Microscale Home of the God

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member Jens Ohrndorf buily a microscale model of a church. In nomine patris includes so many different usage of parts to create a wonderful harmony. Design of the dome is impressive as well. I liked especially the usage of reddish brown plate pieces for the door to simulate the look of  an engraved wooden door.

Realistic Lexion 760 Harvester Model by Michał Skorupka

LEGO fan and flickr.com user Eric Trax a.k.a. Michał Skorupka who is known for his realistic brickbuilt vehicle models shared this beautiful MOC in his photo-stream. Although I am not really enthusiastic about farming machines I am really impressed how accurate this MOC to the real vehicle is. The vehicle is full with different power functions and the builder also uploaded a video about the creation to show the functions as well.  

An Impressive Historical Diorama: England 793


This huge historical diorama, namely England 793 was built by the Brick to the Past team and shared by the team member and flickr.com user Dan Harris a.k.a. Macsen Wledig. The size of the diorama is really impressive. According to the description this creation was built on 115 48x48 baseplates. Check out this photo to understand how large it really is.  The terrain as built beautifully and looks really natural.  The buildings and ships are also built greatly using different building techniques. One of the most unique ones is the shack roof built with minifigure hands. Check out the flickr.com group for more detail photos.

Nightmare Before Christmas by César Soares

LEGO Fan and flickr.com user César Soares (aka Cesbrick) created a MOC about his favorite movie, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Movie is perfect but César present us so many different & new techniques in such a small creation. There is an impressive technique that uses many Thor hammers to create perfect looking cobblestone street. And also hook with towball pieces used to create a different sitting bench.

A Surrealist Steampunk Sculpture


Talented builder and flickr.com user Paul Hetherington a.k.a. Brickbaron who is well known for his amazing and colorful dioramas like Batman vs Joker Gotham Theater Showdown and The Ridge Modern Townhouse and any many others recently shared this awesome MOC in his photo-stream. The creation is full of unusual parts that we don't see very often in MOC's. According the description this surrealist LEGO steampunk sculpture won Best in Show at Brickcon 2015.

NinjaGO Swamp City

LEGO fan and flickr.com user jaapxaap who was previously blogged here with his another great MOC "The Hanging Gardens of Babylon" shared this beutiful Asian style MOC in his photo-stream. The MOC is called "NinjaGo Swamp City" and includes character minifigures from the theme as well. The shaping and textures on the buildings make the creation outstanding and the swamp makes it look natural. According to the description this MOC was Legoworld Utrecht 2016.

The Institute of France by Castor Troy

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member Castor Troy shared a MOC for Paris 1889 steampunk project. The Institute of France is fantastic creation which includes great domed rounded roof and high entrance with columns which have impressive  engravings on top.

Assault Mecha ARMT-M01A Aras by Lu Sim

LEGO fan and flickr.com user Lu Sim a.k.a. Messymaru who is known for his great mecha creations and was blogged multiple times in this blog shared another impressive mecha MOC in his photo-stream. The shape and the color-scheme of this mecha is really outstanding as his previous creations. Thistime I especially like the sleek foot design and how the pilot gets into the mecha-frame.

Jack Sparrow is on his way again

Our one of the favorite MOC'er and flickr.com member W. Navarre who is also designed The Flying Dutchman before, created another best known ship from Pirates of the Caribbean series. Navarre created a scary model of The Black Pearl with wide plate-build sails.

Spider-Man vs. Venom by Thorsten Bonsch


Talented LEGO builder and one of our guest of honors Thorsten Bonsch a.k.a. Xenomurphy shared this outstanding MOC in his flickr.com photo-stream. The shaping of the Venom in beast form is really impressive. I also liked the angled textures on the walls of he building built using tile and slope pieces.

32 Ford Roadster by sanellukovic

This great looking classic car model was recently shared by flickr.com user and LEGO fan sanellukovic. The builder proved with this 32 Ford roadster that you don't have to build something big to be awesome. I like the shaping of the vehicle but what I really like is angle of the windscreen. The exhoust created using a flexible hose piece is also a great addition to the model.

Come Quietly Or There Will Be... Trouble!


LEGO fan and flickr.com user Grantmasters recently shared this vignette featuring a famous scene from the futuristic movie Robocop. The MOC includes tons of small details and great custom minifigures. The custom Robocop minifigure is amazing by itself.

Minifigure Scale T-65 X-wing by Inthert


This incredile minifigure-scale T-65 X-wing star fighter from the Star Wars movie series was built by LEGO fan and flickr.com Inthert who was previously blogged here with his Mining Guild Tie Fighter. This X-wing model is probably the most accurate X-wing MOC in this scale. The shaping was done greatly in general but my favorite part is the cockpit built with bars.

Toltobury Wharf by Toltomeja

LEGO fan and flickr.com member Toltomeja who is also inspired by best selling PC game Anno 1404, created his own biggest MOC, Toltobury Wharf. MOC was built on 3x4BP's which includes  a castle region, a village region and a harbor in one diorama. I have played Anno 1404 for a long time and this creation is very successful to remind me of the game. I especially liked the wooden cranes and the buildings on the harbor.

Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Modular Buildings with 10255 Assembly Square

Today is the biggest day of the Modular Building lovers. 10255 Assembly Square which has three different buildings on the box, includes 4002 pieces and eight minifigures: a dentist, barista, baker, florist, music store assistant, dancer, photographer and a LEGO® fan, plus a baby figure. Price of the set is US $279.99 – CA $329.99 – DE 239.99€ – UK £169.99 – DK 2099.00 DKK. 

Every storey have different stories with bakery, florist’s shop and café, a music store, photo studio dental office, dance studio and apartment with a rooftop.

