A Masculine Creation

Nick Trotta (a.k.a. tardisblue) strikes back! But this time, he introduces a really big ray gun attached to a relatively small fighter. This combination ends up having a masculine shape; Storm's Edge. This design of Nick's seemed to me a bit different. I always considered his previous designs as single, one of a kind, custom engineered space adventurers. This last one looks like a member of a space strike force rather than a lone wolf, maybe due to its militaristic purpose and classic color scheme. I know the ray gun has the lead role, but red bars, which suppose to connect the wings and the body, steal the show. These bars confused me at first sight, I realized that they have round tips, after watching the 'how to' video I was sure about the round tips and understood that they were the most common antenna pieces which were cut for a holy purpose. So my first guess was true with little degree of confusion. Awesome design again Nick, thanks for posting that beautiful piece of art and sharing your design process on YouTube. Brick on!