A Colorful Hangar

Ryan McBride created and shared this awesome hangars scene. It is not just for SW fans but also for all sci-fi lovers. Because  even if the scene is set up on SW universe, this MOC has unique designs which really goes well with the well known universe. I personally love LEGO dioramas, full of minifigs and on this specific one I just loved the imperial 'ninja' guards. 

Rolls-Royce Phantom III Sedanca de Ville by ER0L

Flickr member and LEGO fan ER0L recently shared this amazing little classic car in his photo-stream which is a scaled model of a real classic car namely Rolls-Royce Phantom III Sedanca de Ville from 1937. I especially like the front section where he uses flag pieces to shape the hull which works very well in this model. The back of the car is aso very well done. The builder uses yellow door pieces which looks very nostalgic and therefore appropriate for a classic car. The most interesting piece he used is chrome colored Scala Cup pieces which are used as headlights. Great choice for a purist design. Don't forget to check out the builders flickr photo-stream for more amazing creations.

Grain "Space" Ship for Shiptember 2015!

LEGO space fan and Flickr member F@bz shared this beautiful spaceship in his photo-stream which is built for Shiptember 2015 an online collaborative event for which people build spaceships larger than 100 studs. F@bz built this great ship which has outstanding details with cool green-black color scheme. As you now it  LEGO Spaceships (or generally spaceship models from films and videogames) are usually military themed but this ship is different. It is a civilian themed grain ship. I like the overall shaping and studless design as well as the bridge section. Yellow stripes and gray mechanical looking details added more life to the MOC. Check out ships photo album for more details.

Giant blue flying locomotive!

Vince_Toulouse  who has previously built great MOC's like Polar Transport and S80-Deluxe-3 has recently shared this giant flying locomotive MOC in his Flickr photostream. The locomotive is constructed with unusual parts like sports hoops and big skateboard ramp pieces which make this creation unique. The orange-yellow stripes on sides of the engine are not stickers but built with plates. Small chrome details are added to the machine as well. 

Vince didn't forget to put proper looking custom mini-figures to the locomotive as he did in his previous MOC Machine_n°3. SW Republic Cruiser Crew mini-figure torsos fit well with the color sceme. 

Micro-Troy by P.Andrei

MOCPages member and LEGO Fan P. Andrei has shared this cute little diorama of the greek legend of Troy which involves a battle between ancient Greeks and the Anatolians as seen in the Hollywood movie "Troy". The beach and the gates of the Troy is built in incredibly small scale and it is really successful. Greek triremes are built with dark brown animal "frog" pieces and the wooden horse is built using droid and mini-figure arm pieces. The waves are built with small 3x1 wedgeplates which I haven't seen before and it worked really well too. Overall this is a really clever and impressive creation that you have to look closer to see even more small techniques and details for yourself.

Great small cars by Calin

LEGO Fan and flickr member Calin a.k.a _Tiler is obliviously a master builder in small scale car design. If you built model cars with LEGO bricks before you know that it is really hard if you are working in small scale. Calin managed to build these realistic models with nice colors.

Here is The Road Warrior: Red XA Bat from the famous movie Mad Max. This model is looking very realistic despite its scale check out the photos of the real car for comparison.

Incredible motor details can be seen in this model of Chevy Nova SS. Photo shooting and presentation of the vehicles are also very successful in my opion. Check out the creators photo stream for more great LEGO model cars.

Starship Hangar by Jonathan Gilbert

Eurobricks member and LEGO Fan Jonathan Gilbert a.k.a Shmails in flickr built this beautiful hangar diorama for the Andromeda's Gates Challenge of Eurobricks.com. This MOC takes the third place in the event but was really successful in terms of interior design in my opinion. The minifigure choice and good posing of them makes the creation seem like a scene from a sci-fi movie. With its studless design it has a very clean look. LEGO lover Sci-fi fans know very well that its usually hard to archive proper interior design using bley color building walls. Proper texturing is very important to build a "sci-fi" wall and make it different than a castle wall. The creator done a very good job building hangar wall on the left appropriately with the theme. Another interesting point is the letters on the hangar door which are created using plates.

Luxury Residance by César Soares

LEGO Fan and Flickr member César Soares a.k.a Cesbrick has shared this magnificent brickwork in his Flickr photostream. The creation is full of architectural details like a pool with transparent front wall, a fireplace with its chimney, veranda connected with modern stairways and many more. The creator of the MOC used the brick-textured pieces very well integrated with other walls where he also used 2x1 plates with different earth colors to build them. The complete studless design is certainly taking this MOC to another level of perfection and makes it even more realistic. 

Another good point about this MOC is that it is built in minifig-scale. The chaise lounge are built very elegantly with proper scale. The railings are made with glass pieces which is also a nice use. I think this MOC is one of the best architectural designs in 2015.

Game of Thrones - Hardhome

Flickr member and LEGO fan Brickwielder has shared this amazing MOC depicting a famous scene from the Game of Thrones TV Series. The cottage itself is a real masterpiece. The texturing on the walls are perfectly done. The rooftop is also extraordinary and realistically shaped. The builder also managed to capture the fighting action very well. The blood on the minifig is simulated with flower pieces which is not common but succesful as well. Check out the builders flickr photo stream for more photos.