Queen - Brian May's Red Special by Nick Brick

Talented LEGO MOC builder and flick.com user Nick Brick shared this wonderful life size, non-functional LEGO replica MOC of the guitar named Queen - Brian May's Red Special, in his photostream. The shaping and the size of this creation is really impressive. According to description this MOC contains 3000 bricks and it took 60 hours to build. This creation also won best replica award at Bricks in the Six in Toronto, ON, CA. Check out the builders photos to see how great this is in details.

Volkswagen Käfer Racer by Lino Martins

This wonderful car MOC was recently shared by flick.com user Lino Martins in his photostream. The creation is a model of the iconic race car called Volkswagen Käfer Racer. The builder put the Hot Wheels version of the racer side by side with the MOC. The shaping and the the decals on the car are really great. 

Vintage Computer Room by Johan Alexanderson

This wonderful and nostalgic interior scene MOC was built and recently shared by flickr.com user and talented MOC'er Johan Alexanderson (Jalex) who was also one of our guest of honors. This MOC is full of  small details like furniture and technical eqipment. I belive the creator really managed to create the feeling of computer rooms from 70's. The builder have created more interior scenes like this one before. "Christmas living room" and "Classroom" are my favorites. Check out the builders flickr.com photostream for many more great MOC's.

Timber Wolf from Mechwarrior by Kale Frost

LEGO Fan and talented builder Kale Frost shared this impressive mecha MOC in his flickr.com photostream. If you ever played or remember the Mechwarrior games you will instantly recoqnize this iconic vehichle equipped with all kinds of weaponary. Thc creator also added a small terrain detailed with ruins for the mecha to stand on which is also a nice addition. 

Hingston Castle by Joel Midgley

This super impressive and huge castle MOC was built and shared by LEGO fan and flickr.com user Joel Midgley a.k.a. Greybrick. This could be the best castle MOC I have ever seen. The shaping, the size, the shore.. Everything is perfect and great beyond words. This castle even has a fully decorated interior which usually large castle MOC's lack of. Be sure to check out the creators photostream for more details.

Peterbilt 389 with TR11 Chemical Tanker

This amazingg chemical tanker MOC was recently shared by flickr.com user Bricksonwheels. According to the description this amazing vehichle was build in 1/17 scale. This model is absolutely perfect with the shaping, chromed sections and details.