Blacksmith's Shop & The House of Peer Rumstiek

LEGO Fan snd member Sylon-tw created his first medieval MOC named Blacksmith's Shop & The House of Peer Rumstiek that includes a Blacksmith's Shop and a House with popular medieval MOC techniques. Sylon created a unique basement for his buildings with different kind of lbley pieces. Most interesting technique is using 1x1 tile shooters as branch starters on trees.

Impressive winter MOC by bigboy99899

LEGO Fan and member bigboy99899 created brillant MOC with some light effects and dozens of white pieces to create Emotions: Winter. I think this is the realistic winter scene I have ever seen was built by LEGO pieces. Leaves with snow loads simulate perfectly, snowy roof design and light effects are impressive too. This MOC totally makes me excited to create a snowy MOC.

Super-Realistic Porsche 911 Carrera Model

Talented LEGO builder and user Senator Chinchilla recently shared this awesome model of iconic Porsche 911 Carrera sports car. The shaping of it looks really realistic and beautiful. It is certain that using the black color allows the builder makes the build easier because of higher variety of parts in that color. I especially loved the front section with wonderful bumper design. The car is also full of details. The doors, the hood and the trunk can be opened and the interior is as complete as possible for this possible.  

Lion Knight Manor by David Leest

LEGO fan and user David Leest a.k.a. Deviet recently shared this beutiful historical vignette in his photo-stream. This great MOC called Lion Knight Manor was built for this years Colossal Castle Contest Medieval Manor category. The wooden section is my favorite part of this creation. The builder used a beautiful technique to create the small waterfall using opaque white and blue slope/curved slope pieces.

Maze of entrance by delayice

LEGO Fan and member delayice shared a colorful MOC named Maze of Entrance. A colorful brick built waterfall amazes me when I see that creation. The upward cliff is well built. MOC open the mystery door slightly for us.

Birds of Woodland Hideaway

One of our favorite guests of Tiles or Studs, jsnyder002 recently shared his MOC, Forest Cottage. It is a neat and small creation which is not drowned in so many details. Tile build blue roof amazes me in my first look also the color-scheme of the earth is near perfect. Bird creations are brillant.

The Cottage In Autumn by BrickCurve

LEGO Fan and member BrickCurve shared his latest MOC with perfect color-scheme. The Cottage In Autumn is nearly just builded with leaf pieces. This MOC reminds me gardens of Nederland. BrickCurve perfectly used leaf pieces to create a dynamic garden scenery.

Defender of the Universe in Micro Scale

Talented LEGO builder and user Grantmasters recently proved us all that the MOC must not be large to be impressive. The creator depicted this micro version of the giant mecha from the TV series Voltron: Defender of the Universe (1984). The model is incredible cute and also accurate to the cartoon version with its colors.

Hotel Lobby Vignette by Sven Franic

It is hard to create so much details in a vignette but Sven Franic has did it perfectly. Sven created 16x16 Hotel Lobby Vignette which has neat wall technique and awesomely built keyholder cabinet for reception. I mostly liked the luggage rack and leather couch. Color-scheme is also brillant.

Winter Village: Corner Store by Carson Hart

LEGO Fan and member Carson Hart created an expansion for Winter Village sub-series. Winter Village: Corner Store contains little details and fantasric color-scheme about Christmas. Carson well used old gray and old brown pieces perfectly. I mostly liked the design of wooden doors and color scheme of plate-build brick wall.

Hoth Battle Diorama by Martin Latta

LEGO fan and user Martin Latta a.k.a. thire5 who is known for his previous great MOC's like the Grond, ARC-170 Starfighter and Terminator shared this iconic battle scene diorama from Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. The hangar, the AT-AT's, the terrain... Everything is awesome on this diorama. I also like the inclusion of the Millenium Falcon as well. The base look incredible from all angles.

Königsfeld Manor by Patrick Massey

Eurobricks member and user Patrick Massey a.k.a. MassEditor recently shared this beautiful and colorful MOC in his photo-stream which was built for the Guilds of Historica storyline in Eurobricks. I really like the idea that some parts of the creation like the roads and the river run over the smooth black frame of the vignette. The manor building itself is a great historical MOC on his own. Lots of different plants and trees makes the creation even more interesting.

Hagrid's Hut by Wookieewarrior

LEGO Fan and member Wookieewarrior created his latest MOC about popular character from Harry Potter series. Hagrid´s Hut was builded by different techniques. Small windows, tree, worned wall technique is awesome but this roof technique is best! I wish to see how creator build this roof and walls.