The Flying Scotsman by The Brickman

LEGO Certified Proffessional Ryan McNaught a.k.a. The Brickman who is known for his amazing and huge creations like The Brickmans Bounty, LEGO Acropolis and many more recently shared this huge train model, The Flying Scotsman in his photo-stream and also in his personal website. According to the description this model uses nearly 165,000 LEGO bricks! Check out this photo to understand how large this model is.

Grimlock want our planet

LEGO has great part variety to create a model which doesnt't look like a LEGO. LEGO Fan and member Nicola Stocchi has recently shared an impressive model from Transformers 4 - Age of Extinction. It is very afflictive because it is totally build with LEGO Digital Designer and rendered. Grimlock is almost 1 meter long in his maximum dimension. Nicola used 4410 digital parts to create this beast and give an ability for movements for using technic pieces.

Impressive Bounty Hunter Ship: Kh-1 Vulture
LEGO fan and user BobDeQuatre who is known for his great sci-fi MOC's shared this nicely shaped Star Wars themed custom star fighter MOC, namely Kh-1 Vulture in his photo-stream. The creator also previously blogged here with his another great star fighter MOC's like Light Armored Squid Attack Fighter and Denon's Stallion. The shaping and the gribbles are beautifully done on this fighter. The wings can fold for landing as e see in official Star Wars designs like B-wings.

Yellow Jacket’s Counter-attack

LEGO fan and user LEGO 7 recently shared this small super-hero battle vignette in his photo-stream where the super-villain Yellow Jacket attacks the Ant-man riding a wasp. The shaping of the wasp is done impressively. I also like the enlarged sized LEGO bricks very much.

Believe me. This is made of LEGO.

At first sight I didn't believe myself that this sailing ship is made of LEGO bricks myself but this is really made of LEGO bricks and this is fantastic! The creator of this work of art, Hoang H Dang a.k.a. Know Your Pieces wrote in the description of the photo that the curve of the hull was possible due to the tolerances (gaps) between LEGO elements. Actually this boat is really huge and consist around 7000 pieces. Check out this photo to get how large this creation is. With the impressive size and amazing shape this MOC becomes my all time favorite LEGO ship.

The Queen's Chamber

This small but great castle themed vignette was recently shared by LEGO fan and user Marcel V. a.k.a. marcu44. According to the description this creation was built as an entry to the Summer Joust 2016 presented by Innova LUG for Castle Interior category. There are lots of nice building techniques used on this MOC. You can check out the floor technique here in the creators second account.

Impressive Roman Building Complex by Antonio Cerretti

LEGO fan and user Antonio Cerretti a.k.a. Praetorian- shared this huge and amazing ancient Roman themed MOC in his photo stream last week. There are tons of beautiful details to point out. I really like the colored stripes on the walls and the golden details on the head of the columns. The brickwork on the floor inside the temple is impressive as well. Statues with different poses are also nice and accurate addition. There is also a small army inside the building complex as well. This is absolutely one of the greatest historical building MOC's of the year.

Steampunk version of Moulin Rouge

Flickr is most popular social media for LEGO AFOLs. Yesterday I discovered another awesome builder who created Moulin Rouge was a charming MOC'er. domino39 brickpirate created a very known figure of Moulin Rouge as steampunkish style. This MOC is part of a project named Paris 1889. I mostly liked the mechanism of the tower of Moulin Rouge and wooden segway.

Donald and Mickey Mechas by Moko

LEGO fan and member Moko a.k.a. LEGO DOU Moko who is known for his great mecha and sci-fi MOC's suprise us with these cute mechas based on famous Disney characters Mickey and Donald. As you can see minifigures from the Disney collectible minifigure series are driving the mechas. I think the builder did a very good job on the part selection and shaping of the mechas especially the hands of robo-Mickey are realy nicely done.

Volkswagen T1 Esso Service Replica by Andrea Lattanzio

LEGO fan and user Andrea Lattanzio a.k.a. Norton74 who is known and blogged here for his previous great MOC's like '67 Chuck Miller’s Ford C-cab and "Blue Bull" Space Tank shared this realistic replica of Volkswagen T1 Esso Service truck in his photo-stream. The shaping and the stickers are incredible as always and also very accurate to the real vehicle. You may wonder what does the dutch writing on side of the truck means. According to the description the writing on the load compartment sides means "Esso petroleum for your domestic heating". I like everything on this model and it looks like we will continue to blog many more creations from the builder in future.

