Heavy Mecha MF-02 Grizzly by Moko

Here is another amazing mecha from Moko a.k.a. legodoumoko, who is also the creator of the MF-01 Couger that we recenty blogged here. This time, the mecha is even heavier and loaded with more weapons. The armor can be stripped of as the same way with the previous mecha. I especially like the design of the hand-weapon and shields on the arms that can turn forward.

Jakku - Nima Outpost Diorama by Wookieewarrior

LEGO and Star Wars Fan Wookieewarrior shared this great Sci-fi Diorama based on the latest Star Wars Movie Episode 7: The Force Awakens. The details of the outpost are captured nicely in this diorama including the marketplace, various buildings and also the Millenium Falcon. The creator put many small details into the marketplace section but I think this great diorama needs even more photos to look at. The Milleinum falcon model looks like a MOC because it is definitely different and bigger than the latest set (but it looks alot like the UCS version so it can be a modified version of the set.)

1966 Pontiac Bonneville Nightcrawler

LEGO Fan and Car-model master-builder Lino Martins has recently shared his low ride beauty in his flickr.com photostream. The shaping of the car is amazingly realistic. Check out the photos of the real car for comparison. You can see that this MOC is the closest possible re-creation of the car with LEGO System bricks. The MOC features a detailed engine and interior. 

Huge Shield Helicarrier from Stephen

Stephen is a LEGO Fan who has shared great models on his own Flickr profile, created an awesome huge model of Shield Hellicarier. Stephen also shared WIP photos also on his profile so you can see the stability of the model and discover some building techniques to apply on your future models. I like landing deck the most and mini spaceships are awesome too. It is not quite easy to play with Stephen's Hellicarrier because it is a huge creation is but it is absolutely great for display.

Dracula Castle by Toltomeja

LEGO Fan and Classic-castle.com member Toltomeja shared this unique Dracula Castle in his flickr.com photostream. This MOC is built for this years CCC Contest. The castle has both a high quality interior and exterior design. I also like the foliage around the building as well. Maybe there could be more than one shade of green used for building the trees. For the roof tiles, the creator used flipper utensil pieces which looks quite nice.

Interior of the Castle is full of small details and even there is Dracula himself.

News:Technic Porsche will rock this summer!

Day by day Summer 2016 LEGO sets appear from different sources. In Toy Fair 2016 which was run at Nuremberg , give us opportunity to meet new LEGO sets early. A LEGO Technic car which has camouflage graphic used on real cars displayed in fair. Set number is 42056 and it is very similar to Porsche 911 GT3 RS. It is obvious that we're going to have best looking LEGO Technic sport car this summer.

Photo of the real car.

Really Convertable Ferrari Testarossa 512 TR Model

This amazingly detailed LEGO System MOC is built and shared recently by Firas Abu-Jaber who is a master builder of model vehicles. He shared many great vehicles like this in his flickr photostream and MOCpages page. What I like the most about this Testarossa 512 RT model has a detailed interior and removable engine with custom stikers and chrome parts. The creator also shared a youtube video for this model. This model is also a convertible and it can really convert!

Sci-fi Mecha MF-01 Couger by Moko

LEGO Fan and Sci-fi MOC'er Moko a.k.a. legodoumoko who is also the builder of the transformers MOC's we blogged shared this cool looking mecha MF-01 Cougar. The articulation of this creation is what I like the most. It is so greatly designed that it can even kneel down like a medieval knight. Also in my opininon, the olive green color gives any creation a unique look because most of us LEGO fans are used to the generic colors like red, blue, yellow etc. New colors like olive green, shades of purple, medium blue etc. are obviously more interesting than others.

Steampunk Quadropod Tesla Turret!

LEGO Fan and Flickr member captainsmog shared this great steampunk style quadropod walker MOC in his photostream. This war machine is called The MMT - or "Mobile Mechanized Tesla Turret". The dark-green + gold color scheme really fits the steampunk style very well. The builder managed to build "mechanical-looking" legs without using any Technic pieces except some pins. The cockpit section is what I like the most other than the leg-design. Many small details like valves (which are built with steering wheel pieces) control buttons and lenses makes this MOC even more interesting.

Ruined Castle Diorama - New Plans

LEGO Fan and Imperiumdersteine.de member markus1984 shared this great castle MOC in his flicker.com photostream. This great ruined castle diorama is a freebuild for the Imperium der Steine RPG "Die Neun Reiche". The name of of the creation is Neue Plaene meaning new plans and the creator faction in this diorama is Bruderschaft des Zorns meaning Brotherhood of Zorn, which consist of greatly designed purist custom minifigures. The torn down walls and the foilage growing out of the ruined sections are nice looking. Blending olive green, dark green and sand green gives the MOC a natural and realistic look. Also, nicely done minifigure posing and many small details add life to the scene. We don't see ruined castle MOC so often and this is a real good example.

New Marvel Super Heroes Polybag revealed!

Recently a new Marvel Super Heroes polybag is revealed. The source of the news is Brickheroes.com. The new polybag consists of a spiderman minifig and a insectoid venom-creature. It looks like this polybag will be an easy way of getting lots of venom head pieces. There is one uper jumper part in the polybag it seems that LEGO still thinks that those super jumper pieces are nice but It would be great if LEGO change the design of the super jumper somehow because it scratches the backside of the minifigure-legs.

