Temple of Divus Julius by Antonio Cerretti


This amazing roman style temple MOC, namely Temple of Divus Julius was recently shared by talented lego fan Antonio Cerretti a.k.a. Praetorian- in his flickr.com photostream. As a fan of greco-roman architecture I love to see building models like this in LEGO form. From columns to golden details this MOC looks magnificant.

The MicroboT Hangar by Marco De Bon


I always like MOC's decpicting interior of industrial and/or sci-fi structures. LEGO MOCer and flickr.com user Marco De Bon a.k.a. guitar hero78 shared this great example of a futuristic industrial hangar in his photostream. If you take a closer look you woudld realise that the main block of the wall consist of rectangular container box pieces (61780) which is absolutely a great idea to make it look textured. I also like that the hangar is full of small details and minifigure works.

Titania-class battlecruiser


In this blog, we rarely share digital creations but if a MOC is amazing like this one it deserves to be shared. LEGO fan and flick.com user Cagerrin who is known for her impressive digital MOC's recently shared this great model, namely Titania-class battlecruiser in his photostream. the shaping of the hull is really great and my favourite parts are the micro-scale helicopter and the design of the bridge section. Check out the builders photostream for many more great models.

Realistic Nikon Camera by Milan Sekiz


Talented LEGO MOC'er and flick.com user Milan Sekiz shared this realistic camera model in his photostream recently. According to the description the MOC includes a aamera: Nikon D7100, a flash: NIkon SB600, a tripod: Sherpa 200R and a remote: Phottix (can be seen in this photo) which are all greatly and accurately shaped. 

Stilt Houses, a unique MOC by Andrea Lattenzio


Talented LEGO builder and famous MOC'er Andrea Lattanzio a.k.a. Norton74 who is a guest of honors of our blog recently shared this unique and interesting MOC in his flick.com photostream. With great part usage together with custom figures and a SUV MOC these elevated structures looks great. Be sure to check out the builders photostream for many more amazing MOC's.

Photon Chaser by Blake Foster


This amazing starfighter MOC was recently shared by Blake Foster who is known for his incredible sci-fi MOC's. Once again he impress us with beautiful shaping and part usage. As you can see from the placmenet of the pieces this MOC is at a level of perfection which is only reached by few members among LEGO AFOL community.

A Very Unique Cyborg, Lariska

There has been a while since we have shared a Bionicle/Buildable Action Figure Style MOC and this one is absolutely a great one in that category. This cyborg, namely "Lariska" with its unique turquise-pearl gray colorscheme and unique pieces was recently built and shared by filcik.com user and talented builder Logan W. a.k.a. Logey Bear. There are lots of pieces that are not easy to recognizable from various themes including Bionicle, Hero Factory, Galidor and more. Check out the builders photostream for many more interesting character figure MOC's.

Peterbilt Quint Axle Dumptruck by Dennis Glaasker

This amazing scale model truck, "Peterbilt Quint Axle Dumptruck" was recently shared by talented LEGO builder Dennis Glaasker a.k.a. bricksonwheels who is well known for his incredible scale model MOC's. The model is very accurate to the real vehichle as the builders previous creations. According to the description this model consist of 9000 bricks and a LED system, that features over 120 LED's. Be sure to check out the builders photostream for more details of this beautiful model and other great models.

Crow Knight Outpost


Talented LEGO builder and flickr.com user markus19840420 who is best known for his great historical and Star Wars MOC's recently post with wonderful Outpost MOC in his photostream. Accordingly to the name of the MOC, the outpost is occupied by the Tournament (Crow) Knight from the Collectible minifigure series 20. The texture and the shaping of the building walls are done very well. The vegetation all around the MOC looks also beautiful and just the right amount. 

Great Hot Rod Model with Chrome Rims


This awesome hot rod car model was recetly shared by LEGO fan and flick.com user nikolyakov in his photo stream. the builder did a gret job forming the body ısing various types of round slope pieces.My favurite part is the exhoust pipes on top of the engine. Chrome rims are also a nice touch as contrast to the dark bluish gray main body color. Check out the builders photostream for many great System and Technic MOC's.

Setting foot on planet Zaklonis


I always like alien planets with alien flora build with LEGO. LEGO fan and flickr.com captainsmog recently shared this small diorama in his photostream. Altough various strange vegetation is the main spotlight of this MOC, the deisng of the retro-style rocket looks very nice too. 

