Gunsect, an Insectoid Gunslinger Action Figure

This unique and awesome design of an intectoid gunslinger figure was recently shared by talented builder and user Paddy Bricksplitter in his photo-stream. The articulation and details are really amazing. I especially liked the design of the head. The antennas are also a very nice touch to complete the insectoid look.

UCS Rey's Speeder

This awesome looking, movie accurate UCS Style Speeder MOC was shared by user and LEGO fan Aniomylone who is known for his great UCS style Star Wars MOC's like UCS Hailfire DroidUCS Sith Infiltrator and many more. Rey's Speeder from Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is a very detailed and movie accurate model with perfect angles and color-scheme. I really like the inclusion of metal scraps in the net on the side of the vehicle. The data-sheet looks also very cool and resembles the ones that come with official sets.

BrickHeadz Style Lady Liberty by Michael Jasper

As a fan of the LEGO Brickheadz line I really appreciate high quality custom Brickheadz MOC's. Flickr user and LEGO fan Michael Jasper shared this awesome Lady Liberty MOC in his photostream. The attention to the detail is really great and I especially like the perfectly usage of two different grill pieces. Addition of the 2x1 printed tile piece that comes with the Lady Liberty minifigure from the Collectible minifigure series 6 is also a good touch.

Poodle MOC by ZiO Chao

Large sized animal builds are not a very common type of MOC. Flickr user and LEGO MOC'er ZiO Chao shared these great Poodle model pieces in his photostream. The shaping of the dogs using round plates of various sizes are incredible as well as the color choise for the dog on the right. I especially like the modelling of the facial expression of the models. The pink tile piece tongues makes the models even more realistic and cute.

Slalom Probemaster An Exploring Ski-bot by Eero Okkonen

Talented LEGO builder and user Eero Okkonen who is also one of the Guests of Honor in Tiles or Studs Blog shared this awesome and unusual bot MOC in his photostream. The design of the legs are really compact and mechanical looking. The torso section is built using buildable action figure / bionicle pieces which looks unusually nice. I also liked the custom figure with the old headgear piece from the old Adventurers Orient Express Line from 2003. Small arctic plant with snow on it is also a beautiful touch to the scene. Check out the guests of honor page and builders photostream for more great creations like this.

Valentine's Day Pop-Up Book by JK Brickworks

Jason who is the creator of the Youtube channel JK Brickworks, who is known for his amazing MOC's with mechanical constructions to animate them has shared this awesome Valentines Day themed Pop-up Book is in his photostream. The video of the creation can be found here. Don't forget to check out his photostream which is full with tons of amazing creations like this one.