The Street from the Bob's Burgers by Chris Goddard

LEGO fan and user Chris Goddard built this outstanding and cartoon-accurate street diorama from the TV Series Bob's Burgers. The details and colors resembles the buildings from the series very much as well as the logos of the shops. As a fan of TLG's official modular buildings I like these buildings very much.

Movie Accurate F-11D Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle

Star Wars fan and member willgalb shared this life-size blaster replica from the latest Star Wars movie Episode 7: The Force Awakens. With the white-black color-scheme this F-11D Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle (actually these are too small to be called as rifles in my opinion) is different than the previous versions of this iconic weapon. The builder managed to make it very movie accurate using nice building techniques.

As you can see from the photo above the brickbuilt version of the blaster resembles the original version very much. Even the black screws were not forgotten in the MOC.

News: Photos of Disney Collectible Minifigure Series are revealed

Good news. Photos of Disney Collectible Minifigure Series are finally revealed. It look like this time there will be 18 minifigures to collect this time instead of 16. The characters are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Ariel, Ursula, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Stitch, Alice, Cheshire Cat, Maleficent, Mr. Incredible, Syndrome, Aladdin, Genie, Buzz Lightyear and Pizza Planet Alien. I think these are all amazing and I'm going to buy every one of them.

Rolls Royce Roadster by Firas Abu-Jaber

LEGO fan and model car master builder Firas Abu-Jaber has shared his latest car, a Rolls Royce Springfield Silver Ghost Playboy Roadster in his photo-stream. According to the description below the photo this car was built for Lugnets 100th challenge. The shaping and the color-scheme are really resembles the original car and I especially like how the mudguards are shaped.  For more photos you can check out the MOCpages album as well.

Vintage Harbour Crane by Konajra

vintage harbour crane

LEGO Fan and pro member Arjan Oude Kotte has recently build a vintage harbour crane. I really liked to floow Arjan's builds as a Naval Architect. He has been creating a huge ship models from LEGO pieces. I mostly liked the color scheme of the crane and custom LED lightning pieces.

Epic Scene from LOTR

Lord of the Rings - Caradhras

LEGO Fan and member Sergeant Chipmunk has recently shared a scene that we're very familiar with LOTR trilogy. He recreated the scene that the Fellowship tried to pass through the Redhorn Gate. He successfully created the rocky mountain walls with ice and snow.

Roman Siege Camp by Sinan Bitişik

LEGO fan and Istanlug member Sinan Bitişik has recently shared his latest creation named Roman Siege Camp. He designed a elegant watchtower but I mostly liked the fabric tent which was not LEGO piece but it is created by Sinan.

Second Update for our Best Capital Space Ship Page

The second update to the "Best Capital Ships" page is online. We have added total of seven amazing capital star ship built by member Rat Dude, Trent and brickshelf user Paul Baulch. We thanks to davidcook for suggesting us ship to add to the compilation page. Check out photos of these newly added ships and many others in our compilation page.

Earth, Moon and Sun Orrery by JK Brickworks

Earth, Moon and Sun Orrery

LEGO Technic fan and Youtube Channel Owner JK Brickworks (his flickr page) has put signature to a perfect design that everyone wants in his desk, an orrery! He created a limited mechanical model of our solar system that includes Earth, Moon and Sun. I think it has a great chance if he submit that MOC to Ideas.


Story of Three Ravens by Jacob Nion

Three Ravens

LEGO fan and member Jacob Nion has recently shared a story build. Three Ravens is a story from Guilds of Historica. He creates a perfect castle interior with amazing details. 2 Gargoyles from Series 14 Minifigures are used as sculptures. Old-style wooden clock and library add gloom to creation.

The Glade Fort by Tirrell Brown and member Tirrell Brown a.k.a. Blufiji shared this amazing fantasy themed fort built for the Guilds of Historica of Eurobricks the in his photo-stream. The vegetation and the building techniques used for the fortress are really impressive. The color combination and part selection are also done greatly. I used to see nicely shaped round towers in castle MOC's but I especially like how the wooden (reddish brown) sections of the towers are made. All things together this creation becomes a wonderful swamp MOC!

An Unusual Mech: Space Hot Dog Chef

Check out this "Space Hot Dog Chelf" mech built by member LEGO 7. LEGO Sci-fi enthusiasts are used to see mechs that are built for battle and sometimes for heavy-duty but this mech offers an unusual service for the controller. It is used to prepare giant hot-dogs using his small arms and squezing ketchup and mayonnaise with his larger arms. The Idea itself is very creative but the design is also done very nicely as well. Check out the photo-album to see the different steps of preparing of a space hot-dog.

