Spectre 501 Long Range Recon Shuttle


Sci-fi master-builder and flickr.com user Michał Kaźmierczak a.k.a. migalart who is known for his amazing dioramas like Erebor, Mustafar and many more share this outstanding space ship called Spectre 501 in his photo stream. According to the builders description this vehicle is fully playable. It consists of four main modules and 12 open-able tabs that provide access to the interior. The vehicle also has 7 doors that can be manipulated from the outside. The ships exterior is full of greebles that make it so detailed. I also liked the Classic Space color-scheme on this MOC as well.

Visual Art History

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member Toltomeja shared this incredible MOC about the history of art and architecture for Brickstory Competition. There are ten stages of art from prehistoric ages to Contemporary art stage. Every stage was decorated with different architecture and symbolized by unique minifigure. The Mountain of Art is good for guide to Introduction of Art.

1:1 Scale Roller Skates by Julie vanderMeulen


LEGO fan and flickr.com member Julie vanderMeulen a.k.a. [Julie v] shared these awesome  1:1 Scale Roller Skates in her photostream. The shaping and part selection of these are really perfect and accurate to the real roller skates.  Boots are decorated in Hammer City Roller Girls colours. Check out the album for more photos.

Missing the Spartans

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member legophthalmos has recently shared his latest MOC with Spartan Minifigure which was a member of LEGO Minifigure Series 2. the Liberation of Palmyra has a good angle and perfect lightning. Passed very long time to see such a good MOC with perfect posing of these minifigures. I mostly liked the ruined building with cheese slopes and 1x1 tile pieces.

NEWS: Disney Collectible Minifigures have been revealed!

The Disney Minifigures which will be officially released on May 1st have 18 different character that differ from other Minifigure Series. All of them listed above:

Top 9 (left to right): Syndrome, Ariel, Aladdin, Captain Hook, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, Maleficent.

Bottom 9 (left to right): Stitch, Ursula, Alice (in Wonderland), Cheshire Cat, Peter Pan, Mr. Incredible, Buzz Lightyear, Pizza Planet Alien, Genie.

Vianen City Hall

LEGO fan and flickr.com user Aliencat! recently shared this outstanding modular building style MOC in his photo stream. This building at the corner is called Vianen City Hall and it is a brick-built replica of real-life building in Netherlands. According to the description this MOC was built to be displayed in the Vianen City Museum.

The colors, texturing and shaping of the MOC walls are really accurate to the real ones.

Stark Family Reunited

LEGO Fan and flickr.com user Callum a.k.a. mandrakesarecool2 shared these nice brick-built midi-figures of the Stark Family from the populer fantasy themed TV Series Game of Thrones. The figures are nicely shaped and characters are easily recognizable. I especially like the usage of a white chima figure head as the pommel of a sword.

Special Interview with Thorsten Bonsch a.k.a Xenomurphy

Hello LEGO enthusiasts. We are starting the week with a exciting interview. This week's guest of honor is a builder from Germany, Thorsten Bonsch a.k.a Xenomurphy who is known for his great action scene MOC's and the amazing Arkham Asylum MOC. Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions.

Kaplan: We already know that you are an AFOL. What can you tell us about yourself other than that? What is your day job? Do you have any other hobbies or activities?

Thorsten Bonsch: I earn my living as a media designer, which is a fancy word for advertising artist, which is also a fancy word, now that I think about it.
Anyway, I adore anything that is creative or allows me to be creative, so my hobbies include drawing, painting, making movies, writing, the use of 3D software, moulding, computer games, board games, books, movies, music (though I’m completely unmusical), TV series, audio books and comics.

K: Do you remember the day when you got your first LEGO set? Which set was it? And how old were you when you started playing with LEGO bricks?

