John Wick in LEGO Form

I'm a fan of brickbuilt movie characters especially if they have enough details and the right facial expression. LEGO fan and user vincentkiew did a wonderful job creating John Wick chractter in LEGO form from the movie with the same name with the character. It's the perfect timing to share this since the third movie in the John Wick series is on theaters nowadays. Don't forget to check out the builders photo-stream for many more great brick-built characters like "Paddington Bear", Elvis Presley, "Father Of Marvel" and many more.

The Silver Seedling, a Wonderful Medieval Diorama

LEGO Fan and user -LittleJohn who is known for his impressive historical LEGO MOC's shared this wonderful diorama in his photo-stream. This creation is called The Silver Seedling. The technique used to build the walkway is really amazing. The texturing on the building walls and the vegetation are also very nicely done as well.

Notre-Dame de Paris Diorama by Rocco Buttliere

This amazing micro-scale Notre-Dame de Paris Diorama shared by LEGO fan and user Rocco Buttliere. The detailing on the cathedral is amazing for its scale. Check out the builders photo-stream for more great LEGO Architecture like MOC's.

Historic Harbour Scene

This wonderful harbour scene was built by user Vaionaut. I like realistic texturing of all surfaces including the the water-surface and the building walls. The MOC stands out with many great details and historically accurate building style as well as with very good photo editing quality. Check out the builders photo-stream for many more great LEGO creations.