BB-8 says "Good Job!"

LEGO fan and member willgalb shared this updated version of his BB-8 droid from the Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awekens. This model features the iconic "Good Job!" mode as well. I especially like the mosaic version of the pattern on the large sphere. 

Lord of the Rings Pinball by Jonas

This Lord of the Rings themed pinball game is one of the best MOC's I have ever seen and it is really amazing. This crazy MOC was built and shared by member Jonas a.k.a. Legopard for the Iron Builder challenge against Tim Schwalfenberg. We already shared many MOC's from the competition between the two incredible builders but each time they keep building better and better MOC's. This pinball has many iconic micro-builds from Lord of the Rings movies including Minas Tirith and Barad-dûr. What I like the most is that the flipper bats are built in form of the Black Gate. There is also a video where you can see the creator plays with the pinball.

The child who built this MOC, went blind

Header is just a joke but I think author of this MOC, struggle with a lot of pain when building beacuse of brillant building technique of roads. Kai NRG/Geneva who is creator of Streets of a Roman Town used L.Bley 1x1 Rounded tiles to create illusion on road. I love to say "I mostly liked something" but for MOC it is not necessary. We learned a new painful technique for our precious PAB gatherings.

Backyard of Emmet's Street

LEGO Movie fan and member Xon67 (aka Xon_67 at flickr) has been creating his Emmets Street from The LEGO Movie. Normally, LDD designs rarely shared from our blog but these are different. He created a visual analyse guide for creating Emmet's Street. He exposed Emmet's Street's creators use some parts of Modular Buildings to create Emmet's Street in movie. Xon67 has been sharing these parts and created buildings with LDD.

Hangar 47 is Pretty Busy

This impressive spaceship hangar diorama featuring the experimental fighter OF-178x "Hawk" was built and shared recently by LEGO Fan and Eurobricks member BobDeQuatre. This MOC is built for for Andromeda's Gates on Eurobricks. Complete Studless design makes this MOC look clean and great. The builder also shared seperate photos of the fighter itself in his photo-stream.

Bounty Hunter Starship NovaFire by .Tromas

LEGO fan and member .Tromas built this outstanding space ship. According to the description this starship belongs to bounty hunter Ragan Lotha. The detailing and part selection is done very well on this MOC. The orange-grey color-scheme cools also very cool and authentic. Round windcreen piece and orange circle printed tile piece from the 75050 B-wing set fits the creation very well.

News: Colossal Castle Contest XIII Winners

Winners of Colossal Castle Contest XIII organized by has been announced this week. We have seen many great contributions this year and best of the bests are selected as the winners in different categories including Undead Siege, Haunted Inn, Medieval Dungeon, Medieval Ships, Bring Out Your Dead, Medieval Manor, Custom Castle Figure, Microscale Medieval Life, Miscellaneous, and Forbidden Fortress.

Aardwolf won in the biggest category Forbidden Fortress with his amazing castle creation: Beast's Castle that has an outstanding design as well as a detailed interior.This MOC was built by aardwolf_83 who also built many other outstanding MOC's for the CCC so you should check his photo-stream to see them.

There are so many great MOC's to be featured in this post but one of my favourites is the microscale medieval life category winner "Micro Village" by Halhi141.

Dreadful Castle of the CCC by Toltomeja

Dracula Castle - CCC XIII

LEGO fan and member Toltomeja shared a perfect castle named Dracula Castle. He originally created another Dracula Castle for CCC. After contest, he wanted to redesign it and that is the result. I mostly liked the pathway of the old looking mysterious castle. Therefore fancy arches over the windows are perfectly designed.

Elvis from the Mad Max: Fury Road by Tommy Styrvoky

LEGO fan and motorized model master-builder Tommy Styrvoky shared this amazing motorized model car from the famous post apocalyptic movie Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). This car is named Elvis and it is a modified 32' Ford with 2 V6 GMC engines. The builder previously created also the Peacemaker from the movie as well. The design of this models are very realistic and it is incredible that these model are also motorized as well. Model is powered by 2 L motors and utilizes a Servo motor for steering. It is powered by a Lego rechargeable battery.

The creator also shared this photo of the original model in his photo-stream where you can see how realistic the LEGO version is. Maybe the color could be a darker tone of orange to be more movie-accurate other than that this MOC is perfect.