T: I’m not sure if it was the first set, but I remember some of my first sets, the yellow Classic Castle (Set #375) and  the classic Space Scooter (Set #885). I was very proud of the Space Scooter and when I wanted to show it to my friend and brag about it, I realised that he already had the much bigger classic Space Transport (Set #918). What a sad day – hahaha, no, not really. We loved to play with LEGO together. Nevertheless, I started playing with LEGO in general years before, with my older brother’s LEGO collection. There might have been sets included, but all the instructions and boxes were missing and he kept his bricks in an old kitchen drawer.

Get drowned in the details

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member Letranger Absurde pit his signature below a brillant MOC, Stumpy McHook. It is sorrounded with perfect details and usage of parts like use a hairpiece to build Captain's beard and croissant for moustache. Also liked the pocket and belt buckle. I liked every single stud of this awesome MOC.

What! Another The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer?

Two trailers in one week! Upcoming The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer #2 has been released on social media today. It will be arrived in theaters on February 10, 2017.

The Jewelled Egg Collection by Koen


Here we have an extraordinary creation. LEGO fan and flickr.com user Koen a.k.a. Swan Dutchman shared these nice collection of eggs with minifigures inside them. The eggs are called from left to right: Spring, Love and Ice. The shaping of the eggs are great and I especially like how the robot arm pieces are used to create the stands.

Not Mega, This is Tera Core Magnitizer!


Space ship master-builder and flickr.com user Rat Dude a.k.a. ratm0nk3y has recently shared this magnificent space-vehicle MOC in his photo-stream. The  name of this creation is Tera Core Magnitizer and obviosly it is another custom variant of the official M-Tron set Mega Core Magnitizer (6989). This vehicle ile amazingly detailed and has play functions with magnets as well. The suspension like feature enables the vehicle to cross on the obstacles easily. Also check out another MCM variant by Wami Delthorn  that we blogged recently.

Tilespiration #2: Is there any studs here?

Our first Tilespiration post have been liked by huge amount of AFOLs, and here it is the new episode of Tilespiration. Flickr.com member and CCCXIII contestant Henry F. has created an entry for latest Classic Castle Contest, Keeping the Beasts at Bay. MOC includes a well-built castle wall with a small gate. In front of this beauty brick-built lime green stream is passed through. I mostly liked the nearly-studless design of the enviromnet and castle area. 

District 9 Vignette "Eviction Notice"


LEGO fan and flickr.com user Grantmasters, who is the builder of the nice predetor figure we recently blogged, built this outstanding MOC depicting a scene from the movie District 9 (2009). He used tons of small parts like printed pieces, utensils, tires etc to create the accurate look of the district 9 environment and I especially like how the alien figures are built with modified plates and minifigure hand pieces. The white colored vehicle tself with window bars is also great and movie-accurate as well .

Port Royal by W. Navarre

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member W. Navarre has recently shared his latest Pirates Theme creation Port Royal on his own photostream. He build a Imperial Fortress which was inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean's Port Royal. MOC contains an inn, a blacksmith shop, a prison, and a courtyard. I mostly liked interior design od yhe creation which can be seen in author's photostream.

NEWS: Don't miss the Trailer


Upcoming LEGO Batman Movie is nearly a year away from now but we're expecting a better AFOL Fun on it. The first trailer of this movie has released on YouTube. I'm as an AFOL, it's very hard to wait for 2017.

Gym Machines by Kosbrick

LEGO fan and iron-builder contestant kosbrick recently shared this small diorama consisting gym machines in his blog and flickr.com photo-stream. I especially liked that the machines are in minifigure scale and the overall form of the machines looks very realistic for their size. This MOC is built as his18th build for Iron Builder vs. 2 Much Caffeine. The builder shared more info in his blog how the photo was taken.

Caterpillar Dozer by Davy Linden


LEGO fan and flickr.com user Davy Linden this outstanding dozer MOC, a Caterpillar D11t  in 1:17 scale in his photosteam. The form and the details are amazingly accurate to the real vehicle with complete studless design. This model is also fully functional as well. Accoring to the description this huge creation is 62 cm long and 28 cm wide and equipped with :1x L, 2x XL and 4x Servo motors.

