Bust of Thrall from Word of Warcraft

This wonderful piece of art built with LEGO bricks was recently shared by talented MOC'er and flickr.com user yu chris a.k.a. chris office. This bust depicts a character called Thrall from the Word of Warcraft franchise. The detailing and the shaping is really amazing. Don't forget to check out the builders photo-stream for many more great creations.

Link's House from Legend of Zelda Series

This beautiful diorama depicting Link's House from the famous fantasy action-adventure video game franchise Legends of Zelda was recently shared by LEGO fan and flickr.com user Boba-1980. Together with its huge size, the detailing of the creation is amazing. I really like the roof technique and the shaping of the tree. The texturing of the house walls is also outstanding.

Jinx a VL-40 Medium Maintenance Craft Space Ship by Oscar Cederwall

This uniquely shaped and awesome starship MOC was shared by Oscar Cederwall who known for his incredible sci-fi MOC's in his flickr.com photostream. The shape of the ship extends vertically instead of horizontal. The detailing is really cool and the photo-editing skills are also pretty impressive as well. According to the description this is his contribution for this years SHIPtember.

The Gatehouse by Atahlus

LEGO Fan and flickr.com member Atahlus created a MOC named Gatehouse that combines the Classic Castle look and the well-used combinations of bar pieces to create well-organized exterior. His first MOC after his semi-blackout is a perfect restart for AFOL community.