A Warm Breeze from the Orient

LEGO fan and member brickbink shared these two great oriental building MOC's in his photo-stream. Both of the MOC's a are designed greatly using different texturing techniques. White motives on the mosque walls are done nicely with small arch pieces which is unique for this MOC. The color selection is very well done in both MOC's 

I especially like the door section on this one. Using different sizes of arch pieces together to create a oriental looking gate is a great idea The terrain is also textured and detailed with small plants. I like this tree more than the tree in the mosque because the other one has a circular hole on the trunk.

'67 Chuck Miller’s Ford C-cab, the "Fire Truck" by Andrea Lattanzio

This incredibly realistic and outstanding model is built by model masterbuilder and member Andrea Lattanzio a.k.a. Norton74 who is known for his amazing creations like the Dream Garage (also featured in Brick Journal) and many more. The vehicle is full of small details and features but my favourite sction is the engine with small custom red hose detail and realistic shaping. Custom chromed bricks gives this great MOC additional coolness too.
The builder also shared this photo of the original car to let us know how realistic and good looking the LEGO version is. Maybe the only visible major difference are the tires and wheels.

Japanese A6M Zero by Daniel Siskind

I always like WWII military vehicles and especially fighters. member and brickmania team member Daniel Siskind shared this awesome Japanese fighter A6M Zero in his flickr acount. The cockpit section is brilliantly shaped with droid arm pieces. The diorama scene with all those small details like the workbench and containers makes this creation look even cooler. If you might want to own this model it is also available for pre-order on

The Lost Dragonhunter in Flying Island

The Lost Dragonhunter

LEGO Fan and member Wookieewarrior has recently created a spectecular MOC that named The Lost Dragonhunter. He modeled perfectly rounded rock shaped flying island. He inspired from an old TV Show "Dragonhunters-Die Drachenjäger" from Germany.

His remarkable usage of bley pieces created a well designed rocky island. He perfectly used greeneries to designed a natural-looking earth. I mostly liked building technique of fence, try to use in my future designs.

Attack of the Sea Monster!

LEGO Fan and flickr member Jonas recently shared this amazing monster attack diorama in his photo stream. The name of this MOC is "Monstrum Maris" and this MOC is built for the Iron Builder challenge against Tim Schwalfenberg. Both sides have built amazing MOC's like Forbidden Fortress, District 9 ExosuitWhat's Cooking? and many more throughout the challenge and they keep building. them. The wave effect done with transparent plate pieces is incredible on this MOC. The monster (Kraken?) is built nicely but the design of the ship makes this diorama perfect.The creator also shared photos of the ship separately as well. 

Heavy Armed Scouting Ship: The New Horizon

This beautiful and highly detailed ship is built by the Brick Time team member and LEGO fan Sylon-tw. According the description "The new horizon" is a heavy armed scouting ship. It is designed for long distance flights. It is also heavy armored and armed.

The shaping of this MOC is really outstanding. I also like the red-white color-scheme as well since red is my favorite brick color. I also like the addition of small details like transparent blue round brick pieces and reversed turntable top elements on the engines. The stands looks cool too.

Knucklehead Raider, an Outstanding Space Fighter

This amazing spaceship Knucklehead Raider is built and shared by flickr.ocm member ska2d2. This fighter has rotating engines and a cool looking dark gray-yellow color-scheme. The texturing is also done very well. I also liked the cockpit section. The windshield is placed backwards and can be opened by sliding back. The creators photo stream is full of great sci-fi MOCs so don't forget to check them out.

Space Cola delivered by Robots!

Space Cola delivery robot and his delivery speeder are built by LEGO fan and member Luigi Priori a.k.a Priovit70. The MOC is built for the Brothers Brick Space Chefs Competition, "Space Chefs On-The-Go" category. The custom logo and prints on the parts are really outstanding. The custom minifigure is bulilt using  the head of a robot-police from the LEGO Movie. 

The delivery vehicle is a speeder and looks like it is inspired by the scout trooper speeder bikes from the Star Wars universe. The detailing and the color-scheme is very cool on this MOC. This creation is absolutely one of the best entries of the contest. The creator also shared a short backstory for the creation below the photo as well.

Travelling to Ancient Ages

A Classical Greek Polis

LEGO Fan and historic MOCmaker Simon Schweyer has recently created a spectecular MOC like his previous ones, named A Classical Greek Polis. He built this MOC for Kockice Brick-story Contest and tried to represent us an Ancient Greece diorama.

MOC includes great builds like workers which gather wines from wineyard, a Santorini-styled house, a trireme, a statue, a theater and a temple. I especially liked the golden domed build which seems like the real one which I live very near to, and Santorini-styled house.

