Arctic Thunder, a Very Creative Armored Limo

This wonderfull semi-realistic Hummer H2 based Armored Limo MOC was recently shared by user and LEGO fan Frost a.k.a. TFDesigns! in his photostream. The models itself has lots of play features as you can see in this photo. I really lke those details and it may be the first time that I see the part seperator used so cleverly that it doesn't steal the full attention and fits the MOC very nicely. I also like that the builder managed to keep the iconic look of a Hummer H2 while transforming it into this arctic vehichle.

Fruit Merchant on her Snail mount by Jonas Kramm

This beautiful and colorful MOC was recently shared by LEGO fan and user Jonas Kramm a.k.a. Legopard in his photostream. The Shaping of the this thing is absolutely wonderful. The flower is built using arm pieces of the Shark Suit Guy and the berries are the hair pieces of various clown figures. On the other hand the custom merchant figure is very nice as well. The hood piece from the Elves line (From Naida Minidoll) fits perfectly to the torso piece of Elsa minifigure. rounded slope as legs gives the figure a natural siting pose. Even tough this MOC is a small one, its absolutely one of the best for this year in my opinion.

Joe's Wooden cottage by Andrea Lattanzio

One of our former guest of honors, talented LEGO builder Andrea Lattanzio a.k.a. Norton74 shared this wonderful wooden cottage MOC together with a tow truck. The design contains many small details and looks very clean similar to creators previous works. Andreas detailed but clean building-style is easy to recognized by extensive use of tiles and addition of lots of minifigure acessories and tools in the scenery. Irregular shape of the stack and the design of the trees look especially good. Check out the creators photo-stream for many great MOC's and also dont forget to read the Interview we had with him in the Guests of Honor section.

Rogal Dorn from Warhammer 40K in LEGO Form

As a LEGO and Warhammer 40k fan at the same time I always appreciate beautiful LEGO-WH40K creations like this. Talented LEGO builder and user funnystuffs, who has shared many great WH40 based models in his photostream in the past, shared this wonderful brick-built figure for Rogal Dorn, the Primarch of the Imperial Fists Space Marine Legion. The shaping of the body is great as always. I especially like the shoulders and the addition of Hercules shield piece. Be sure to check out the builders photo-stream for more MOC's like this one.

Brickheadz of Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters by Andrew Cookston

As a fan of both LEGO Brickheadz series and Star Trek franchise these models catched my eye. These wonderful Brickheadz style brick-built figures representing the iconic characters from the Next Generation series are recently shared by LEGO Fan and user Andrew Cookston. The shaping of the models are really matches the artistic style of the Brickheadz line with their brickbuilt uniforms and facial features. The figures even have accessories which are great references to the TV-Series.

LEGO Pontiac Trans Am Firebird by Firas Abu-Jaber

Talented LEGO MOC Builder Firas Abu-Jaber who is known for his amazing car models has recently shared this awesome model of Pontiac Trans Am Firebird. Together with its decals and shiny rims this car looks really awesome. The overall shaping is great as the creators previous MOC's.

Special Interview with Djordje Dobrosavljevic a.k.a. Djokson

This week we continue our series of Special Interviews with another very talented guest of honor is Djordje Dobrosavljevic a.k.a. Djokson. He is known for his colorful and amazingly shaped character figures, robots and creatures of various kinds. Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions but you should check the builders Flickr photo-stream for tons of amazing creations.

Kaplan: We already know you are one of the best LEGO MOC'ers in the world. What can you tell us about yourself other than that?

Djordje: Thank you, I’m very flattered! My name is Djordje Dobrosavljevic, I’m 25 and I work as a translator. My main hobby is Lego but I’ve also got an interest in music and animation. Djokson is just a nickname I picked up over the years and it kind of stuck, so I ended up using it as an online handle too.

K:  Do you remember the day when you got your first LEGO set? Which set was it? And How old were you when you started playing with LEGO bricks?

D:  My first Lego set was 8534 Tahu from the original Bionicle line, I got it on release in 2001. I was seven back then.

K:  What is your best/unforgettable memory involving LEGO?

D: I’ve had plenty of amazing experiences owing to the hobby over the years but I think having my builds featured in the Masterpiece gallery at the Lego House probably takes the cake!