Tirmino Castle, A Microscale Medieval Castle


LEGO fan and flick.com user Sunder_59 recently shared this wonderful mico-scale castle in his photo-stream. The architectural design is very accurate to the real castles of medieval times rather than fantasy counter-parts. Every detail of a classic castle is presented in this diorama including the moat around the fortificatins, towers with different styles and the establishments inside the castle (stables and barracks?)  Check out the builders photostream for more great MOC's like this.

Incredible Oriental City Diorama by Andreas Lenander and Peter Ilmrud


ma, nameşy "City of Mophet" is a collaborative MOC made by flickr.com users and Eurobricks.com members Andreas Lenander and Peter Ilmrud. This impressive diorama is built for the collaborative narrative project "Guilds of Historica" in Eurobricks Forums.

The diorama is not just large. It's also full of amazing details and great building techniques.

The ILS Dauntless


I have seen many type of things that are built with LEGO pieces but this is the first time I see a steam-powered paddle-streamer rive ship MOC. Flickr.com user and LEGO fan LittleJohn built this amazing historical ship, "The ILS Dauntless" model recently for the Ironbuilder contest. We have previously blogged another great MOC "Orc Hideout"" made by the same builder for the same contest which was also another amazing creation.

Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic in Small Scale


Every experienced LEGO MOC'er knows thats it gets harder to achieve the correct shape and details with small scale models. Flickr.com user and LEGO Fan RGB900 did a great job with the shaping of this small scale model of Bugatti Type 575SC Atlantic. If you take a look at the original vehichle you will see how greatly this MOC is shaped for its size. 

Official Photos for LEGO 10276 Colosseum Has Ben Revealed


Official photos for the new Creator Expert set, LEGO 10276 Colosseum has been revealed. The set will be the largest set including 9036 pieces. Although the piece count is pretty high it looks like the majority of the pieces are very small. You can enrlarge the photos below by clicking.

Grumman F-14A Tomcat


This very realistic brick-built Grumman F-14A Tomcat model fighter was recently shared by talented LEGO MOC'er and flickr.com user Dornbi in his photostream. The model is very accurate to the actual vehichle. Alhough it has a lot of exposed studs on the hull, i think it still looks great because the angles are done so well. And together with fitting stickers this model looks great.

Razor Crest in Micro Scale by Tim Goddard


This beautifully shaped micro scale Razor Crest model from the popular Star Wars based TV Series The Mandalorian was recently shared by LEGO MOC'er Tim Goddard a.k.a. Rogue Bantha who is well known for his sci-fi MOC's. The shaping of the hull is very accurate to the ship in the Series and loks just the way it should be. The builder used  lot of used a lot of detail and accessory pieces to make it look great, especially lots of flag (2x2 square) pieces. The cockpit section and the yellow markings on the hull are my favourite parts of this creation.

Elegant Pillar Design by Thorsten Bonsch


Talented LEGO MOC'er and flickr.com user Thorsten Bonsch a.k.a Xenomurphy who is also one of our  guest of honors recently shared this small diorama including a very beautiful and elegant pillar design. This small diorama is the 28. part of the builders "The Hobbit" project. Check out the his photo album for the previous parts of the project.

Snowy Magic Bus by Andrea Lattanzio


This beautiful winter diorama was recently shared by talented LEGO MOC'er and also one of our previous guest of honorsAndrea Lattanzio a.k.a Norton74. The shaping of the vehichle in the snowy forest is amazing. Its already hard to get the dimensions right for a vehichle like this but the creator did a great job  and adding very natural looking layer of snow he makes it even greater. Also, animals like a polar bear camouflanged into the diorama are also cool addition to the MOC as well. I strongly recommend to visit the builders flickr.com photostream for many other great MOC's in various scales and from diffeten themes.

“Knightfall” an Indoor Scene Battle inside the Jedi Temple


LEGO fan and flickr.com user First Order Lego recently shared this indoor battle diorama “Knightfall” depicting the execution of Order 66 inside the Jedi Temple in Episode III of the Star Wars Saga. The diorama includes lots of small details and an impressive explosion. The builder used a great variety of pieces to shape the interior of the walls including tan colored baby T-rex pieces. My favurite part is the coruscant city-scape is shown as a backdrop on the windows which is absolutely brilliant. 

