Standing in the Sea by Sergeant Chipmunk

LEGO Fan and member 'Sergeant Chipmunk' created a very neat MOC named Standing in the Sea with three colorful watchtowers. Designer use very special technique to create column of the towers with using plates. His rocky grounds and water effect is also brillant. I really liked shades of the blue to white. Transparent 1x2 tiles used successfully. Also brick built ship has unique sail technique. 

Porsche 911 RSR by Malte Dorowski

This amazingly realistic Porsche 911 RSR model was recently shared by user Malte Dorowski who is well known for his great car models and for his  Porsche 911 GT3 Ideas Project. The shaping of the car is really impressive. I also liked the red+gray brick-built trim lines. The doors could be opened and there is also a fully detailed interior as well. The air-intake on the front and angles of the upper body are my other favourite sections. 

I think the back of a Porsche 911 RSR couldn't be built better for this scale.  the curvature achieved on top of the car is amazing as well.

News: Possible Images of LEGO Star Wars from 2.Half of 2017

A big leak is revealed on imgur gallery which includes Summer Star Wars sets. Leak include interesting new sets like 75532 Scout Trooper Buildable Figure with Speeder Bike, 75531 Stormtrooper Commander Buildable Figure and 75183 Darth Vader Transformation. here are the other pictures:

75182 Republic Fighter Tank

75178 Jakku Quadjumper

75180 Rathtar Escape

75183 Darth Vader Transformation

75185 Tracker I

Special Interview with Bob De Quatre

Today's  guest of honor is Bob De Quatre from France who is known for his great Sci-fi MOC's with incredible shapes. He is also a Sci-fi section moderator in popular LEGO fan community forum Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions.

Kaplan: In our opinion, you are one of the best LEGO Sci-fi MOC'ers in the world. What can you tell us about yourself other than that. What is your real name? What is your dayjob? Do you have any other hobbies or activities?

Bob: I'm a software engineer, living in south of France (a few kilometers away from Vince_toulouse). I'm part of the Eurobricks staff as Sci-Fi Moderator. I enjoy watching movies and reading books, mostly Science-fiction.

K: Do you remember the day when you got your first LEGO set? Which set was it? And How old were you when you started playing with LEGO bricks?

B: I don't remember it precisely... I think it was a castle set, back in the early 80's. My older sister got some Duplo and Fabuland sets, so I guess it all started with these.

St. Yarinsburg by Brother Steven

LEGO fan and user Brother Steven who is know for his great historical MOC's recently shared this beautiful creation on his photostream. I always liked the snow covered roofs in historical MOC's and Steven done the job very well. The walls of the building are done nicely. I especially liked the simplicity of the technique used on the building on the right. Little red dragon on the roof built with minifigure accessories and frog piece is also very creative.

2017 is the year of Pirates of the Caribbean

This year, new Pirates of the Caribbean movie Dead Men Tell No Tales will be released in May and new LEGO sets will be released in March. CM4sci from reddit find a Chinese LEGO Brand Store Calendar of March 2017 which has a blurry image of possible POTC set.If you look attentively you can see it is a model of ship.

According to visitors of London Toy Fair 2017, 71042 has a ghost shark, 6 unnamed ghost pirates, Captain Salazar, Jack Sparrow, Will Turner with his son and one non-identified famous pirate.

Realistic Kitchen MOC by Heikki Mattila

LEGO fan and user Heikki Mattila a.k.a. Heksu recently shared this great realistic and modern looking kitchen MOC on his photo-stream. The kitchen is full with equipment and accessories you would expect to see in a modern kitchen. Small plants, a cereal box and fruits are nice addition to the scene as well. 

The Halls of Thranduil by Jonas Kramm

J.R.R. Tolkien created a massive world for our brains and imagination. Jonas Kramm is a well-talented builder who inpires from Tolkien's world to create a model of Halls of Thranduil. Jonas build a huge diarama which includes 3 different places of Elves. The Garden, The Gate and inside the building is well-orgnaized and processed by different techniques to create Elvish Architecture. I mostly liked high arched building inside the hall.

ARES-3, an impressive spaceship MOC with a unique shape

This impressive spaceship MOC was recently built and shared by LEGO fan and user BobDeQuatre who is known for his great space MOC's and was blogged here multiple times with his incredible creations. The shaping of ARES-3 is very unique and I realy liked the usage of different shades of the pink/violet on the hull as a trim color. According to the description this MOC was based on one of the builders LDD MOC which was created exactly three years ago.

Mini Modular Library Building

LEGO fan and member Łukasz Libuszewski shared his latest MOC named Library in his photostream. It is neither micro nor regular scale building but it has impressive architectural details. Color scheme is very unique, roof technique is impressive for Modular Buildings.