K: If you have to choose, what is your all-time favorite LEGO set?

D: That’s a tough one. I think I’m going to have to say 8563Tahnok, the Bohrok were an amazing set of figures.

Amazing Red Dragon MOC by Mitch Phillips

This amazingly shaped red dragon MOC was recently shared by talented builder and LEGO Fan Mitch Phillips in his photostream. The shaping and the texture of the creature is really şmpressive. Using rare tone of blue for the wing and leaf pieces is a good design choice. In contrast with the classic red tone it makes a nice contrasts in color. Making the scales of the dragon using flipper footgear pieces is another great idea which makes the creation unique.

Beetle Skyvan by Vince Toulouse

This magnificent ait-craft MOC was built by one of guest of honors, a very talented builder Vince Toulouse. The use of plasic wings are really extraordinary. The shaping of the hull is very smooth as always. I especially like the sideways use of the large windshield pieces and the interior. The cockpit section is also awesome two floor design.

Pirate Ship together with Colorful Seafloor Diorama by Stephan Gofers

We don't see pirate MOC's very often as we used to in the past. This beautiful diorama by user Stephan Gofers a.k.a. monstrophonic was a really good example of a high qulity pirate MOC. The seafloor flora/fauna was detailed amazingly with many different colors and shapes. The ship itself is also a great piece. My favourite part is the brickbuilt sails.

Colorful seafloor habbitat includes different types of corals, algea and even a jelly fish.

Amazing Micro-Scale Aircarrier MOC

I personally like micro-scale version of big ships or spaceships. user and LEGO fan Sunder_59 did a really great job on this micro-scale air-carrier. This sci-fi design includes all the aspescts of a WW2 style carrier ship except its huge propellers supposedly makes it float in air. The shaping of the shipbody and the microscale fighter designs are done perfectly. This MOC is full of small details like turrets, towers, cranes and many more.

An Unusual and Amazing Samurai Figure MOC, Shichirōji

Some builders are really streching the limits of LEGO elements' capacity to connect. This astonishing work, a samurai figure MOC was recently build and shared by user Djokson. This is more of a artwork than a everyday MOC in my opinion. The facial expression of this figure is the best one I have seen. If you look at the builders photo-stream you will see how good he is at building figures.

Realistic Flower Painting in LEGO Form

This colorful LEGO Flower MOC was recently shared by user and LEGO Fan Birgitte Jonsgard a.k.a. birgburg in his photostream. In addition to he nice use of different colors and realistic shping I really like the use of a great variety of different parts including the utensil dish piece. According to the description the MOC is based on the painting of van Huysum at The Wallace Collection.

Firebreak, Another Futuristic Vehicle by Nick Trotta

Nick Trotta, one of the best Sci-fi builders in the World, recently shared another great futuristic vehicle MOC, 'Firebreak' in his photostream. The Shaping is amazing as always. After checking out the details of this MOC be sure to check out our special interview with the builder in our Guests of Honor page.

Hyenas, Amazingly Shaped Cartoon Characters

Some builders really test the limits of building possibilities using LEGO pieces. Talented MOC'er and user timofey_tkachev who is known for his many amazing artistic creations shared this awesome MOC depicting the hyena cartoon characters together with a savanna-like scenery. The shaping of the bodies, facial expressions and posing of the animals are awesome and accurate to the original drawings. The different styles of the eyes are absolutely geniusly done to reflect the characters mental state.

Special Interview with Anthony Wilson a.k.a. The Secret Walrus

This week we continue our series of Special Interviews starting with a very talented model builder from New Zealand. This weeks guest of honor is Anthony Wilson a.k.a. The Secret WalrusHe is known for his colorful and amazingly detailed dioramas and extraordinary shaped figures and vehicle. Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions but you should check the builders Flickr photo-stream for tons of amazing creations.

Kaplan: We already know you are one of the best LEGO MOC'ers in the world. What can you tell us about yourself other than that? Is Anthony Wilson your real name? We are also curious where does the nick “The Secret Walrus” come from?

