Muscular Beauty

Generally, I think technic based creations lack the aesthetic touch, but this particular one changed my mind. This chopper by Frantisek Hajdekr is both chubby and muscular but also it is elegant and makes anyone with taste wants to ride. Even if I get stuck on traffic every day I keep being a car guy but I promise here, if any producer (not custom :D) would sell a machine quite like this, I will be selling my 4-wheeled hunchback. Thank you so much Hajdekr for introducing me new horizon! I also want to thank balloon pieces for being so curvy :D.

A Colorful Hangar

Ryan McBride created and shared this awesome hangars scene. It is not just for SW fans but also for all sci-fi lovers. Because  even if the scene is set up on SW universe, this MOC has unique designs which really goes well with the well known universe. I personally love LEGO dioramas, full of minifigs and on this specific one I just loved the imperial 'ninja' guards. 

Rolls-Royce Phantom III Sedanca de Ville by ER0L

Flickr member and LEGO fan ER0L recently shared this amazing little classic car in his photo-stream which is a scaled model of a real classic car namely Rolls-Royce Phantom III Sedanca de Ville from 1937. I especially like the front section where he uses flag pieces to shape the hull which works very well in this model. The back of the car is aso very well done. The builder uses yellow door pieces which looks very nostalgic and therefore appropriate for a classic car. The most interesting piece he used is chrome colored Scala Cup pieces which are used as headlights. Great choice for a purist design. Don't forget to check out the builders flickr photo-stream for more amazing creations.

Grain "Space" Ship for Shiptember 2015!

LEGO space fan and Flickr member F@bz shared this beautiful spaceship in his photo-stream which is built for Shiptember 2015 an online collaborative event for which people build spaceships larger than 100 studs. F@bz built this great ship which has outstanding details with cool green-black color scheme. As you now it  LEGO Spaceships (or generally spaceship models from films and videogames) are usually military themed but this ship is different. It is a civilian themed grain ship. I like the overall shaping and studless design as well as the bridge section. Yellow stripes and gray mechanical looking details added more life to the MOC. Check out ships photo album for more details.

Giant blue flying locomotive!

Vince_Toulouse  who has previously built great MOC's like Polar Transport and S80-Deluxe-3 has recently shared this giant flying locomotive MOC in his Flickr photostream. The locomotive is constructed with unusual parts like sports hoops and big skateboard ramp pieces which make this creation unique. The orange-yellow stripes on sides of the engine are not stickers but built with plates. Small chrome details are added to the machine as well. 

Vince didn't forget to put proper looking custom mini-figures to the locomotive as he did in his previous MOC Machine_n°3. SW Republic Cruiser Crew mini-figure torsos fit well with the color sceme. 

Micro-Troy by P.Andrei

MOCPages member and LEGO Fan P. Andrei has shared this cute little diorama of the greek legend of Troy which involves a battle between ancient Greeks and the Anatolians as seen in the Hollywood movie "Troy". The beach and the gates of the Troy is built in incredibly small scale and it is really successful. Greek triremes are built with dark brown animal "frog" pieces and the wooden horse is built using droid and mini-figure arm pieces. The waves are built with small 3x1 wedgeplates which I haven't seen before and it worked really well too. Overall this is a really clever and impressive creation that you have to look closer to see even more small techniques and details for yourself.

Great small cars by Calin

LEGO Fan and flickr member Calin a.k.a _Tiler is obliviously a master builder in small scale car design. If you built model cars with LEGO bricks before you know that it is really hard if you are working in small scale. Calin managed to build these realistic models with nice colors.

Here is The Road Warrior: Red XA Bat from the famous movie Mad Max. This model is looking very realistic despite its scale check out the photos of the real car for comparison.

Incredible motor details can be seen in this model of Chevy Nova SS. Photo shooting and presentation of the vehicles are also very successful in my opion. Check out the creators photo stream for more great LEGO model cars.

Starship Hangar by Jonathan Gilbert

Eurobricks member and LEGO Fan Jonathan Gilbert a.k.a Shmails in flickr built this beautiful hangar diorama for the Andromeda's Gates Challenge of This MOC takes the third place in the event but was really successful in terms of interior design in my opinion. The minifigure choice and good posing of them makes the creation seem like a scene from a sci-fi movie. With its studless design it has a very clean look. LEGO lover Sci-fi fans know very well that its usually hard to archive proper interior design using bley color building walls. Proper texturing is very important to build a "sci-fi" wall and make it different than a castle wall. The creator done a very good job building hangar wall on the left appropriately with the theme. Another interesting point is the letters on the hangar door which are created using plates.