News: May the 4 be with First Order

After new Star Wars movie, AFOLs excitedly waited for May 4 promotion of this year. Today May 2016 LEGO Brand Retail Store Calendar has been released. Between April 30 and May 4, VIP mambers can get double VIP points with all of their purchases. On the other hand, you can get free the Force Awaken poster with any Star Wars purchase and if you spend $50 or more , you will get free exclusive LEGO 30602 First Order Stormtrooper Minifigure. Also UCS 75098 Assault on Hoth will be released on April 30th too.

The procession by brickbink

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member brickbink who is also one of my favorite MOC'ers created a perfect MOC named the procession after his successful MOCs like Amsterdam Street, The Mosque and The Warehouse. He is good at creating enrichment to buildings and populate creation. I mostly liked tehe curved roof top of the building and tower with domes.

Venus de Medici by TheBrickMan

LEGO certified professional and flickr.com user Ryan a.k.a TheBrickMan shared this brick-built statue of "Venus de Medici" in his photostream. The shaping of the creation is amazing as always. The Venus de Medici model is displayed at the Nicholson Museum in Sydney University as part of their Alpha & Omega exhibition. According to the description by Ryan this huge creation consists of appr. 18000 bricks and took 78 hour to build

Exploration on an Alien Planet


LEGO fan and flickr.com user Bart De Dobbelaer who is known for his amazing alien habitat dioramas and incredible space creations shared this alien planet diorama in his photo-stream. Giant alien insects, huge alien plants this MOC includes all sort of alien life in it. If you look carefully you can see that there is an exploration team on the surface with high tech equipment.

Ferrari 360 Modena by Lennart C

LEGO Fan and flickr.com user Lennart C a.k.a. Everblack. recently shared this outstanding Ferrari 360 Modena model in his photo-stream. The shaping and details are incredible on this for its size. The interior of the vehicle is fully decorated including leader seats and even pedals. The doors, the hood and the back hatch can be opened as well. Check out the album for more photos.

Spacetank Spacetank Spacetank!

Instead of yelling "Spaceship" Benny will yell from now on "Spacetank!". LEGO fan and master-model builder Andrea Lattanzio a.k.a Norton74 who is known for his amazing creations like Speed Garage and Fire Truck, shared his nice maintenance hanger and a wonderful Classic Space themed tank, "Blue Bull". According to the description of the builder the tank design is based on  WWI English tank Mark I. The hangar itself is also built very detailed with tools, containers and lots of Classic Space astronauts.

Perfect colors of nature

Today I prefer to share a creation that caught by our MOC exploration ship. Approaching Kilas Dirth which was created by just another LEGO Fan from flickr.com, The Professor. His imagination let him to create an awesome architectural modal with an assassination scene. He build a giant rock to fill environment and perfectly use colors of nature. I mostly liked building technique of arch gateway with a rounded stairs. Also Hotdog Guy wants to celebrate our Easter in this MOC.

A Masculine Creation

Nick Trotta (a.k.a. tardisblue) strikes back! But this time, he introduces a really big ray gun attached to a relatively small fighter. This combination ends up having a masculine shape; Storm's Edge. This design of Nick's seemed to me a bit different. I always considered his previous designs as single, one of a kind, custom engineered space adventurers. This last one looks like a member of a space strike force rather than a lone wolf, maybe due to its militaristic purpose and classic color scheme. I know the ray gun has the lead role, but red bars, which suppose to connect the wings and the body, steal the show. These bars confused me at first sight, I realized that they have round tips, after watching the 'how to' video I was sure about the round tips and understood that they were the most common antenna pieces which were cut for a holy purpose. So my first guess was true with little degree of confusion. Awesome design again Nick, thanks for posting that beautiful piece of art and sharing your design process on YouTube. Brick on!