Anthony: I’m very flattered that you think I’m one of the best MOC’sts out there. Anthony Wilson is indeed my name. I’m Australian but I’ve lived in New Zealand for most of my life. I’m 21 years old and a computer science student with 2 years left on my degree. I don’t have many hobbies other than LEGO at the moment. I try to write/compose some music as a secondary hobby but it’s not much at the moment and I don’t really share it with anyone right now. I don’t exactly remember where my nickname ‘The Secret Walrus’ came from but I’m pretty sure the Beatles song “I am the Walrus” had something to do with it.

K:  Do you remember the day when you got your first LEGO set? Which set was it? And How old were you when you started playing with LEGO bricks?

A: Aside from Duplo I’m pretty sure my first LEGO set was the original Hogwarts Express. I must’ve been 3 or 4 when I got it which seems like an awfully young age to get a set like that but I built it regardless. I still have the parts from it in my collection to this day.

Harshharvester by Horcik Designs

Technic MOC's fairly uncommon among our blog posts but when we do post Technic MOC's we select the most unique and awesome designs we came across. This post-apocalyptic warmachine based on a harvester was recently shared by user and talented builder Horcik Designs who is incredibly talented in both Technic and System type MOC's. According to the description this MOC was built for the MadMax contest in Eurobricks. I really like the earth-tone colors and greebling all around the design which is not very common in Technic designs. Spikes, horns and tooth pieces all around the vehicle adds a lot to the violent  and aggressive look. 

Xylem Attack Craft, Star Fighter with an Unusual Shape

This unusually shaped but amazing at the same time star fighter design was built by talented LEGO MOC'er and user Inthert. I personally seldom like creations built using lime color but the builder did a great job combining the lime green with bluish dark gray. Ofcourse the major outstanding property of this model is its shape but in addition to that the vehichle includes play functions as well. Check out this video to see them. Also be sure to check out the builder photo-stream for tons of amazing builts and building techniques.

Rebel Assault Frigate by Carter Witz

When we see micro-scale capital ship models from Star Wars universe, they are often modeled after imperial ships. This one is a great exception. This greatly shaped micro-scale Rebel Assault Frigate was recently shared by talented builder and user Carter Witz in his photo-stream. Check out the original vehicle to see how accurate the MOC actually is. I really like the greebling in the middle and the addition of star fighters.

1968 Dodge Charger R/T by Firas Abu-Jaber

These awesome Dodge Charger model vehicles were recently shared by user and LEGO fan Firas Abu-Jaber who is known by and multiple times blogged with his amazing car MOC's. The shaping and details are beautifully accurate to the real cars. Chrome details add extra flavour to the look too. I especially liked the exposed engine details.

Special Interview with Beat Felber aka Engineering with ABS

After a long break, we continue our series of Special Interviews starting with a very talented model builder. This weeks guest of honor is Beat Felber a.k.a. Engineering with ABS from Switzerland. He is known for his amazing realistic and huge vehicle model MOC's. Photos from the work of our guest will be presented between the questions but you should check the builders Flickr photo-stream for tons of amazing creations

Kaplan: We already know you are one of the best LEGO MOC'ers in the world. What can you tell us about yourself other than that?

Beat: First of all I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts with other LEGO fans out there. Rather than being a top MOC'er, I consider myself to be an avid scale modeller. My name is Beat Felber and I live in the northernmost part of Switzerland, close to the border with Germany. I am aged 40 and work as an engineer at an electric power plant.When not building LEGO models, I tinker with and drive a 1984 Land Rover 110, do some photography and I am also a firefighter with the local volunteer fire department. Back in 2001 I decided to share my LEGO creations with other like-minded people on the internet. It was the birth of my homepage I called this site Engineering with ABS because I thought it describes what I am doing: building models of technical stuff using LEGO bricks made of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). In the meantime, I switched over to Flickr. The original homepage is still online but not maintained any more.

K: Do you remember the day when you got your first LEGO set? Which set was it? And How old were you when you started playing with LEGO bricks?

B: The first sets must have been Duplo sets. Of course, I don’t remember them exactly any more. But I do have fond memories of my very first Technic Set: Technic Universal Building Set 8030. I got it as a gift from my late granddad when he was celebrating his 60th birthday. I just turned four years old that day! My first City set was the Shell ServiceStation 377.

