Rita Vrataski from the Movie Edge of Tomorrow

Flickr member and customization expert Minh Pham a.k.a Tuminio. has created this amazing custom minifigure of Rita Vrataski from the movie Edge of Tomorrow (2014). The character is a fearless soldier in the future with a huge blade and battle suit played by British actress Emily Blunt. The minifigure is created very accurately using LEGO brand pieces combined with other custom elements. Paint job is also amazing. I like that the head of the figure remained untouched since it looks cleaner by this way.

The poster of the movie Edge of Tomorrow featuring Emly Blunt.

New LEGO Ideas (Cuusoo) set 21110 Research Institute is revealed

Newest LEGO Ideas set  21110 Research Institute is revealed. The official set is not much different than the original model. The original model was designed by LEGO Ideas member Alatariel. The original name of the model was "Female minifigure set" and contains three different mini sets each containing one minifigure but it is changed by LEGO and three mini sets merged to a single set. In my opinion the dinosaur skeletton and the lab equipment seem fun o build but there is nothing very special with the minifigures.

Original fan made version of the set by Alatariel.

Hummer by Sariel

LEGO Technic master builder Sariel did it again. Check out this amazingly realistic model of Hummer H1 Wagon that weights 3.95 kg. The outside modelling of the Hummer is amazing as always plus it has a fully detailed interior. Additionally this car is also functional! This remote-controlled Hummer has diferent types of gears, automated turn signals and lights. Impressively, the hood, doors and trunk could be also opened. Check out the video of the creation here. Absolutely best Hummer model built with LEGO pieces.

Throne Room Vignette

This amazing throne room vignette is built by Flickr member and LEGO fan Patrick Massey a.k.a. MassEditor for the Guilds of Historica story line on Eurobricks.com forums. This large vignette is full of intereting details like a lawa flow around the throne. I especially like the huge door and the throne itself. The creator did also perfect modelling on the walls using different types of slopes and the stairs using snot techniques.

Red carpet with golden trims fit well with the throne decorated with metallic colored blade parts.

Charm of the Olive Green


Flickr member Devid  posted these two awesome military mechs. One is actually a drone and the other one is controlled by a minifig. This is hard to believe because of the thin structure of the mech. Other aspect that I must speak about is usage of the olive green. From the first presence of this color on the shelfs it became one of the favourite colors of military and sci fi builders. And you see here a good example here.

RBWY Girls

Flickr member and LEGO Fan Mike Dung a.k.a. MikeVd has created the four main characters from the anime-styled American web-series RBWY. The brick-built figures are built very accurately according to the animation characters. Brick-built clothes and accessories look great.

Characters from the animation series.

Lonely Boy

This  atmosphere racer (It looks like a spacecraft.) namely Lonely Boy is built by Flicker member and tilesorstuds.com editor Brick Burger who is also the builder of amazing MOC's like Ragoth attacks and Rapid Artillery Vehicle. The design of the engines are really extraordinary and color combination of orange and reddish brown looks also great.

Arcade Machine!

This incredible arcade machine is built by Flickr member Andrew Lee a.k.a onosendai2600. The machine looks very realistic with the buttons and joysticks and it includes a little bit of nostalgia for me and people like me. These machines are the best thing for a kid in 1990's. This creation is built for the Iron Builder competition between onosendai and Kyubi.

First official picture of the Series 12 Collectible Minifigures

According to Eurobricks member Rick, this picture from the Series 12 Collectible Minifigures is taken from a Japanese catalog. The blue wizard (Merlin?), female greek warrior (Athena?) and the gamer will be absolutely my favorites so far.

Brothers of Heaven


Check out the latest customs from the Flickr member Andre S. a.k.a Toxic. This time he created angelic knights named as Brothers of Heaven modifying original minifigure accessories with pieces from Warhammer Fantasy models. The painting and the detailing of the bases are also amazing. We did blog customs of Toxic before. You can check them out here.

Kaiju Knifehead

Flickr member and LEGO Fan Amida Na has shared the alien monster Kaiju Knifehead from the movie Pasific Rim (2013). This creation is really unique with its huge size and great surface modeling. He also built MOC of a stuffed dragon which is also another great MOC that you have to see. Interestingly we have seen a very similar knifehead model before built by Olive Sean in 2013.


Olive Sean's "Kaiju Attack" Diorama from 2013

Vampire Hunter - Steam Punk Air Ship

This magnificent steampunk airship is built by LEGO Fan and Flickr member Castor Troy. The ship is full of interesting details including a steam motor, stacks, giant propellers and many weapons that you expect to see in a steam punk vehicle. Cannons, barrels, chains, golden bionicle parts are all adding flawor to this amazing airship.

Winter is coming!

This is not an advertisement but blogging about an amazing customization job. These custom minifigures from HBO's famous TV series Game of Thrones are created by Citizen Brick and they are still for sale on their website.

Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II by Jerac


A huge Imperial Star Destroyer model is built by master builder Jerac who is known for his amazing sci-fi models of Warhammer 40k and Horde Juggernaut. According to the builder this Mark II Imperial Star Destroyer model weights 50 kg and built only with bricks without any additional internal support. The model is currently displayed in an exibition in Swarzewo / Poland. Here is a photo of the creation and the creator side by side in front of the display.