Luxury Residance by César Soares

LEGO Fan and Flickr member César Soares a.k.a Cesbrick has shared this magnificent brickwork in his Flickr photostream. The creation is full of architectural details like a pool with transparent front wall, a fireplace with its chimney, veranda connected with modern stairways and many more. The creator of the MOC used the brick-textured pieces very well integrated with other walls where he also used 2x1 plates with different earth colors to build them. The complete studless design is certainly taking this MOC to another level of perfection and makes it even more realistic. 

Another good point about this MOC is that it is built in minifig-scale. The chaise lounge are built very elegantly with proper scale. The railings are made with glass pieces which is also a nice use. I think this MOC is one of the best architectural designs in 2015.

Game of Thrones - Hardhome

Flickr member and LEGO fan Brickwielder has shared this amazing MOC depicting a famous scene from the Game of Thrones TV Series. The cottage itself is a real masterpiece. The texturing on the walls are perfectly done. The rooftop is also extraordinary and realistically shaped. The builder also managed to capture the fighting action very well. The blood on the minifig is simulated with flower pieces which is not common but succesful as well. Check out the builders flickr photo stream for more photos.

Vietnamese Fishing Boat

Hoang Dang built a beautiful fishing ship to pay tribute to the crew of the Vietnamese fishing boat which was sunk by Chinese patrol. This is a moc built with unorthodox techniques and good intentions. My first reaction was 'Best MOC ever!' when I just saw this. Very well done Hoang Dang, brick on!

Lunar Oasis

Flickr member and LEGO Space Fan Miro Dudas a.k.a Miro78 shared this amazing space structure MOC in his account. The icosahedron shaped Dom is the most interesting part of this design ofcourse. The stucture has alsa an interior full of plants too. The entrance section of the structure is hexagonally shaped and look unusual and interesting too. This MOC is featuring classic space astronauts in various colors as well as new green classic space astronauts using yellow head-pieces like the original figures. I'm sure that this MOC will be remembered as one of the most original sci-fi creations of this year because of its original structural shape.

Bio-dom is built from many hexagonal and pentagonal sections which are built with hinges. Sections are connected to eachother with bar-clip connections.

Apartment Life is full of details!

LEGO Fan and Flickr member César Soares a.k.a Cesbrick has shared this incredible MOC in his account recently. His MOC includes seven different vignettes each of which is a small vignette depicting a apartment room full with details. This is a high quality MOC built with advanced techniques worth to be looked closely. My favourite rooms are the Home office, Home gym and the living room. I especially like how the curtains in the living room have been built. Check out the builders photo-stream to see the individual room vignettes.

Retro Style Space Rocket from The Adventures of Tintin

Flicker member and LEGO fan gonkius shared this retro-style space rocket in his Flickr photostream. The rocket design originate from the comic books Destination Moon (French: Objectif Lune) and Explorers on the Moon (French: On a marché sur la Lune) which are the sixteenth and seventeenth volume of The Adventures of Tintin. The shaping of the model is amazing and makes this MOC unique. The LEGO model is very accurate to the comic book as well. The creator also makes the suitable minifigures including Tintin's dog snowy according to the comic book.

A picture from the comic book Explorers on the Moon.

Aztech Deity Reborn

I could not stop the urge of posting this mecha. I just loved it. No need for fancy words. Thank you Lu Sim for letting us have that awesome creation!

Minifig Scale Erebor!

This magnificent model of Erebor, a city from the movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, is created by Flickr and LUGPol member Michał Kaźmierczak a.k.a. migalart who is also known for his large size MOC's like Avatar which was also blogged here and Mustafar. This creation is realy huge consisting 55.000 pieces. Honostly I like everything in this including the details on terrain and the walls but I like the stone statues the most. I'm pretty sure that this MOC will be one of the unforgettable creations of 2015.  

Ranger from Interstellar

LEGO Fan and member Riskjockey shared this brick built model of the spaceship "Ranger" from the movie Interstellar (2014). The shaping of the vehicle looks very accurate with vehicle shown in the movie. The builder of the MOC also post his creation in LEGO Ideas. I would like to see this spaceship come out as a Ideas set myself. Support the creation if you like it too. Ship also has a decorated interior and opening hatches. Riskjockey also created four minifigures for the astronaut characters from the movie.

Shaping of a LEGO version of a real life vehicle is always limited with the dimensions and angles of the parts and its pretty difficult to catch the exact shape but the creator did a really good job recreating the angles of the original vehicle.

Sci-fi Tank Ghost Rider

This impressive Sci-fi Tank is built and shared by LEGO Fan and Flickr member Sinan Bitişik a.k.a. sinan. The shaping of the front section like a bulldozer and the huge gun on the tank reminds me the Vindicator tanks from Warhammer 40k. Small details with bright colors like yellow and purple pieces makes the creation more exiting as well. Sinan is known for and very talented at  building models of everyday objects and machines with LEGO pieces using different techniques. Check out the builders previous creations not to miss some great MOC's.

