out too.


LEGO Master-builder couple Sean and Steph Mayo a.k.a. Siercon and Coral has shared this beautiful Pac-Man MOC that is built for their Iron Builder round against Legohaulic and Littlehaulic. There is also an animated gif for the greatly modeled monsters:

Incredible Minifigure Customs

LEGO Fan and customizing expert Andre S. a.k.a Toxic. has already shared many custom minifigures in his Flickr account. We do not share many custom elements in our blog but he is so good at customizing that he really deserves maybe even more than one post in this blog.

He is creating custom minifigures with original and third party elements combined in both fantasy and sci-fi themes. Warhammer style custom minifigures are absolutely my favorite ones but his custom knights are also magnificent. Check out his Flickr photo stream for more awesome stuff.

Avatar Diorama by Migalart

LEGO Fan and Flickr member Michał Kaźmierczak a.k.a. Migalart who is the creator of the recently shared amazing space dioramas like Inferno and Cold Moonbase has shared a magnificent diorama of the planet Pandora from the Movie Avatar (2009). The detailing and size of the creation is really impressive. I especially like the diversity of the colors depicting the natural life on Pandora. If you look closely to the photo of the MOC you can see the amazing micro scale aircraft as well.

 Microscale helicopters from the Avatar diorama by Migalart. Photo of the original vehicle from the movie can be found here.