Awesome Gundam Barbatos Model by d' Qiu Brick

LEGO fan and user d' Qiu Brick a.k.a. dennis qiu who is known for his figure/beast MOC's recently shared this awesome Gundam Barbatos MOC in his photo-stream. I'm not a big Gundam fan myself but I always admired the aesthetic look of the Gundam mechas especially if they are brick-built. The shaping of the model is amazing and the white-pink color-scheme looks extraordinary. The builder stated that he was inspired by this model which has the more common white/darkblue color-scheme.

Vengeful Spirit by Tim Clark

LEGO fan and user Tim Clark a.k.a. Tim C76 who is known for his great space MOC's especially amazing starships, shared this awesome micro-scale starship model in his flickr photo-stream. The shaping of the hull and the wing style extensions are great. Gray sections evenly distributed over the ship makes the ship look even better. My favorite part is the engine section which looks clean and neat. The ship was displayed on Brickword 2016 and the builder shared a photo from the displayed where you can see the weapons have a firing effect which is is done with transparent antenna pieces.

Leave me alone Don't leave me alone, a sculpture by David Hughes
Brick artist David Hughes a.k.a. daveh_design shared his latest brick-sculpture named "Leave me alone Don't leave me alone" in his photo-stream. According to the description this creation was built using 5,000 standard bricks and not plate or any other type of pieces. Catching the perfect shape without using detail pieces is really hard and the builder managed to build this awesome shape as his previous creations. This is not the first time David was blogged here. Check out the "Afternoon of a Faun", another amazing creation of the artist.

Sigurd's General Goods from Skyrim by soccersnyderi

LEGO fan and user soccersnyderi who is known for amazing historical MOC's recently shared this great medieval fantasy building from the famous video game Skyrim. In the game Sigurd is the name of a character who works in a general goods store. I really like the texturing on the wall (the builder also shared the tutorial for it) and the street floor but my favorite part is the interior shown in the photo below.

The back of the building can be opened revealing the interior full with furnitures and other types of decorations matching the details you see in the game.

Why Does Stepping on Legos Hurt So Much?

Youtube channel Today I Found Out shared this nice informational video answering the question: "Why Does Stepping on Legos Hurt So Much?" from a scientific point of view. Although using the term "Legos" is incredibly wrong among us LEGO fans its good to learn the science behind the pain you feel every time you step on bricks.

Here we battle with winter

LEGO Fan and member Gabriel Thomson shared his MOC that includes a Viking Hut and a wooden tower to observe the kingdom. Gabriel created a typical Viking hut that's roof is full of snow . I liked the disorder of the snow above the ground and icy sea. Maybe the tree need some snow effect too.

Tropical Shores, a Beautiful Colaboration Creation

LEGO fans and users Eli Willsea a.k.a. ForlornEmpire and Grant Davis a.k.a. Takkata1 built this beautiful diorama of a tropical island for for Brickcon 2016. The diorama is full with great details and also functions. I really liked the rotating floor stones. Be sure to watch the the timelaps and function video of the MOC in youtube shared by the creators.

Clarendon Castle by Mark of Falworth

Very well known MOC'er of flickr, Mark of Falworth has recently shared his MOC for CCC14 contest. Clarendon Castle is a huge creation which includes so many rock patterns, waterfall techniques, a huge castle, different type of trees and a small cottage. It is approximately 122cm wide by 152cm long. 

Mark spend four months to create this awesome MOC and it will be exhibited in Brickfair Alabama 2017 and Brickfest Atlanta 2017.

TIE Defender by Rebel Builder

LEGO fan and user Rebel Builder recently shared this model of fan favorite Star Wars imperial fighter TIE Defender in his photo-stream. The builder is known for his great Star Wars MOC's and previously build other great Tie-fighter variations like TIE BomberRoyal Guard TIE InterceptorMining Guild TIE and many more. The design of the TIE Defender looks really challenging and hard to get the correct 120 degree angles correctly. The builder managed to build this very accurate to the original model from extended universe. The builder also shared a youtube video about this MOC as well.

News: Seasonal Set for Valentine Day 2017

Brickset shared photos for this beautiful seasonal set 40236 for valentines day 2017 on their official Flickr photo-stream. The set includes 126 pieces, two minifigures and lots of accessories. The inclusion of chocolate bar printed tile piece, teddy bear figure and champagne set is really appropriate for the occasion. The box design looks also nice with heart and Eros icons.

2016 MOC Compilations Lists!

This year the number of the complications increased significantly. Every year we say that the previous year was surely one of the best years according to the quantity and quality of the LEGO creations but 2016 was even better! Check out the compilations to be sure not to miss anything amazing.