32-Gun Frigate Concorde

This 32-Gun Frigate from 1700's is shared by member and user Imperial Shipyards a.k.a. MoritzK. The shaping and the colors are really accurate to the historial ship of the era (1760-1780). For more photos check out the brickshelf gallery. My favorite section is the back of the ship where a custom printed brick is placed.

Bandit Camp at Kharab

LEGO Castle fan and user jsnyder002 recently shared this vignette which is a Kaliphlin free-build for the Guilds of Historica in Builders know very well that it is not easy to make a proper ruins MOC. The creators choice of the colors to create the castle ruins are interesting. Especially dark blue color added a very unique look to the creation. Texturing of the ground also looks nice.

Special Interview with Marco den Besten a.k.a. 'Ecclesiastes

This week we have one of the best historical MOC builders as our Guest. Marco den Besten from the Netherlands who is known for his huge historical/fantasy cities and castle MOC's was kind to answer our questions. Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions.

Kaplan: We already know that you are one of the best MOC'ers in the world. What can you tell us about yourself other than that? What is your day job? Do you have any other hobbies or activities?

Marco: I work in retail for a living. Yes, one of those jobs were you have to cope with wining customers all day. It’s a good thing I’ve got LEGO to relax. Other than, of course, building, I like fishing, plenty of water here in the Netherlands. And I like hiking, which I prefer doing in mountainous areas. But that’s something we don’t have here, unfortunately.

K: Do you remember your first day when you get your first LEGO set?

M: I think I got my first sets when I was around three, so I don't recall my very first one. However, I do remember the first large set I got. It was the 6271, Imperial Flagship. Which I was, of course, very happy with, and it is one of the best Lego ships ever made. So were all the ships that were made during those years.

The Samurai Code by Ben Pitchford

LEGO fan and user Ben Pitchford who was also the creator of huge Rivendell MOC in Ideas shared this amazing and giant MOC called "The Samurai Code" in his photo-stream. My favourite section is the small volcano and the stepped waterfalls. Colorful trees are also very beautiful. This MOC features one of the best examples of rock shaping.

News: Preview of new Bricklink design now online!

This weeks's big news came from BL Team who has working on new face of world's largest LEGO marketplace. According to announcement Bricklink Homepage redesigned again completely for modern look and most of the subpages of site is going to use this modern theme.

Not only design of the site changed, but also some useful tools will be added to BL. Impressive wanted list functions like auto-picker and "Buy from multiple stores" tools are awesome and very useful to buy many items in just 2 or 3 clicks. Combined buy options will be added to select most efficient stores.

According to team, it will be release on end of May 2016. You can preview early version from;

Temple Arrival by Mihai Marius Mihu

LEGO fan and user Mihai Marius Mihu recently shared this beautiful Roman temple MOC in his photo-stream. I especially like the white minifigure statues which looks like they are made out of marble stone. Dark red back-grounds behind the statues are also a nice touch and makes the statues even more interesting. I also liked the golden details on the roof sections as well. 

Keeper of the mystic harbor

LEGO Fan and member O0ger has been creating remarkable designs with LEGO for LEGO Ideas program and for sharing too. The Harbor is his latest creation about a lego-man who scans the horizon in small harbor. He has a one storey little home and a small hobby garden.I mostly liked the roof technique of the cute house.

An unordinary talented photographer of LEGO World

A LEGO fan and member Vesa Lehtimäkiv has been sharing impressive LEGO photographs in his photostream. Vesa is talented photographer and have strong skills about photo editing. His angles and lightning management is like a lesson for beginners. Every LEGO fan have to follow his account, I think.

Nornfang - Halo 5: Guardians

Nick Brick is known for recreating famous weapons with bricks. This time he attempted to build Nornfang from Halo 5: Guardians. It is obvious that he is successful again. Brick on Nick Brick! Congrats!

Special Interview with Jason Allemann a.k.a JK Brickworks

This weeks guest of honor is a builder from Canada with his own unique and special building style. Jason Allemann a.k.a. JK Brickworks is known for his extraordinary kinetic/mechanized creations as well as nice looking MOC's. Our guest also has a wonderful youtube channel with many great videos. Don't forget to visit the channel. Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions.

Kaplan: We already know that you are one of the greatest MOC'ers in the world. What can you tell us about yourself other than that?

Jason: My name is Jason Allemann, I'm 43 years old, and I live in Ottawa, Canada. I'm a software developer, currently self employed, and my other main interest is rock climbing. My partner Kristal and I usually spend most of the summer traveling to various rock climbing destinations around North America, camping along the way.

