Amazing Castles!

There are two castle dioramas are shared by talented LEGO builders in Flickr you don't wanna miss. The first castle was built by the César Soares a.k.a. Cesbrick whose creations like medieval buildings were shared in our blog before. Bluewater  castle is large castle with fine detailed walls and unique and nontraditional wall shaping.

The second castle named Amortug was shared by LEGO fan and Eurobricks member Marco den Besten a.k.a. 'Ecclesiastes who is also known for his great creations of Guilds of Historica. The creator also shared many detail photos from the huge built and as you will see the castle interior is full with amazing details as well. Aside from the impressing side of the diorama what I liked the most is the modelling of the trees beneath the castle. I'm not fond of the water sections filled with different colored 1x1 round plates but other than that this diorama is perfect.