New Compilation Page: Arcade Game Machines 

We are happy to anounce that we have a new compilation page  in our blog the "Arcade machines". In this new page we have collected the greatest LEGO creations about arcade gaming machines in different scales (Not the MOC's about the arcade games themselves). We have done and continue doing our research for our compilation pages mainly on photo sharing sites like flickr, brickshelf and MOCpages. If you have any MOC's that can be featured here or you know other great creations feel free to send us a message together with a link to the creations photos. Here is the current of Arcade game MOC's. Enjoy.

Hanging out with the Mill

Baker's Mill

LEGO Fan and member Ben van Middendorp created a MOC in last summer that we never discovered before. He created a Baker's Mill which is full of different techniques amazes me when I saw it firstly. He combines rounded wall and rounded stairs techniques in one MOC and also created a perfect stork on the roof. I mostly liked floor technique which seems like a balcony, and several times I used on my designs.

MH-60R Seahawk Helicopter by Lennart C

This realistic military helicopter model, MH-60R Seahawk is built and shared by LEGO fan and member Lennart C a.k.a Everblack. This is a good example that the scale is not very important as long as the building techniques and part selection is great. The shaping and the greebles are so good on this one. The creators photo-stream is full of great models including cars, planes and military vehicles. 

Lennart's MOC resembles the original vehicle very much.

Space Rock Band "The Highway Stars" by Julius von Brunk

LEGO Space Fan and member Julius von Brunk shared this MOC containing a space-themed car "The Astrosurfer" together with space rock band "The Highway Stars". This vehicle is detailed and articulated with wheels, rubber tires, hinged doors, reclining seats, and with access to the car’s trunk. On the hood of the car is a metallic ornament, and underneath is a detailed engine but what I like the most is the classic-car-like shaping and the color. I like the rock band even more. As a classic space fan I think the idea of a band out of classic space figures is great. The band member minifigures are playing different guitars that came out from the collectible minifigure series. The creator also shared this creation as an Ideas project. Check it out to support this MOC and help becoming a set.

 The car has a openable hood and a detailed engine inside it.

Dark Side of the Japanese Fortresses

Forbidden Fortress

LEGO Fan, member and our one of the favorite MOCer Tim Schwalfenberg has recently build his 28th MOC to IronBuilder contest against Jonas. He created a perfect Japanese type house which was named Forbidden Fortress. He used metallic silver pin parts to create a perfect angled Japanese roof. I mostly liked the scale of the model and use of headlight bricks to project windows. Tim and Jonas has created spectacular techniques during IronBuilder contest.

Heavy Battle Mech by Benjamin Cheh

This amazing heavy mecha is built b flickr member and LEGO Sci-fi master builder Benjamin Cheh Ming Hann. This mecha is called KMS SV88 Seryye Volki MARK II and it is as detailed as the creators previous impressive MOC's like IWM Type 68 Diguetia and Hangar Maintenance Diorama. I like mechas with lots of weapons and greebles and this MOC is full of them. Gray color scheme makes the mechas look more realistic and metallic.

Robot Factory from 19th Century

LEGO Fan and member crises_crs shared this great workshop diorama called "Tech Corporated" in his photo stream. The diorama includes many great small machining tools like lathes, bench drill, grinding machine etc. On the table in the middle a retro-style robot is being assembled by workers. This is really an outstanding MOC with many small details. I also like that the walls and the floor are textured.

LEGO Naval Collection by Eínon

This is probably the largest naval collection built with LEGO pieces you can ever scene. LEGO fan and member Eínon shared this photo containing his twelve MOC's including various kind of warships, submarine and a carrier. According to the description this is an outdated version of his collection and his current collection is even bigger. I like these types of overview photos of collections so I am waiting exited for the update. In the meantime you can check out the creators photo stream for detail photos of these great naval vessel models.

News: BrickLink Announced New Storefront

Today biggest part source portal of the LEGO enthusiasts, Bricklink announced upcoming features of StoreFront pages. Bricklink includes thousands of stores in it and approximately 90% of this stores have no-design just text-based storefront pages.

Bricklink team will modernize Storefront pages and add extra features to customize your store pages. Splash pages will be seen as a real splash page, not a normal page. Sellers will inform buyers with using splash pages.

Category view pages, detailed search, cart page, favorite stores system will be also modified. We will easily access to price guide pages when add an item to our cart. Developer Team also will add Store Term Indicators like Min. Buy and Avg. Lot Value will be added to upside of the store page to inform buyers to meet with criteria.

For detailed information and announcement: