Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren 722 Edition by Alexander Paschoaletto

LEGO fan and MOCpages user Alexander Paschoaletto who is known for his great brick-built car models shared this beautiful Mercedes-Benz model in his page. The car is smaller than the Technic scale cars and larger than the usual creator size cars. It is approximately at the same scale with the official Ferrari F40 set and the builder used the windshield piece from that set. The detailing both for interior and exterior is amazing. There are lots of features on this car. The hood, the trunk and the doors can be opened. Even the seats are adjustable. I also liked that the Mercedes-Benz sign in front of the car was made with a steering wheel piece instead of a sticker. The look of the car is very detailed and resembles the real car very much with all the signature textures and curvature.

Futuristic Military Aircraft: Bell V-35

This futuristic military aircraft model, Bell V-35 is shared by LEGO fan and user Sunder_59 in his photo-stream. I like the overall design and the color blocking on this vehicle. Actually this is a very high quality computer render picture rather than not a physical model but it deserved to be blogged with his impressive design. You can find the original 3d model of the vehicle in this mecabricks page. Custom figures with camo uniforms fits the vehicle very well. Rotating engines/propellers and the cockpit are the most beautiful sections in my opinion.

Scary Zerg Creatures from Starcraft by d' Qiu Brick

LEGO fan and user d' Qiu Brick a.k.a. dennis qiu who was recently blogged here with his Transforming Sci-Fi Fighter Plane: Terror R-17 built amazing alien creatures called Zerg from famous PC game Star Craft. The details of the alien monsters are incredible and resembles the models from the game very much. I especially like the Zergling. It's face looks really scary with all those teeth and red eyes. Zerg devourer in the photo below has also a nice and accurate shape and the vibrant color choice for the wings and the body fits the MOC very well. The terrain underneath the creatures were also built beautifully matching the details from the game including crystals and skeletons.

Ancient Greek Galley Regis Commdor Hyperion

LEGO fan and user Rat Dude a.k.a. ratm0nk3y who is known for his impressive and huge capital space ships most of which are blogged in our "best capital ships" compilation page shared this great ancient Greek galley in his photo-stream. The design and texturing resembles the historical ships very much. Custom figures are looking very cool too. The ship also has a fully decorated interior with lots of figures in it.

Siege Engine Factory by Christophe

LEGO and Mobile game Clash of Kings fan Christophe has recently shared his latest MOC which represents a building in the popular game, Siege Engine Factory. Players can train trebuchets and other castle siege machines in this building. It is very neat design that includes so many details about siege workshop like a heavy-duty crane and some wood-work to create a new war machine. I mostly liked the arched door below stairs.

Special Interview with John Snyder a.k.a. jsnyder002

This weeks guest of honor is a very talented TFOL from USA, John Snyder a.k.a. jsnyder002. His impressive MOC's were blogged many times in various blogs around the net including tilesorstuds. He is well known for his great historical vignettes but his Sci-fi creations are amazing as well. Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions.

Kaplan: We already know that you are one of the best MOC'ers. What can you tell us about yourself other than that? What is your day job? Do you have any other hobbies or activities?

John: Well, I definitely don't consider myself one of the best MOC'ers; there are lots of builders more talented than I. I'm a TFOL from the USA and work part time on a dairy farm, though my main occupation right now is school. My main activity besides building with LEGO, is playing soccer (football for all of you outside the US), either in a local league or just for fun.

K: Do you remember your first day when you get your first LEGO set?

J: I don't really remember the first set, as all my siblings had LEGO growing up, so it was always around me. But the first set that I recall getting is 7236.

Transport Ship Herkules by Michał Kaźmierczak

One of our guest of honors Michał Kaźmierczak a.k.a. migalart who is known for his huge dioramas and impressive space ships have created another amazing capital ship called Hercules transport ship. The textures and shaping were done outstandingly. I especially like the middle trench which is full with greebles. The builder also shared photos with high quality effects. Also you may like to read our special interview with the builder.

Realistic Honda Motorcycle with Sidecar

This realistic chopped Honda Motorcycle with Sidecar was recently shared by master model builder and user red a.k.a. redfern1950s. The details of the engine, wheels and handlebar are all impressive. I also like the smooth shaping of the sidecar. Although this motorcycle is the first one blogged in our site the builder shared many other motorcycle and car models in the past so be sure to check out those models too.

Nearly Panelless Porsche by Horcik Designs
MOC builder and user Horcik Designs who was blogged in our site with a sci-fi creation G3 Dropship for some time ago shared, this incredible Technic race car in his photostream. The name of the creation describes the car very well. It's nearly panel-less. The body is shaped completely with lift-arms except the rear mudguards. Although I mostly prefer vibrant colors on Technic creations this car is looking great with dark bluish gray color as well. The creator also shared a video showing all the features of this great MOC.

Orgrim Doomhammer from WoW

Talented MOC builder and user LEGO 7 built and recently shared this impressive big figure MOC, Orgrim Doomhammer which is a World of Warcarft character. The shaping and the accessories of the figure are all done amazingly well. I especially liked how the hands and the face is modeled. The realistic and organic look of the body is achieved by using lots curved slope pieces all around the body. The base was also built nicely with the stone statues etc.

Exclusive Look to the Life Size Death Trooper from Rogue One

Marcus Errico who is a Deputy Editor, Yahoo Entertainment shared the exclusive photos of life size Death Trooper from the upcoming Sci-fi movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016). According to the Yahoo movies page This trooper was created with 27,202 bricks. The brickmasters who conceived and built the model stated that the project took 116 hours to design and then 232 hours to complete. It stands over 6 feet and weights a relatively light 134 pounds.

Ocean Park Hong Kong with Brick-built Orca Inside!

LEGO fan and user alanboar recently shared this colorful and beautiful amusement/water park MOC in this photostream. This creation is inspired from the Ocean Park Hong Kong and includes both water and land attractions at the same time. Partially depicted roller coaster and cablecar are nice additions to the scene however my favourite part is absolutely the brick-built orca.

Other Half of Nordheim Harbormaster

Just a few days ago we shared Nordheim Harbormaster by jsnyder002 & Isaac MOC with you. Today the other LEGO fan and member Isaac (aka soccersnyderi) shared his MOC for Nordheim's other half, Nordheim Farmhouse. Creation has other half of the great wall of Nordheim, a small farm house with well-designed with different light bluish gray elements and just a regular medieval styled wooden house. I wish we'll see more Nordheim MOCs in future.

News: Photos for Star Wars 75158 Rebel Combat Frigate are revealed

Photos for the upcoming Star Wars capital ship set, 75158 Rebel Combat Frigate are revealed on the net. According to the photos the set will contain 936 pieces and 5 minifigures. Honestly speaking I'm not very exited about ship design nor for the minifigures nevertheless an adult Ahroka Tano figure will be great to have for Star Wars and minifigure collectors. It will be available on LEGO shop on Aug 01 2016. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Transforming Sci-Fi Fighter Plane: Terror R-17

LEGO fan and user d' Qiu Brick a.k.a. dennis qiu shared this impressive transforming Sci-fi fighter plane called Terror R-17. The shaping and the color-scheme is looking very cool. The fighter can transform into a two legged mecha. 

Boga - Obi-Wan's Varactyl by Markus Rollbühler

LEGO Fan and member Markus Rollbühler has recently shared his latest MOC includes an epic monster named Boga. It helped Obi-Wan in Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Markus modeled it very successfully with great number of dark-green pieces. I especially liked the claws and the tail.

NEWS: LEGO BrickHeadz Line will be released at San Diego ComicCon

LEGO has recently shared a new line information with us that new collectible character models will be available in 2017. Iconic superheroes models which was only built by LEGO bricks and elements will be unveiled firstly at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) next week.

Noriach by Marco den Besten

Talented LEGO MOC builder and user Marco den Besten a.k.a. 'Ecclesiastes who is known for impressive historical MOC's and was one of our guests of honor in the previous month shared this great wooden castle building creation in his photo-stream. According to the description this creation was built for Brickworld 2016 and is a part of the Guilds of Historica storyline in the Eurobricks.

Japanese Hina Dolls by CK Tsang

LEGO fan and user CK Tsang a.k.a. chiukeung recently shared this great collection of brick-built figures which are actually LEGO versions of Japanese Hina Dolls. The shaping of the figures is done nicely and equipped with great details including musical instruments and other accessories. Don't forget to check out the individual photos of the the dolls for more details.

Rhosgobel from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by David Hensel

This astonishing MOC was recently shared by user and LEGO fan David Hensel a.k.a. Legonardo Davidy, who is a well known builder for his great historical MOC's. Accordin to the description, with an estimated 20-25,000 bricks and a footprint of a 77cm square, this is his largest creation to date. In this large vignette he presented us the house of Radagast, the brown wizard from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The shaping of the house and the vegetation is really incredible beyond words. Using the tan colored droid arms turns out to be a great great idea and therefor the roof design is truly wonderful and natural looking.

21308 Adventure Time revealed!

Next year's first amazing new official Ideas set has been revealed by The LEGO Group. 21308 LEGO Ideas Adventure Time will officially released on January 1st, 2017 with 495 pieces and it will be priced at $49.99 at US. We can build 8 of favorite Adventure Time characters with one set.

Special Interview with SungWan Kim from OliveSeon

Hi everyone. There has been more than a month we couldn't share a new interview. Sorry for the long wait bu here we are with another interview. Talented creator, SungWan Kim from South Korea is this weeks guest of honor. You know him and his team with the username OliveSeon from He and his team were known for huge dioramas built using both official LEGO sets and incredible MOC's. Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions.

Kaplan: Hello. With your amazing and huge dioramas you are one of the best LEGO MOC'ers in the world in our opinion. What can you tell us about yourself and your friends other than that.

SungWan Kim: Hello, my name is SungWan Kim from South Korea and I am 42 years old. :-) Honestly, I don't think we are one of the best LEGO MOC'ersThere are many awesome creators than us in the world. I guess the strong point of our works is that our MOCs are in harmony with other lego official sets in a diorama.

I have organized the team named as OliveSeon (or hobbyinside) with two good creators for our creation works in 2008. All my fellows are members of brickinside LUG which I have founded by myself. With their helps, it seems like the quality of our MOCs is maintained above average.

K: Do you remember the day when you got your first LEGO set? Which set was it? And How old were you when you started playing with LEGO bricks?

S: Yes, of course. It was lego technic 8448. I used to play with lego sets owned by my friend at his house in my childhood. Actually what I have firstly owned is a technic 8448, when I was 26 years old.

Nordheim Harbormaster by jsnyder002 & Isaac

LEGO Fan and member jsnyder002 shared his and his friend Isaac latest MOC that is a collaborative build for Brickfair, Virginia. MOC includes a harbormasters house and a tower with great interior design. Landscape is very neat and successfully designed. The wall is also full of textures and looks realistic.

News: 71040 The Disney Castle revealed

Iconic building of Disney, The Disney Castle is going to be released as a new collection set. 71040 Disney Castle is highly detailed model with 4080 pieces and 5 minifigures. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Tinker Bell is going to be our guests with this set. It will be released on September 1, 2016.

Amusement Park Diorama by OliveSeon
LEGO MOC'er team hobbyinside ( username OliveSeon) who are known for their huge dioramas like "Star Wars Trench Run", "LEGO Sandman" and many others shared this amazing diorama of a LEGO themed amusement park with numerous various attractions including multiple roller coasters. The diorama also includes many sections from official LEGO sets like the Ferris Wheel

1950's Batman vs Joker Gotham Theater Showdown

LEGO fan and user Paul a.k.a. Brickbaron shared this amazing LEGO creation depicting a scene from a 1950's comic book Batman vs Joker Gotham Theater Showdown in his photostream. This creation also has lots of Power Functions implemented in the MOC. Check out this youtube video to see Power Functions in action. With all those details, colors, techniques and functions this MOC is amazing beyond words.

In addition to his building talent, the builders photography and photo-editing skills are also incredible. The golden ornaments in front of the building were built nicely. Usage of air-baloon pieces for building the cannon is also a good idea.

Wandering Tombshell from Magic the Gattering Card

LEGO fan and user Deus Otiosus shared this impressive micro-scale diorama in his photo-stream featuring an art from a Magic: The Gathering card. The black lake and the micro scale antique-age building were greatly but the highlight is the giant zombi turtle built with actual shield pieces on sides. I also liked the black colored micro tress built using minifigure hand pieces. Check out the original card art here.

Koensayr YT-T3 Invader, an Armed Light Troop Transport by .Tromas

LEGO fan and user .Tromas who was blogged multible times in our blog with his outstanding space ships like "Draygon" and "Novafire", shared this great MOC, Koensayr YT-T3 Invader in his photo-stream. The shaping of the ship obviously resembles the Y-Wing from Star Wars but this one has a different tactical function than the original. As you may now the original Y-wings serve as bomber and heavy fighters in the Star Wars universe but this ships primary role is troop transport. The top of the back-section could be removed to revealed the interior which I like very much. With the smooth shaping of the hull and with the design of the engines this ship is very impressive in my opinion.

LL 612 FireMoth, a Classic Space Ship by ZCerberus

LEGO fan and talented MOC'er ZCerberus who is known for his great creations in historical themes in Eurobricks shared a nice collection of Classic Space themed space ships including the  LL 612 FireMoth. The shaping and texturing of the vehicle is done impressively. Large transparent yellow canopy piece from the Benny's spaceship is nicely used in a great MOC like this.

Terraced Villa by Gabriel Thomson

This wonderful villa MOC was recently shared by LEGO fan and flickr.coum user Gabriel Thomson a.k.a. qi_tah. The creation was built for the Summer Joust, Guild category, Team Kaliphlin (Guilds of Historica in The creation looks great with nice color combinations and textures.  Minifigure posing is also done greatly as well and really adds life to the creation.