Realistic McDonnell-Douglas F-18C Hornet Model


This realistic McDonnell-Douglas F-18C Hornet Model was recently shared by LEGO fan and flickr.com user Dornbi who is known for his great brick-built vehicle models. The shaping and the decals are accurate to the original version of the fighter used by the Swiss air-force. Although I am not a big fan of cockpits built with transparent bricks/slopes, the technique suits this model very well. I also really like the retractable landing gears and foldable wings.

What is dead, may never die

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member Anu Pehrson created a MOC about best-known tv series, Game of Thrones. Pyke Castle, the seat of House Greyjoy is perfectly rebuilded by Anu. There is a huge potential in Game of Thrones for MOC'ers who like to build medieval or castle based stuffs with LEGO pieces. I mostly liked the unique rock builds in this MOC.

NEWS: 21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine revealed

Today LEGO has revealed officially the next Ideas set, 21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine. Take a trip on deep seas with this submarine. Set has many features interesting for both children and adult collectors. Set will contain 550 pieces and will have a $59.99, £49.99 or €59.99 price tag according to the location. The set will include minifigures for John, Paul, George and Ringo which is great. It will be available on the 1st of November.

Special Interview with Andrew Tate a.k.a. snaillad

Today's  guest of honor is Andrew Tate a.k.a. snaillad from England who is known for his great City building MOC's and incredible interior designs. Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions.

Kaplan: We already know you are one of the best LEGO MOC'ers in the world. What can you tell us about yourself other than that. What is your dayjob? Do you have any other hobbies or activities?

Andrew: Well that's a very flattering description, not sure if I quite believe it but thanks! I'm 31 years old and live just outside Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North-East of England. In my day job I work as a telecommunications field engineer for a major telecoms provider. I do quite a bit of travelling daily so I get a chance to see plenty of different styles of building which, of course, helps inspire me to build a variety of styles. When I am not at work I try to keep fit by running. I enjoy watching movies and following my local ex-premier league :( football team.

K: Do you remember the day when you got your first LEGO set? Which set was it? And How old were you when you started playing with LEGO bricks?

A: I think I was around 4 or 5 years old I received two sets at Christmas time, 6522 - Highway Patrol and 6506 - Precinct Cruiser. They were given by a friend of my mother and I apparently loved them so much my own parents followed up with more classic town sets in the years to come.

Contra Oleon by Garmadon

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member Robert4168/Garmadon and his friend Kai shared his latest collaborative MOC that includes two different forts with lots of war scenes. Forts are perfectly located to control passes through the rocky path. Greeneries and rocky landscapes add high detail to this collaborative Contral Oleon.

You are not a Jedi yet by Andrew JN

LEGO and Star Wars Fan Andrew JN has recently shared a MOC of well-known scene from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back that Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Andrew perfectly recreate the Bespin Duel scene with LEGO pieces.

The Flying Dutchman by W. Navarre


LEGO fan and flickr.com user W. Navarre recently shared thiw awesome LEGO version of the famous pirate ship the Flying Dutchman from the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest movie. The shaping of the hull is really accurate to the movie version and the brick-built sails were done greatly. I also like the triple cannon in the front and the back section of the ship very impressive with lots of great part usage examples.

Next LEGO Ideas Model is Old Fishing Store

Today LEGO announces next set of Ideas line as Old Fishing Store. When I saw this creation first, thinking it is amazing but never accepted as an Ideas set. Today I was surprised and pleased a lot. Old Fishing Store is going to be a perfect addition to our modular cities.

Warhammer 40K Land Raider by Ricardo Soà

LEGO fan and flickr.com user Ricardo Soà a.k.a. Ryckyloko shared this amazing war machine from the Warhammer 40k universe. According to the description of the photo this vehicle was inspired by the Land Raider version of Jerac who is known for his amazing Sci-fi creations. The design of the vehicle look incredible accurate and I like the red-black color-scheme very much.

Le Garage by Maarten W

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member Maarten W has created a garage scene with too many repair tools. Le garage have not very detailed and fullfilled with new techniques but exterior design of the building is perfect. Red sign is perfectly designed and well-fitted on the building. Inside of the building there is so many details including like vintage carjack, electric wire, fire extinguisher and impressive tool-wall.

News: Photos from LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Sets!

Official photos of three sets and their mini-dolls from the new LEGO DC Super Hero Girls theme based on the TV-series with the same name were released recently on the internet. The figures look amazingly colorful and cute. I'm sure that girls will love them but I'm not sure the boys will like them as much as the girls did. Personally I liked the Bat-girl and the Poisson Ivy the most, but honestly I would still prefer the classic mini-figure versions more. If you haven't seen yet check out this new dimensions set with Bat-girl figure in it. Overall the sets are looking great with various recolored pars and new elements. It would be a nice addition to any Friends collection for sure. You may click on the photos to enlarge:
41232 Super Hero High School 

41231 Harley Quinn to the Rescue

41230 Batgirl Batjet Chase

Parakeet ECM Cruiser by Pico van Grootveld


We have shared lots of spaceships in this blog until now and this one is absolutely one of the best ones. Flickr.com user and LEGO fan Pico van Grootveld a.k.a. Brixnspace who is known for his great Sci-fi MOC's recently built and shared this beautiful space ship for this years SHIPtember. You can see the building process photos of this great MOC in the photo-steam of the builder. The color combination, custom stickers, and the shaping of the MOC are truly impressive alltogether. Check out this photo to see how big it is. The builder also created purist custom crew minifigures for his MOC.

The Giant of the Mountains

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member Jacob Nion has recently shared his latest MOC The Giant. Jacob use troll body pieces to summon this huge LEGO giant figure. Actually troll body pieces well fitted to this giant and seems like original design of TLG. I mostly liked the beard of the beast.