News: Colossal Castle Contest XIII Winners

Winners of Colossal Castle Contest XIII organized by has been announced this week. We have seen many great contributions this year and best of the bests are selected as the winners in different categories including Undead Siege, Haunted Inn, Medieval Dungeon, Medieval Ships, Bring Out Your Dead, Medieval Manor, Custom Castle Figure, Microscale Medieval Life, Miscellaneous, and Forbidden Fortress.

Aardwolf won in the biggest category Forbidden Fortress with his amazing castle creation: Beast's Castle that has an outstanding design as well as a detailed interior.This MOC was built by aardwolf_83 who also built many other outstanding MOC's for the CCC so you should check his photo-stream to see them.

There are so many great MOC's to be featured in this post but one of my favourites is the microscale medieval life category winner "Micro Village" by Halhi141.