Edible and Functional Chocolate LEGO Bricks!

Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi made everybody’s childhood dreams come true – he has created edible chocolate LEGOs. The bricks, which are made of white, milk, dark and pink chocolate, are totally functional. 

The bricks are looking very precise. They even have the LEGO brand name on top of the studs like real LEGO bricks.

The artist has even built a series of chocolate LEGO figures (teddy bears?) using these bricks.

1970 Corvette C3 Stingray

This amazingly realistic Corvette C3 Stingray is built by LEGO Technic fan and Eurobricks.com member Madoca 1977. This master piece is also fully functional with motors and lights. Check out the video of the car for more here. Additionally the creator also shared the instructions and more pictures of the car in Google+ gallery.

M-Tron Magnet Factory by Blake Foster

This huge space factory is built by LEGO fan and Flickr member Blake Foster who is a master sci-fi builder also known for the amazing space ships like "The Manticore" and "The Paladin". According to the creator this amazing sci-fi building is built over 2 years and took an estimated 3,000 hours to create with 100,000 pieces. The base is 40 x 60 inches, or 128 x 192 studs. It has a full interior with command center, hangers and much more. This MOC is probably the most detailed LEGO sci-fi building ever created.

The top of the building is amazingly detailed with dishes, utensils, antennas and many more detail pieces