Superlab from Breaking Bad by Paul Trach

Talented LEGO MOC'er and one of our guest of honor, Paul Trach a.k.a. disco86 shared this impressive representation of the Superlab from the famous TV Series Breaking Bad. According to the description this vignette was built for a contest at ImperiumderSteine. The lab equipments are done greatly as well as the custom figure for Walter White.

Not Forklift. This is Walklift.
This small but impressive non-military mech was recently shared by LEGO fan and user Luc Byard who is known for his great sci-fi creations. The MOC is called Walklift KH-40 Augmech and it looks like it is designed to carry things for which we use forklifts in our time. The shaping and the color selection are nicely done. I especially liked how the legs of the minfigure pilot moves together with the mechs legs. Maybe It would be better if the shoulder joint wasn't exposed.

Secret Door by Brick Vader
This impressive castle crossection MOC, "Secret Door" was recently shared by LEGO fan and user Brick Vader who is known for his great vignettes like "Snow", "Malleus Maleficarum" and many more. This creation is full of action scenes and small details in each floor. This MOC was built as an entry for Summer Joust 2016.

Abernathy Farm by Wookiewarrior

LEGO Fan and member Wookieewarrior who is lately very active on LEGO Community, created a perfect MOC about Fallout 4, Abernathy Farm. Wookiewarrior built that MOC for German Comic Con. Color palette of creation is absolutely make that more realistic and the scene reminds you your past experiences on Fallout Universe. The garden, and ruined shed looks very realistic.

Sikorsky/Westland Sea King Helicopter with PF!

LEGO fan and user ER0L who is known for his great vehicle MOC's recently shared this minifigure scale model (1/43 according to the description)  of Sikorsky/Westland Sea King Helicopter. Bisides the realistic shaping this helicopter also features PF as well. Check out the video for this MOC where you can see the rotating blades.

LEGO Inside Tour set revealed: LEGO Truck Show

Every year, The LEGO Company give out very special set for Inside Tour visitors who was selected by company. This year they decided to give as a gift world's most beautiful LEGO truck which drove across Europe from 1996 to 2004. Steen Sig Andersen designed the 4000022 LEGO Truck Show set and Michael Madsen created a perfect ,nstruction manual for this set, both of the designers signed the box which sent to visitors. There are only 80 copy of this set in the world. I'm jealous of this visitors to receive such a great set. Maybe we'll visitor too in future.

The Burrow from Harry Potter by Marcel V.

Talented MOC'er and user Marcel V. recently shared this amazing creation featuring the Burrow, the family home of the Weasley family in the Harry Potter movie series. The design of the buildings and landscape is very accurate to the actual movie scenes. According to the description in the flickr photo page different interesting building techniques from various MOC'ers are are used in this creation. I especially like the usage of flexible hose pieces to build the gray colored building.

Spiderman vs Dr. Octopus

LEGO fan and IstanLUG member Nejat a.k.a. nejat yeniceri shared this great fight scene diorama between spiderman and Dr. Octupus in his photo-stream. The design of the metro station is done nicely. I especially like the pipes on the wall. Workers on the surface also add life to the creation.

The Scarecrow by Tim Lydy

Today I'm going to share different MOC for our guests. LEGO Fan and member Tim Lydy has created a huge Scarecrow on his own photostream. The Scarecrow who is one of the Batman's most fearsome enemy. With LEGO's super detailed parts, Tim succesfully created Gotham's bad guy. Detail of the head and Scarecrow's tunic is perfect.

Ferrari 275 GTB by Thomas Poulsom

Thomas Poulsom a.k.a. DeTomaso77 who was the creator of the Birds Ideas Project which became an official set 21301, recently shared this realistic scale model of famous classic car, Ferrari 275 GTB. The shaping of he vehicle is done very accurately to the real car. The doors, the trunk and the hood can be opened. The creator also shared a photo where the LEGO model and the real car stands side by side.

Vertical Tank or a Mech

This great mecha was recently shared by LEGO fan and user Guy Smiley in his photo-stream. The builder called this creation a vertical tank. The shaping of the legs and the central section is really done well. I especially like the upper parts of the legs which are built using different flag pieces. The small police robot is also very cute. The creator previously shared many other great vehicle and custom figure creations. Be sure to check out his photo-stream to see those.

Eye of the mountain

LEGO Fan and member Gabriel Thomson shared his latest MOC about one of the Guilds of Historica clans named Mitgardia. Gabriel's creation has many perfect details like good-looking rockwork and the Viking house on the arched hill. Gabriel evaluate well-known roof technique with 1x2 plates to add contrast to his creation.

Third Update for our Best Capital Space Ship Page

The third update to the "Best Capital Ships" page is online. We have added total of fourteen new Ship from talented builders from around the world including new Star Wars ships and ships with unusual designs. Check out photos of these newly added ships and many others in our compilation page.

Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle by Brick Time Team

The Brick Time Team shared this impressive Star Wars themed space shuttle, namely Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle  in thei photo-stream. The vehicle is never released in an official Star Wars set before so you can support the Ideas project if you want this MOC become an official set. The shaping an colors match the properties of the original vehicle pictures very well and triple wing design resembles the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle.

Kiyonobu Military Centre by Henry F.

LEGO Fan and member Henry F. who also have awesome creations in his photostream, shared his last MOC, Kiyonobu Military Centre. It is a place that many experimental technologies are developed in this centre. Some of the members works with cannon ball, some of them to train pets. Rock work, very well organized wooden stairs and bases and window with iron flappers are coolest things of this creation.

Do you want ice cream?

One of my favorite LEGO MOC'er and member Maarten W has added an another awesome creation to his photostream, named la piazza. Maarten shared a section of small Italian Village with 2 beautiful building and a graveyard. Colors of the buildings are appetising. I mostly liked the ruined roof technique.

Realistic Model of Russian T90 Tank

LEGO fan and user Александр Сурков a.k.a. mrripleyx shared this realistic minifigure scale model of T90MC tank. The MOC is accurately shaped the original vehicle. The creator of the tank also built previously other historical Russian tanks like T14 and T26 As well.

D.Va's Light Gun from Overwatch by Nick Brick user and LEGO fan Nick Brick who is well known for his great brick-built weapon replicas from various games shared this model in his photostream. This pink weapon belongs to D.Va, a female character from the Overwatch game. The shaping and colors match exactly the original model.

Union Pacific Big Boy Train Model in 1:38 Scale user and LEGO model master builder Bricksonwheels who is known for his amazing scale vehicle models shared recently this great train model which can run on standard LEGO rails. The shaping and details are incredibly realistic as always. According to the description this model containds 3400 bricks and has a length of 106 cm. Check out the album for more photos. The builder also shared a picture explaining the circuitry inside the train.

Blacktron Behemoth by Adrian Drake

LEGO fan and user Adrian Drake a.k.a. brickfrenzy recently shared this magnificent Blacktron themed tank in his photostream. This tank is minifigure-scale meaning this is a huge size tank. According to description this tank is 48 studs wide and 104 studs long. The shaping of the turret and barrels is really amazing and the color-scheme make this vehicle look dreadful. In Brikwars terms this tank is a Super Death Tank.

Historic spanish house by Toltomeja

LEGO Fan and member Toltomeja has recently shared a MOC about a real house from a city of Spain named Ronda. The roof technique is well-used and pyramid shaped roof is very well designed. Toltomeja used olive green cheese slopes as greenery on buildings wall. I also liked part usage on flowerpot design on balcony.

The Golden Deer by Markus
LEGO fan and user markus19840420 who is known for his great Star Wars and castle themed creations shared this beautiful vignette in his photostream. According to te description this creation is the builders third Challenge MOC for the Imperium der Steine RPG "Die Neun Reiche". The elk itself is nicely shaped but what I like the most is the small lake and the vegetation. The tree in the midde looks very natural too.

News: Photos of upcoming LEGO Dimension sets!

New LEGO Dimension sets are revealed with high quality photos. New sets will include characters and builds based on A-Team TV series, Mission Impossible movie, Harry Potter movie series, Ghost Busters upcoming movie and Adventure Time cartoon series.

LEGO® Ideas Third 2015 Review Results

New LEGO Ideas sets are revealed by the LEGO's official Youtube channel. New Ideas sets will be Beatles Yellow Submarine by kevinszeto and Apollo 11 Saturn-V by saabfan. Congratulations to the winners. Both sets look very interesting and they will become great sets in our opinion. Hopefully the official set of the Yellow Submarine will include the minifigures for Bettles as seen in the project..

Rebel Patrol On Endor by General Magma member and LEGO Star Wars Fan General Magma who also creator of Sandwood Town Shootout has recently shared a scene from Endor. Rebel Patrol On Endor was inspired from the game, Battlefront. General Magma used his new Rebel soldiers in this creation. It is not a very detailed MOC but quality of photography is awesome.

Evenfall Castle by Tirrell Brown

This beautiful castle surrounded by colorful trees was recently shared by Eurobricks member and user Tirrell Brown a.k.a. Blufiji. The texture on the walls and the vegetation are done with great detail and highlights of the MOC. The rock formation around the castle was built very natural. According to the description this Castle is built for the Guilds of Historica in Eurobricks.