Anti-Gravity Racer from the Wipeout 2048

This amazing flying racer MOC is shared by LEGO fan and Flickr.com member Quy Chau a.k.a. quý. The unique design of this MOC is achieved by using System and Technic pieces together. The shaping of this thing is fantastic and really resembles the original digital model. I especially like how the letters on the wings and the shaping of the cockpit. Using the flexible hose pieces as frames is also a nice idea. The backside of the model is also greatly shaped. The thrusters are built with double mudguard pieces.

Original digital model Wipeout 2048 video game

Helmet of the Witch-King with Lego Bricks

LEGO Fan and Flick member nameless_member shared this great helmet of the Witch-king from the famous movie The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. The shaping of the helmet is really great. It is really an hard job to achieve a good shaping only using plates and tiles. I like how the spikes are built around the helmet. The creator of the MOC also shared another picture without the black background.

Rey's Starfighter!

Star Wars and LEGO Fan Bartosz Sasiński a.k.a. War-C recently shared this greatly designed sustom Jedi Interceptor Fighter in his flicker.com photostream. Ofcourse this design is not an official and a fan made guess for the next episode of the series but it looks very appropriate. I shared the photoshopped photo as the primer photo because the effects look so good on this MOC. For a cleaner and detailed view check out this photo instead. The color scheme and the building technique of the wings are really impressive. This vehicle also has a fully detailed cockpit interior too. I also like how the creator fit the windshield between those wedge pieces. This is really a nicely designed starwars-style starfighter MOC overall.

Sinking Titanic with 250.000 Bricks!

LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught a.k.a. thebrickman shared this amazing huge creation in his flickr.com photostream. According to the description, this Titanic diorama is built by Ryan McNaught together with Mitchell Kruik and Clay Mellington for the Brickvention 2016 (a LEGO convention organized in Australia). Check out this photo to see small action details.

News! Super Heroes DC Comics 76052 - Batman Classic TV Series - Batcave

Check out the fresh photos of the new Batman Set 76052 that will be soon at stores. The car is probably the most amazing thing in this set. The specially designed mini-figures (especially the Riddler) are also very interesting and probably also very valuable as collectibles. Click on this pictures for higher resolution:

Transformers built with LEGO Bricks by Moko

 Starscream together with Megatron

These Robots can really transform even though they were built with LEGO Bricks! LEGO Fan and figure-builder-master Moko a.k.a. LEGO DOU Moko shared many great figures including many robots from many series. His latest share was a Decepticon Transformer Starscream. The figures in general are really nicely shaped and the transforming ability of the figures is really amazing. Check out his photostream for more amazing stuff.

 Nemesis Prime together with Optimus Prime

Giant Skull built on the rocks


LEGO Fan and Flickr.com member W. Navarre shared this great MOC is his account. This is actually a Fortress built for this years CCC contest. The shaping and natural look of the rock-skull makes this creation unique. The other side of the creation (the interior of the fortress) is also full with many nice details like siege equipment and a cage with skeleton in it.

LEGO News - Angry Birds 2016 Sets

Finally, photos of Angry Birds Movie sets for 2016 are revealed. Click on the photos for higher resolution. The photos are shared by The Brick Time in their flickr photostream.

House of the Wacky Witch by Derfel Cadarn

Check out the latest MOC of the castle masterbuilder Luke Watkins Hutchinson a.k.a Derfel Cadarn who is a well known MOC builder. The details and the shaping of the cottage is amazing. The foilage is also incredibly realistic. This would probably the most suitable MOC for the Wacky Witch minifigure that came out with the Minifigure Series #14 - Monsters (Halloween). Luke stated in the description of this photo that he is working on a Medieval Guide he is doing exclusively for Bricks Magazine and this MOC will be presented in the Magazine with more photos. 

Huge WWII Diorama: Battle of Kursk

LEGO fan and flickr.com member Piotr a.k.a pepik_ shared this huge WWII diorama in his photo stream depicting battle preperations of Germans before the Battle of Kursk. The diorama is full of buildings, vehicles, minifigures and foliage. Each of the armored vehicles are great and realistic MOC's themselves. Besides the vehicles I especially like the roofs of the buildings which are each built with different techniques, colors and parts. Check out the photo album for detail photos.

  All vehicles including Camo colored Panzer IV Tiger tank have a realistic shaping.

Olivia the Swordmaiden by Jerac

LEGO fan and Sci-fi masterbuilder Jerac who is also the creator of great MOC like huge Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaere, Warhammer 40k Diorama and many more, shared this amazing futuristic alien swordsmaiden figure in his flicker.com photostream. The usage of the air-baloon pieces from the LEGO Friends set 41097 Heartlake Hot Air Balloon is really unexpected and impressive. Jerac showed us again that even the biggest seemingly only for one purpose parts could be used in very creative ways too. Creativity is the most important skill for building MOC's after all. 

Hailstone Point, an Ice Castle

LEGO Castle Fan and Flicker.com member 'Sergeant Chipmunk' has recently shared this magnificent MOC Diorama in his photo stream in which medieval people are building a castle from ice blocks.. This creation is really amazing with many great small MOC's like a small horse sled, an ice castle and small wooden construction tools like crane and scaffold. The building technics used for the rocks on the cliff is also very impressive where the creator used pre-build part-blocks mostly created with slopes. Minifigure posing and usage of many strings also add life to the diorama as well.

The worker is using the wooden crane to pull up the the ice blocks which are fleshly cut from the frozen water of the lake. Another good point about the MOC is that the trees are created with plates which is not a common building technic among MOC'ers.