Y-wing Evolved by Ted Andes

This great modified version of the Y-Wing star fighter from Star Wars was recently shared by user and talented LEGO fan Ted Andes. I personally not a big fan of original Y-wing design because of the exposed mechanical parts etc. but this version is absolutely beautiful. Studless design combined with incredible color-blocking and smooth cockpit design makes this creation great. I like the use of X-wing wind-shield piece too. Check out the builders photo-stream for many great MOC's from different themes.

Cube-Robo, a LEGO transform mech

Talented LEGO builder and user LEGO DOU Moko whose creations were blogged in here multiple times before has recently shared another amazing creation. I personelly like the transformer style LEGO robot MOC's and the builder did a really great job on this. Clever use of different tile shapes including the triangular one on outside of the cube enables the the builder to give he robot a great posture. It can be said that the introduction of the small ball joint piece several years ago made these kind of aestehic robotic creations possible yet its still quite a challenge to create such beautiful MOC's. The builder also shared a lot of detail photos of this creation in his blog as well.

A-10 Asimov, An amazingly shaped Starship MOC

We do not often blog gdigital creations, and when we do we try to share extraordinary good designs. This one is absolutely one of them. The shaping and detailing of the vehichle is really amazing. Some of the pieces are non-production colors in my knowledge, other than that small detail this MOC is flawless. I especially like the piping details and incredibly detailed engine design as well as the color blocking on the stripes. The builder, noblebun is a very talented Ship designer and his photostream is full with great MOC's.

Terex 33-19 Titan by Beat Felber

This amazing and huge mining truck MOC was recently sahred by talented LEGO model builder and user Beat Felber in his photo-stream. The builder has shared a lot of amazing construction and industrial machinery in the past. So this truck is only one of them. The design of the vehichle is incredibly accurate to the real vehicle in terms of both shaping and coloring as well. The truck is not only aethetically perfect its also full with power-functions as well. According to the description the tires used are non LEGO 120 mm tires that fit 1.9 inch rims. So seeing this much awesomeness, be sure to check out the builders other MOC's in his photo-stream.

Father Frost: Kinetic Sculpture

This wonderful kinetic sculpture, named Father Frost was recently shared by talented LEGO builder and user vir-a-cocha. If you are interested in building kinetic sculptures like this one you may want to check out this digital model of the function mechanism of this MOC. The builder also shared a youtube video featuring the movement action of the scupture.

Aurora Train from Metro Exodus by Hasan Kabalak

We don't blog digital creation very often in this blog but when we do we select the best ones to share with the readers. This wonderful and huge creation is a model train named Aurora from the game Metro Exodus. This MOC was created by talented builder Hasan Kabalak who is also the creator of the great Golf Mk1 GTI model in LEGO Ideas, which was reached the necessary numbers in first stages in Ideas incredibly fast but not selected by LEGO at the final stage. The MOC contains increadible amount of details both in the interior and exterior as well. The MOC also contains lots of the characters from the game. I haven't played the game myself but checking out the game photos from the internet the characters also portrayed in LEGO form as close as they could. I lşke the use of the new Star piece in front section. The builder also made custom rails as the basic LEGO rails are not suitable for a monster train. I also liked the extra details like the containers, boxes, wooden supports etc around the vehicle as well.

Happy Lunar New Year!

This wonderful diorama celebrating the Chinese new year was recently shared by user and LEGO fan Galaktek in his photostream. Different style big puppets from LEGO are combined in this diorama greatly. The Gate itself is also designed very nicely decorated with various pearl gold details. Additional buildings on the sides are also nice addition to the MOC. Together with the minifigures and street-line printed baseplate in the middle everything in this creation is how it is supposed to be in a real life new year celebration.

Kraggship by Scott Wilhelm

This spaceship MOC was recently shared by talented builder and user Scott Wilhelm in his photo-stream. The builder made a detailed description about the shape and story about this unusual space vessel underneath the picture in flickr. The texturing and details on the top section are looking really cool. The organic look of this vessel is really uncommon among the micro-scale ships.

The Painted City

This awesome MOC was recently shared by user and LEGO by Grant Davis. According to description this creation is a collaborative MOC built by three builders Grant Davis. Eli Willsea and Micah Biedemen. The Color combinations and irregular building techniques together with amazing textures on buildings makes this MOC amazing.

Check out the detailed video and the photo gallery for detail shots.