Life-size Bird of Prey Statues by Joe Perez


These brick-built life-size statues of birds of prey were built and shared by flikr.com user Joe Perez a.k.a MortalSwordsman whose creations we blogged before like the sprinting black panther. The modeling on these birds are inreadibly realistic and the head sculpturing is amazing. According to the description these statues were built for Bright Bricks


Golden eagle is bigger than the pelegrine falcon as it should be according to the real sizes of the birds. The creator used many shades of brown and managed to make it look perfectly natural.

An ordinary day at Brickton Harbour


LEGO Model Creator and one of our favorite flickr.com member Arjan Oude Kotte who generally works on LEGO models of real ships, created an entry for ideas. In Brickton Harbour, Harpers Baitshop ready to serve for fishermen. Perfect combination of Dark Red, Reddish Brown and Bley pieces to create a living harbour look. Building technique of the Harpers Baitshop is absolutely different and brilliant. I fall in love with Konajra's creations.

The Red Shield Inn by Simon Schweyer


LEGO Fan and flickr.com user Simon Schweyer did it again! We shared his perfect MOC Greek Polis just a month ago, and he again created a perfect MOC too. The Red Shield Inn which was also used Greek Polis's landscape too has an old Medieval Inn and a horse farm in it. I mostly liked the fishermen and the beauty of the greenery.

Red Rocket Station Settlement from Fallout built with Bricks

LEGO fan, customizer and flickr.com user Minh Pham a.k.a Tuminio who is well known for his incredible custom minifigures shared this nice small diorama depicting a post apocalyptic settlement from the hit game of this year, Fallout 4. The name of the creation, Red Rocket comes from the gas station company you can see in the game. The MOC is outstanding with lots of small details and of course with amazing custom minifigures in it. The building has a fully decorated interior as well. 

Special Interview with Vince Toulouse

We are excited to share our third special interview. Our thrid guest of honor is an amazing builder from France one of the best steampunk / Sci-fi MOC builders in the world, Vince Toulouse. Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions.

Kaplan: We already know you are one of the best LEGO MOC'ers in the world. What can you tell us about yourself other than that. What is your dayjob? Do you have any other hobbies or activities?

Vince Toulouse: I'm Vincent, I'm in charge of video productions in a university. In fact, I devote more time to the music, my other hobby, and sometimes, I can spend several weeks without playing lego. Steampunk and dieselpunk are my favorite universes for building.

Challanges fill our minds with inspirations

Nowadays Flickr grows their popularity in AFOL community with coolest challanges which started at flickr groups. Flickr.com member and LEGO Fan Joseph Z. is shared his latest creation Modern Bedroom which is built for ABS Challenge. He used lime green telephone piece 9 times in this MOC as drawer pulls, alarm clock bells and feet of bench. I mostly liked the design of the alarm clock and window shades.

Mega Core Magnetiser 2.0 by Wami Delthorn


I'm a huge fan of the M-Tron space theme myself therefor I'm amazing by this impressive vehicle MOC by flickr.com user Wami Delthorn. The shaping of the hull and the cockpit are outstanding. Additionally this vehicles is full of power functions and magnets as well. This is absolutely one of the best M-Tron based creations of the year. The creator also shared a commercial style funny video for the MOC as well.

The vehicle is full of details on each side and studdless design makes it look very clean.

Modern Apartment in Many Shades of Blue


Sci-fi and historical MOC's are much more common than City themed MOC's nowadays. Here is a very good example of a nice city building. LEGO fan and flickr.com user lisqr who is well known for his great creation like Metro infinity and micro-scale Minas Trith shared this outstanding modern apartment MOC in his photo-stream. The builder used so many shades of blue that I could not say for sure how many. The design of this building is so impressive that  there is almost no plain wall section or symmetry on this but still it looks great.

