Pirate Ship together with Colorful Seafloor Diorama by Stephan Gofers

We don't see pirate MOC's very often as we used to in the past. This beautiful diorama by flickr.com user Stephan Gofers a.k.a. monstrophonic was a really good example of a high qulity pirate MOC. The seafloor flora/fauna was detailed amazingly with many different colors and shapes. The ship itself is also a great piece. My favourite part is the brickbuilt sails.

Colorful seafloor habbitat includes different types of corals, algea and even a jelly fish.

Amazing Micro-Scale Aircarrier MOC

I personally like micro-scale version of big ships or spaceships. Flickr.com user and LEGO fan Sunder_59 did a really great job on this micro-scale air-carrier. This sci-fi design includes all the aspescts of a WW2 style carrier ship except its huge propellers supposedly makes it float in air. The shaping of the shipbody and the microscale fighter designs are done perfectly. This MOC is full of small details like turrets, towers, cranes and many more.

An Unusual and Amazing Samurai Figure MOC, Shichirōji

Some builders are really streching the limits of LEGO elements' capacity to connect. This astonishing work, a samurai figure MOC was recently build and shared by flickr.com user Djokson. This is more of a artwork than a everyday MOC in my opinion. The facial expression of this figure is the best one I have seen. If you look at the builders photo-stream you will see how good he is at building figures.

Realistic Flower Painting in LEGO Form

This colorful LEGO Flower MOC was recently shared by flickr.com user and LEGO Fan Birgitte Jonsgard a.k.a. birgburg in his photostream. In addition to he nice use of different colors and realistic shping I really like the use of a great variety of different parts including the utensil dish piece. According to the description the MOC is based on the painting of van Huysum at The Wallace Collection.