Arctic Thunder, a Very Creative Armored Limo

This wonderfull semi-realistic Hummer H2 based Armored Limo MOC was recently shared by user and LEGO fan Frost a.k.a. TFDesigns! in his photostream. The models itself has lots of play features as you can see in this photo. I really lke those details and it may be the first time that I see the part seperator used so cleverly that it doesn't steal the full attention and fits the MOC very nicely. I also like that the builder managed to keep the iconic look of a Hummer H2 while transforming it into this arctic vehichle.

Fruit Merchant on her Snail mount by Jonas Kramm

This beautiful and colorful MOC was recently shared by LEGO fan and user Jonas Kramm a.k.a. Legopard in his photostream. The Shaping of the this thing is absolutely wonderful. The flower is built using arm pieces of the Shark Suit Guy and the berries are the hair pieces of various clown figures. On the other hand the custom merchant figure is very nice as well. The hood piece from the Elves line (From Naida Minidoll) fits perfectly to the torso piece of Elsa minifigure. rounded slope as legs gives the figure a natural siting pose. Even tough this MOC is a small one, its absolutely one of the best for this year in my opinion.

Joe's Wooden cottage by Andrea Lattanzio

One of our former guest of honors, talented LEGO builder Andrea Lattanzio a.k.a. Norton74 shared this wonderful wooden cottage MOC together with a tow truck. The design contains many small details and looks very clean similar to creators previous works. Andreas detailed but clean building-style is easy to recognized by extensive use of tiles and addition of lots of minifigure acessories and tools in the scenery. Irregular shape of the stack and the design of the trees look especially good. Check out the creators photo-stream for many great MOC's and also dont forget to read the Interview we had with him in the Guests of Honor section.

Rogal Dorn from Warhammer 40K in LEGO Form

As a LEGO and Warhammer 40k fan at the same time I always appreciate beautiful LEGO-WH40K creations like this. Talented LEGO builder and user funnystuffs, who has shared many great WH40 based models in his photostream in the past, shared this wonderful brick-built figure for Rogal Dorn, the Primarch of the Imperial Fists Space Marine Legion. The shaping of the body is great as always. I especially like the shoulders and the addition of Hercules shield piece. Be sure to check out the builders photo-stream for more MOC's like this one.

Brickheadz of Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters by Andrew Cookston

As a fan of both LEGO Brickheadz series and Star Trek franchise these models catched my eye. These wonderful Brickheadz style brick-built figures representing the iconic characters from the Next Generation series are recently shared by LEGO Fan and user Andrew Cookston. The shaping of the models are really matches the artistic style of the Brickheadz line with their brickbuilt uniforms and facial features. The figures even have accessories which are great references to the TV-Series.

LEGO Pontiac Trans Am Firebird by Firas Abu-Jaber

Talented LEGO MOC Builder Firas Abu-Jaber who is known for his amazing car models has recently shared this awesome model of Pontiac Trans Am Firebird. Together with its decals and shiny rims this car looks really awesome. The overall shaping is great as the creators previous MOC's.