Elvis from the Mad Max: Fury Road by Tommy Styrvoky

LEGO fan and motorized model master-builder Tommy Styrvoky shared this amazing motorized model car from the famous post apocalyptic movie Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). This car is named Elvis and it is a modified 32' Ford with 2 V6 GMC engines. The builder previously created also the Peacemaker from the movie as well. The design of this models are very realistic and it is incredible that these model are also motorized as well. Model is powered by 2 L motors and utilizes a Servo motor for steering. It is powered by a Lego rechargeable battery.

The creator also shared this photo of the original model in his photo-stream where you can see how realistic the LEGO version is. Maybe the color could be a darker tone of orange to be more movie-accurate other than that this MOC is perfect.