Coming Home to Santa Fe by Nannan Zhang

This absolutely beautiful and incredibly well shaped modern house MOC was built by Nannan Zhang who is no doubt one of the best MOC'ers in the world. The curves on this thing is relly stunning. The coloring and the textures are incredible as well. The MOC looks amazing from every angle. This could be the highest level for a hause MOC. I also really like the triangular tile floor at the back of the house as well.

Sheriff Hopper's Cabin from Stranger Things by Andrea Lattanzio

This wonderful MOC depicting the Sheriff Hopper's Cabin from the Netflix series Stranger Things was recently shared by talented LEGO Builder Andrea Lattanzio a.k.a. Norton74 who is one of our Guest of Honors. Both the building and the vehicle were shaped greatly and accurately to the versions in the series. 

The Wyre, an extraordinary MOC

LEGO Fan and user Hafynx shared this extraordinary MOC named The Wyre in his photo-stream. The articulation and the shaping of the skull is really great and scary looking in a good way. The golden details, especially the tail pieces to form the eyebrows makes the shape stand out.

Royal Joust by Przemysław Czarnik

LEGO fan Przemysław Czarnik a.k.a. siriusprzem shared this vibrant colored diorama of a medieval Joust scene in his photo-stream. I really like how colorful the MOC is and the smoothness of the kings seat section. Small details like training young lings on the corner, dragon suit guy running as a mascot and inclusion of so many castle figures added life to the MOC. f you want to see more great MOC's, I can recommend you to check out the builders previous great MOC's like the Osterode RathausAztecs pyramid and Monastery Brewery.

Large Galaxy Explorer by Alec Hole

This awesome looking classic space themed space-ship was built by LEGO Space builder and user Alec Hole a.k.a. hhcBrick who is known for his amazing space themed creations. I always loved the classic space because of its incredible taste of nostalgia. The builder did a great job combining the modern building techniques with the classic space feel. As the name of the MOC suggests, this ship is the remake of the LEGO set 497 Galaxy Explorer. Don't forget to check out the builders photo-stream for more great MOC's like this one. 

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Endgame Sets Officially Revealed

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers Sets for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie: Avengers: Endgame are officially revealed. The movie will be on cinemas at the end of the April but as a Marvel and LEGO fan we can learn a lot about the movie from the sets photos.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Diorama by Rocco Buttliere

This awesome diorama of Mount Rushmore National Memorial was recently shared by LEGO MOC'er Rocco Buttliere in his photo-stream. The amount of detail is amazing on this creation. I especially like the section with the micro-scale buildings. Check out the builders photo-stream for more amazing creations.

UCS Jedi Starfighter by Martin Latta

This awesome UCS Scale Jedi Interceptor (Obi Wan's color scheme) model was built by talented LEGO MOC'er Martin Latta a.k.a. thire5 who is known for his amazing Star Wars creations. The shaping and the placement of the bricks to make the print pattern is exceptional. I also really like the design of the cockpit that includes four transparent pieces used together. According to the description below the photo this MOC contains 1675 pieces. I'm pretty sure that this is the most accurate version of the  iconic Star Wars starfighter from Episode III. Check out the builders photo-stream for many more awesome creations like this one. 

DAF CF 85 Semi with Octan Fuel Tank

This awesome model was built and recently shared by user Ricardo P. [Biczzz]. I really like the proportions and the amount of detail the builder can manage to show us. I also like the fact that the used the LEGO's fictional fuel brand Octan instead of any other real life brand. Small details like the vehicle model and brand stickers are also additions that makes this model even more realistic.

The model is very accurate to the real vehicle as seen above.