Magic of Forced Perspective in LEGO Creations

Forced perspective is a very clever and amazing method to create scenes that look much bigger than they actually are. Check out the creations shared by LEGO Fan Stormbringer in Flickr and MOCpages. He created a battle scene in his creation; "Seven Nation Army". Creating a forced perspective scene could be harder than you think. Check out this photo how the scene above is created:

According to the creator, the MOC is a total 128 studs long and was divided into four seperate elevated sections for each foreshortened scene. If you look closely to the pieces in the backround you will realise that those are tiny bits of black and gray pieces, making it look like there are thousands of soldiers are fighting. 

Another beautiful MOC from the sama builder is named "Dragon Raid" which introduce mico scale castle and dragons flying in the backround as if they are in far distance.

Official Upscaled (Human Sized) LEGO Mug

Have you ever wondered how its like to live like a minifigure. Well, you can test the coffee experience of the minifigures now. LEGO released this blue LEGO® Iconic mug, made of plastic, stackable and upscaled to 10 times the size of a standard LEGO mug element. There is also a transparent purple version of the mug available in official LEGO Shop.

Flickr member and LEGO Fan Casper a.k.a. Neverroads shared this photo of his new mug together with Larry the Barista minifigure holding a minifigure size blue LEGO mug.

Extra Minifigure in NinjaGO Set!

Today something unbelievable happened to me. I bought today NinjaGO sets 70756 Dojo Showdown together with 70753 Lawa Falls .According to Brickset and many other sources both sets should normally include the same Anacondrai character Sleven. But I realised that the 70756 Dojo Showdown set has pictured other than Sleven which has a torso printing with 2 snakes on it. I searched for the names for the characters and found pictures for the character as seen below.

NinjaGO Anacondrai character called Chope which has one large snake symbol on its torso. When you look closely you can see that Chope is pictured on the box of set 70756.

Besides the main picture in front of the box, also Chope is pictured on top of the box. I got excited when I found this mistake and opened the box. Than I realised that the Instruction Manual pictured the correct picture of Sleven

Then I see that both minifigures are suprisingly included in the box. They both came out from the original part bag. 

I'm buying and opening LEGO sets for nearly 25 years and I have never seen an extra minifigure in a box. I think that this minifigure is included deliberately because of a possible printing mistake. Either the box or the instructions manual was misprinted and LEGO company decided to include both figure before getting any complaints about the mistake. I searched the internet for this incident and couldn't found any info about it. Either this extra minifigure mistake only happened to me or the early released sets are released with only one minifigure and now they include one extra minifigure.

Amazing Castles!

There are two castle dioramas are shared by talented LEGO builders in Flickr you don't wanna miss. The first castle was built by the César Soares a.k.a. Cesbrick whose creations like medieval buildings were shared in our blog before. Bluewater  castle is large castle with fine detailed walls and unique and nontraditional wall shaping.

The second castle named Amortug was shared by LEGO fan and Eurobricks member Marco den Besten a.k.a. 'Ecclesiastes who is also known for his great creations of Guilds of Historica. The creator also shared many detail photos from the huge built and as you will see the castle interior is full with amazing details as well. Aside from the impressing side of the diorama what I liked the most is the modelling of the trees beneath the castle. I'm not fond of the water sections filled with different colored 1x1 round plates but other than that this diorama is perfect.

GR9 Harrier Model

Flickr member and LEGO fan Carl Greatrix a.k.a bricktrix has shared this beautiful fighter model in his flickr account. The creator is known for many great realistic models like Caterham models, Phantom F4's and many other MOC's. This time he built a very realistic model of GR9 Harrier. The colors and curves of the pieces fit the model incredibly well. The creator also used many stickers as well. In my opinion stickers could be applied as long as they make the model more realistic. One of the details I really like is the propeller detail inside the jet engine, which can be seen in the front view photo. Check out many photos from different angles of this beautiful MOC in detail in Carl's photostream.

The creator also built a stand which is in black color like the plastic model stands instead of clear.

Excellent Natural Forms by Schfio

Today I am very happy since I just discovered a very talented builder's flickr page, named Schfio. I also feel a little shame because I am very late to enjoy his creations. He builds animals and other natural form mostly by using SNOT. Even though he is not using many sophisticated molds, he can construct perfect forms. His part selection's simplicity is in harmony the purity of his creations and his area of interest. I personally congratulate Schfio and gladly share some of his beautiful creations.

Happy New Year! MOC Compilations from 2014!

Last year we have blogged the MOC compilations from creators who shared their MOC's. This year the number of the complications increased significantly. Last year we said that 2013 was surely one of the best years according to the quantity and quality of the LEGO creations but 2014 was even better! Check out the compilations to be sure not to miss anything amazing.