Colorful Kaliphlin Port by jsnyder002


LEGO Fan and flickr.com member jsnyder002 shared his latest MOC for Eurobricks's Guilds of Historica. He build a Kaliphlin Port which is a free build with inspariton of Mark Falworth's Seaside Harbor. I mostly liked the architecture of mosque-styled building. Use of dark tan wedge bricks as a sand is brilliant.

Space Academy by justin_m_winn

LEGO Space Fan and flickr.com member justin_m_winn has shared his awesome creation about all the LEGO Space series. Space Academy - Lecture Room L15a inclues different space factions like M-Tron, Blacktron and also Benny on a Space Class. It is not a complicated MOC but it looks perfect with color scheme.

Miniature Versions of Official LEGO Trains by Bangoo H

Maybe this MOC was not shared recently but it is absolutely a must-see creation. flickr.com user Bangoo H a.k.a Ailur works has shared this great microscale version of the official LEGO sets Maersk Train (10219) and Emerald Night (10194). The shaping of the models are amazingly well for their size and logos are not forgotten on the the Maersk train too. The builder also shared an engine shed for the trains too.

Red Five X-wing by Angelo S.


LEGO fan and flickr.com user Angelo S. shared his version of famous X-Wing Red Five from the movie Star Wars. I especially like this model because the shaping of the nose section was done movie-accurate. The detailing on the top of the engine section and the colored parts above the wings are done very nicely as well. Maybe the engine outlets could be better built with cylindrical parts but other than that this an outstanding model.

Perfect collaboration of Microscale StarCraft

LEGO & StarCraft Fan Cecilie Fritzvold has shared MOC about one of my favorite video game series StarCraft, named StarCraft II - Terran Dominion Base. It is a part of a collaborative series prepared by StarCraft: A Lego Microscale Collaboration group of flickr. Microscale works are not my favorite ones but this creation is well-detailed.

Shirafuji Mech by torokimasa


LEGO fan and flickr.com user  torokimasa shared this amazing warrior mech Shirafuji in his photo-stream. I'm truly amazed by the Japanese style and posability of this creation. Metallic and white buildable action figure pieces are nicely combined with system parts to create a great look. I especially like the leg design of this mech. Small golden details are nice addition to the MOC as well.

Let's go for breakfast

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member Joshua has shared hist latest MOC, Intergalactic Jack's Gourmet Diner. Joshua builds a perfect intergalactic sightseeing dinner house that have a great story. He built different spacecars including a police car. I mostly liked curved walls of the building and the cool entrances.

Blacktron Armored Train Rhino by Stephan Niehoff


LEGO Space fan and flickr.com user Stephan Niehoff recently shared this sci-fi armored train "Rhino" in his photo-stream. The train and the base are built in Blacktron II space theme color-scheme with black, white and transparent neon green. If the M-Tron is my favorite space theme, Blacktron is absolutely the second favorite and I like this MOC very very much. Using the canopy piece backwards on the locomotive is absolutely a great idea giving a unique look to the cockpit.

Bugatti Chiron Model Car by Firas Abu-Jaber


Model car master builder and LEGO fan Firas Abu-Jaber shared this amazing model car, Bugatti Chiron in his flickr.com photo-stream and MOCpages. The builder is famous for his previous incredible brick-built model vehicles like Rolls Royce Springfield, Ferrari Testarossa and many more. The chaping of the Bugatti is amazing as always and the usage of the flexible hose as a shaping element is really a very creative idea.

The model has a very detailed interior including tan colored race-seat and console.

It looks like a toy robot!

I know that this is made of LEGO bricks and LEGO is a toy of its own but this mech is so awesome and so clean looking that it looks like a plastic toy robot from my childhood. flickr.com user and LEGO fan nobu_tary shared this great MOC, namely Guncannon in his photo-stream. The red-dark gray color-scheme fits the MOC very well giving it a LEGO Space theme based look (although there were no red vehicles in the classic space line). I especially like the anatomical shape of the robot with big feet increasing the balance of it. 

The shaping of the head is outstanding on itself.