Heavenly Strike by Nick Trotta


One of the best Sci-Fi MOC builders, Nick Trotta a.k.a. tardisblue shared this amazing space-ship MOC in his flickr.com photo stream. This reation is absolutely perfect from every aspect. Incredible part uasage and unique techniques all around the build. I especially like the cockpit section where the creator used 2 different canopy pieces together with other transparant small pieces putting together as if there are frame pieces between and around them. 

Cockpit Section of Heavenly Strike 

Cutest Motorized AT-TE Ever Built


This cute but very accurate model of iconic Star Wars vehichle AT-TE is recently built by JK Brickworks who is known for wonderful kinetic models. This one is a suprising MOC as well. The builder managed to fit motorized functions in this while keeping the aesthetics of the original vehichle. Check out the video of the model to see it moving.