Super Corsair by Maelven

LEGO fan and user Maelven a.k.a. Sydag shared this amazingly shaped historical fighter MOC in his photo-stream. We have previously blogged another great plane, F4U-5N from the same builder in our blog. This one is a modified and recolored version of the same basic WW2 model. I especially like the engine section but the the overall shape is impressively realistic for its scale.

Queen of the Oceans

LEGO Fan and member Jacob Nion has recently shared his latest creation for Brethren of the Brick Seas (BoBS) on Eurobricks, named The Queen Annetta's Revenge. It has three masts and black sails like Black Pearl. Hull sections built by slopes, bricks and plates to create a perfect ship design. I mostly liked the color scheme and angled section at the back of the ship.

Transformer Sideswipe by Joe Perez user and LEGO fan Joe Perez a.k.a. MortalSwordsman who was blogged here with his previous Transformer robot MOC's like Nemesis Prime and Soundwave shared this great transformers robot Sideswipe in his photo-stream. The shaping and colors match perfectly the original model and it can transform into a vehicle as always. The builder also shared this picture where you can see how the transformation occurs step by step like the instructions of the old Transformers toys.

Gentleman of Fortune by Brother Steven

One of my favorite LEGO Fan and creator of successful MOCs, Brother Steven, has shared a MOC which is surrounded by perfect details. Gentleman of Fortune has one treehouse and one treeharbor that airboats drop their anchor to bollard. There is a bazaar below the treeharbor and some guests are going to fight soon. Treehouse is very simple which have a roof with red-door piece. I mostly liked the small purple bush and simple air-boats.

Temple of Oxomoco by Wookiewarrior

LEGO Fan and member Wookieewarrior has recently shared a vignette about Aztecs. The real god of Aztecs named Oxomoco whose temple is sorrounded with greeneries and very near to be ruined. I mostly liked the side arched tile-builded threshold and headlighted one too. Wookiewarrior perfectly created the landscape too. 

Aladdin's Lamp as a Flying Transport

LEGO fan and user LEGO 7 who was recently blogged here with his another creation, "Yellow Jacket’s Counter-attack", shared this interesting flying vehicle MOC in a shape of Alladdin's lamp in this photo-stream. The shaping of this creation is really impressive Nice use different gold color parts like wings, hoses and big-fig parts add great detailing to the MOC as well. Disney collectible figures and Jasmine from the Friends line fit the creation perfectly.

Impressive Brick-built Troll Warrior Figure

LEGO fan and user Eero Okkonen a.k.a. Pate-keetongu recently shared this impressive brick-built figure of a troll warrior, Sergeant Detritus. The shaping of the torso and head is really amazing but my favorite section are the brown armor on the foot ankles. The cross-bow looks also great. Check out the creators photo-stream for many other great brick-built figures.

Perfect relaxing area for Modular Buildings

LEGO Fan and member Andrew Tate who is known with his previous MOC The Riviera and Rua Amarelo, has recently shared another impressive MOC Top Slice Bakery. Bakery includes a toaster and mug building in huge sizes. This MOC is good addition for Modular Building series that can be used as a green space. I mostly liked the realistic shapes of the toaster building.

News: "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" Sets and Minifigures are revealed!

Upcoming Star Wars movie: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be on cinemas on 16 December 2016. LEGO sets of the movie will be also coming soon. Brickset already shared information about five sets which will be possibly on shelves in September 2016 (according to Flickr member and LEGO fan Justin M a.k.a. StarSaberSlash shared the photos of the sets and minifigures for the new movie in his photo-stream.

Special Interview with Michał Kaźmierczak a.k.a. migalart

Hello everybody. This week we are happy to share our interview with our guest of honor Michał Kaźmierczak from Poland who is known for his huge dioramas like Erebor, Mustafar and many others. Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions.

Kaplan: We already know you are one of the best LEGO MOC'ers in the world. What can you tell us about yourself other than that. What is your dayjob? Do you have any other hobbies or activities?

Kaźmierczak: Now I feel ashamed :) Generally I am 38 years old. I work in Energy sector as sales director in engineering company. I live in Poland, but I also completed Executive MBA Study in USA. I have two children -11 and 3 years old. I have plenty of hobbies. Except of Lego I have quite big collection of Warhammer Battle armies (painted by myself) and I spend many years in Collective Card Game – Vampire The Eternal Struggle. (My best result ever was Rank 7 in European Championships in this game). I try to learn photography. I am quite good at Photoshop .As a younger person I loved also paper RPG games and I was drawing a lot. 

K: Do you remember the day when you got your first LEGO set? Which set was it? And How old were you when you started playing with LEGO bricks?

M: I remember it very well. It was around 1983. I have received two LEGO sets from my aunt in France – it was very small sets - 6606 Road Repair Set and 6629 Ambulance. I was 5 years, and I build ambulance by myself without any adult help which I was very proud of ;)