Auburn 851 Boat-tail Speedster by Peter Blackert


This beautiful classic car model, Auburn 851 Boat-tail Speedster from 30's was recently shared by LEGO MOC'er Peter Blackert a.k.a. lego911 who is well known for his many great car models. The shaping of the car is really impressve and accurate to the real version. A good news for LEGO Car fans is that this MOC is actually a rebrick model for 10271 Fiat 500 set and according to the description the creator stated that he plans to provide instructions on Rebrickable for this model. I'm personally not particularly a fan of this color and would rather like to see dark colors in classic car model like dark-green or dark-red yet the builder did such a amazing job with this model that it look beautiful independent of its color.

The real car sample with the same color used for the MOC. The accurary of the shaping is probably at highest level you can achieve with available LEGO pieces, yet better ithe MOC is built only using pieces from a single set which makes it a lot of easier for LEGO fans who wants to add this classic car in their collections.

Hogwarts Great Hall by Stefan Johansson

This amazing Hogwarts Great Hall Building from Harry Potter franchise was built and shared by LEGO fan and flickr.com user Stefan Johansson a.k.a stej123. According to the description this MOC takes over 50.000 pieces and 2 years to build. The final result is really impressive. I like the texturing of the wall and the enourmous height the building itself. There is also lights installed to make it extra beautiful. Check out the builders photo-stream to see more photos of this great MOC.

A Detailed Modern House MOC, The Greyplate House by Sarah Beyer

This beautiful modern house MOC namely "Greyplate House" was built and shared by LEGO fan and flickr.com user Sarah Beyer a.k.a betweenbrickwalls. The texture on the walls and wooden looking details with reddish brown pieces makes this house very cool. The house interior and exterior are full with great small details like barbeque on the poolside and fully decorated rooms on the inside.

Diorama with Rusted Classic Car

LEGO fan anf flickr.com user crises_crs share this little and beautiful diorama depicting a scene from the early 1900 including a rusted classic car. I like the colors choice for the car and surrounding but I especially like the includion of small details like the oil patches on the floor and the design of the street lamp.. Check out the creators photo-stream for more great MOC's.

An Unusual Mecha MOC: Mega Rabbit


LEGO fan and flickr.com user Yohei Yamamoto a.k.a. LEGO DOU Moko who is known for amazing Mecha MOC's recently shared this nicely shaped and unusual MOC in his flickr photostream. It unusual for two reasons in my opinion. First reason is the usage of bionicle modified head pieces for fingers and toes and usage of hero-factory headgear pieces as kneekaps. Second reason is of course the rabbit head which looks terrifying. The creator of this MOC is also one of our Guest of Honors so you may want to check out the interview.

Colorful Orc Hideout On Swampside


This colorful fantasy style diorama is recently shared by talented LEGO MOC'er and flickr.com user -LittleJohn who is known for his great historical fantasy builds like  Sabishi Monastery, According to the description this creation was built for the Iron-Builder contest. The special seed piece to be use for the round is Plate, Modified 2 x 3 with Bar in dark red, which is better known as a sci-fi or riot shield. and used in Star Wars sets and alike. The builder did a nice job using the piece as roof cover. I especially like the "swamp/lake" style of the water built using sand green color which is a very proper choice for this ocasion. The crocodile banner from Legends of Chima line is a nice touch to the scene.

Middle Earth comes alive with Micro-scale Dioramas by Simon Hundsbichler


These amazing microscale dioramas depicting the iconic locations from Lord of the Rings were recently shared by very talented MOC'er Simon Hundsbichler who is known for his impressive micro-sclae creations like the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis and beautiful animal creations like the Tiger. The part usage on these builds are increadibly well and buildings from the trilogy are instantly recognizable. I also like the buildings are presented on top of an opened book.

„LIZARD“ XVS-10 Light Freighter


This beautifully shaped Spaceship was recently shared by LEGO fan and flick.com user Boba-1980 in his photostream. White-orange olorscheme fits very well together with the cockpit piece from City-Space line. The custom minifigure with Star Wars pilot torso piece and green hair piece with headphones is a great combo. Check out the builders photo-stream for more great MOC's.