Hornreach Keep, an amazing castle MOC collaboration.

This amazing castle MOC was built as a collaboration of flickr.com user and LEGO fans Ben Cossy and Eli a.k.a. É.Ɓ. for Brickvention 2017. The detailing on the wall is done greatly and there is also lots of impressive rock formations and vegetation on the diorama as well. Two shades of bluish-gray gives the wall a nice look together with black colored roof on top of the towers. There is also a small town inside the walls where you can see a lot of small interesting details. 

The smoke out of chimney is built using white snake pieces which is something I haven't seen before. I also like how the pavement around the tree was done. The 1x1 tile pieces are not fully stacked to the ground which makes it look more realistic for a historical scene. The river that flows through the village and the outer wall is also a great addition to the creation as well. Inside the keep there is also a hall full of figures and details as well. Check out Eli's photo-stream for more photos.