Do you remember your first day when you get your first LEGO set?J: Haha, that happened way too long ago for me to remember!

Realistic Nissan R92CP in 1:8 Scale

Master level LEGO model car builder and user greg_998 recently shared this magnificent 1:8 scale model car in his photostream. I especially liked how the drivers canopy is shaped with different sorts of slopes. The car is decorated with lots of nice stickers which are also shared by the creator in his photo-stream. The top layers of the cars could be removed to access to a detailed engine, the doors can be opened upwards as well.

The shaping,  the colors and even the stickers around the car are accurate to the real version

Pimp my Landspeeder!

No this is not West Coast Customs from US. This is West Dunes Customs from Tatooine (A planet in Star Wars Universe). LEGO fan and user Luigi Priori a.k.a. Priovit70 recently shared this nice and detailed minifigure scale landspeeder MOC which looks like customized by local custom-shop from Tatooine. From aesthetic point of view the seats of the vehicle are very nicely shaped and classic space logos are nice addition too. The creator also shared photos from the workshop when javas are painting the vehicle.

SPNKr Rocket Launcher from Halo 5

Famous sci-fi weapon replica builder and user Nick Brick did it again. This amazingly shaped, life-size replica of a SPNKr Rocket Launcher from Halo 5 game was recently shared in his photo-stream. This huge creation is inredible by all means. The builder also shared a photo while he is aiming with the weapon.

Mercury Sportsman Convertible by Ralph Savelsberg

Model car master-builder and user Ralph Savelsberg a.k.a. Mad physicist recently shared this realistic classic car MOC Mercury Sportsman Convertible in his photo-stream. According to the description this car is a re-creation of one of his older MOC from 2008. This version is nicely shaped and colored. I especially like the brown-tan side sections which give the MOC the nostalgia of woody style.

Scania R500 by Dennis Bosman

This amazingly realistic and huge Scania R500 truck and trailer MOC was shared last week by Dennis Bosman who is known for his great realistic models. The shaping of the truck look very accurate to the real version. The yellow machine on the trailer is another old MOC of the builder, Menck M154 which is also  a great realistic model.

What is inside the castle?

Nowadays my favorite contest is Summer Joust 2016 on flickr which is organized by soccersnyderi. LEGO Castle Fan and member W. Navarre build an impressive MOC for Castle Interior Category. The Machine! shows us a really complicated old-tech machine inside the basement of the castle.

Jeep Wrangler by LegoMarat

This realistic brick-built model car MOC was shared by LEGO fan and user LegoMarat in his photo-stream. The shaping of the car is amazingly accurate to the real vehicle.In addition to its incredible visual design this MOC is also equipped with RC driving and steering.

German Football Team Minifigs are available online!

Collectible Minifigures of German Football Team are available now on site as expected but with a change. It is now available for every European countries, not only for German-spoken countries.

Shallow Water Assault Patrol Enforce by Joshua Brooks user and LEGO fan Joshua Brooks a.k.a. JBIronWorks recently shared this naval military ship MOC in his photo-stream. I like the general shaping of the boot as well as the interior. The boots design looks like the modern coast guard boats but in gray-yellow color scheme instead of orange.  The vegetation on the background also looks interesting especially the tree in the middle looks great. 
The interor of the ship is accessible by removing the roof section of the boat. The interior look very clean because of its studless design and it has high play-value as well.

VW Camper Van MOC by Senator Chinchilla

LEGO fan and master level model car builder Senator Chinchilla shared this amazing VW Camper Van MOC in his photo-stream. The front section of the van is completely different than the official LEGO set version (10220) of the van and looks very realistic and accurate to the real van. You can easily realize that the builder used the same parts as the official set for some section which is understandable.

Team Cap, or team Stark?

These cute Iron man and Captain America figures were recently shared by famous brick artist and user Tyler a.k.a Legohaulic in his photo-stream and facebook page. The figures are really cute and the shaping is like a plastic toy.

Dreams come true

I really amazed when I saw Vespa first time in my life. I'm not a motorbike person just a lover of bicycles but this elegant scooter amazed me in my childhood. LEGO Fan and member The Arvo Brothers has shared this Italian beauty with us. I wish one day I have a chance to get real one...

Levitating Plane-Train by Sinan Bitisik

This nice MOC of a unique and futuristic transportation device was shared by user and LEGO fan Sinan Bitişik. The Levitating Plane-Train is not a fantasy device it is an actual experimental transportation vehicle and the MOC is really accurate to the real version.  I really like the clean look of this design.

Advance Mecha Soldat by Benjamin Cheh
LEGO fan and user Benjamin Cheh Ming Hann shred this impressive MOC in his photo-stream. The name of this creation is AMS FS18 Balrog. According to the description this creation was inspired by Gundam mechs. The shape, the colors and posing capability of this creation is really great. Don't forget to check out the creators photo-stream for many other great mechs.

Another Brewery in Europe

LEGO Fan and member Captain Green Hair has shared his latest creation in Eurobricks forums, named Greenville Brewery Co. He build perfect colored old factory building and impressive retro truck for MOC. I travelled to many old Breweries in Europe and this building seems like real!

Constructicons and Devastator by Kevin Ryhal

LEGO fan and user Kevin Ryhal recently shared these cute micro-scale transformers robots in his photo-stream which brings my childhood memories back. These tiny robots are the the decepticon robots called Constructicons which come together to build another Decepticon robot Devastator in animated TV series. These robot looks very accurate to the plastic toy versions from 80's with their color-scheme and shape.

 As you can see in the first photo these robots can transform from vehicle form to robot form an with few additional parts they assemble together as the larger robot Devastator as seen in the second photo. For more info and photos you can visit MOCpages.

Miniature of Black Seas Barracuda

One of the most popular theme is Pirates in late 80's and 90's. Black Seas Barracuda is a little bit younger than me but it was legendary set in his time. member Bangoo H has recently created miniature version of this amazing ship and shared instructions too. Every Pirates fan must have this awesome miniature!

Police Enforcer Mech by Nannan Zhang

Famous MOC'er and user Nannan Zhang recently shared this outstanding Mech creation in his photo-stream. The overall design of the mech is unique with various action figure pieces used for shaping. The custom mini-figures are also looking very interesting. The design of the riot shields look cool. Using the rebel trooper helmets is also a nice looking idea.

A Scene from the The Martian by Paul Trach

Our latest guest of honor and user Paul Trach a.k.a. Disco86 recently shared is beautiful movie scene vignette from The Martian (2015). The shaping and texturing of the walls are done greatly. The foil above the plantation (as seen in the movie) was done using official  LEGO plastic bags so this choice makes this creation a purist MOC.

Outstanding Luxury Building

LEGO fan an user vincentkiew recently shared this outstanding building and classic coupe car MOC in his photo-stream. The texturing and details on the walls and the door are done greatly. The car itself looks pretty awesome. The backside of the building also look great with climber plants with flowers on the wall.

Outstanding Assault Mech by Lu Sim

This outstanding Mecha was built and recently shared by user Lu Sim a.k.a. Messymaru in his photo-stream. who is known for many great Mech Wars creations. The design of the torso and shoulders are great and contains difficult techniques. I especially like the elegant design of the feet. Check out the builders blog page that contains more info and photos of the mech.

Special Interview with Paul Trach a.k.a. Disco86

Hello everybody. This week we are happy to share our special interview with one of the best builders in the World; Paul Trach a.k.a. Disco86 from germany. He is known for his great Sci-fi as well as historical creations. Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions.

Kaplan: We already know you are one of the best LEGO MOC'ers in the world. What can you tell us about yourself other than that. What is your dayjob? Do you have any other hobbies or activities?

Paul: As my dayjob I am working as a corporate lawyer at a local energy Company. After finishing my work there, I mostly enjoy a good meal and beer with friends. Besides that I am going to the gym and love to climb. Actually there are no more Hobbies needed than that, while building MOC's is really time consuming.

K: Do you remember the day when you got your first LEGO set? Which set was it? And How old were you when you started playing with LEGO bricks?

P: I don't really remember everything that clearly, because it is a lot of years ago, may have been when I was four years old. Maybe I have played with my father's collection before I got my first set. But thinking about the sets I received first, it must have been 6672 Safari Off-Roader or 6671 Utility Repair Vehicle. The printed parts of both sets were my favorites at that time.

I Wanna Play a Game

Talented builder and user Letranger Absurde a.k.a. vitreolum shared this outstanding vignette picturing the iconic scene from the famous horror movie Saw (2004). The texturing on the walls and the minifigure posing were done greatly on this. I also like the idea of using lightsaber hilts as taps. Check the creators photo-stream for more iconic scenes from different movies.

Different Lives at Monotone Motel

One of the talened builder of LEGO named Pete Strege has shared his latest Modular MOC on his flick photostream. Monotone Motel which was fulfilled with monochrome colors  has a little bit creepy but mostly successful design. Some pieces like Thor's hammer and some sort of swords used in different ways to create this awesome building.