Incredible Predator MOC by Shawn Snyder


This incredible figure MOC based on the Predator franchise was recently shared by talented LEGO MOC'er Shawn Snyder in his photostream. The shaping of the figure itself is incredible with tons of little details. The throne itself is also done greatly with lots of skulls all around it. Especially the skull on the top looks amazing. Check out the builders photostream for more close-up shots for this MOC and other previous creations like the "Smaug" or "Resistance is futile!"

Royal Vay Dragon, An Amazing MOC Creature

Sometimes we see LEGO creations that are more than simple MOC pieces, more like art pieces built using LEGO elements. This one is an example for such a creation. LEGO fan and user Jayfa a.k.a. jayfa_mocs recently shared this amaing dragon model which is built in Red-Green-Gold colorscheme based on Christmas theme. The part usage and the shaping of all elemensts are done perfectly as well as the facial expression of the creature and posing of the limbs.

“Death Troopers” Star Destroyer Reactor MOC


This unusual Star Wars diorama was built and shared by talented LEGO MOC builder and user First Order Lego who was also the builder of previously blogged short time ago, great diorama MOC, “Knightfall” Jedi Temple Order 66. Although I'm not a huge fan of zombie themed Star Wars creations, but builder did an amazing job on the texturing and detailing on the interior of a sci-fi room. The explosions and blood effects are also done impressively. There is also a timelapse video for the build is on creatos YouTube channel if you like to see more..

Ferrari 250 GTO Scale Model By Jens M.


This awesome and realisticly acurate model of the Ferrari 250 GTO in blue color was recently shared by LEGO fan and user Jens M. a.k.a. LegoExotics who is well known for his impressive car MOC's in the past. The shaping and the color blocking on this model is done greatly. According to the description the colorscheme for this model is based on an actual car which the builder saw at the Museum Enzo Ferrari. The models hood, doors and trunk can be opened and it has a detailed engine and interior as well.

Vatican City Scale Model by Rocco Buttliere


This amazing scale model of the Vatican City was recently built and shared by LEGO Fan and MOC builder Rocco Buttliere who is famous for his similar impressive MOC's like "The Vernacular of the Craftsman" or "SPQR - Imperial Rome". Acoring to the photo description the scale for this creation consists more than 67000 pieces and tokk more than 800 hours to design and to build. This amount of detail on a MOC is really exceptional. I strongly recommentd to check out the photo album for detail photos.

Mecha Samurai Dragon by Christian Lintan


This MOC is a dragon, a mecha and a samurai at the same time! Talented LEGO MOC builder and user Christian Lintan a.k.a. ChristiansCreations managed to combine these three different object/creature/character types into one MOC. The design of the body is incredible but my favourite section is the head. The builder used a regular ninjago head mold in reversed form as the bottom jaw. My only critic will be that the weapon of the character is a little bit too thin/small in comparison to the body. Check out the builders photostream for many more amazing MOCs.

Hot Rod ""Bone Crusher" by Tim Inman


As a LEGO fan and a Hot Wheels collector myself I'm really happy to see this model build in LEGO form. user and talented LEGO MOCer Tim Inman a.k.a. rabidnovaracer. This Hot Rod model is based on a famous Hot Wheels casting called "Bone Shaker" which is also one of my favourite diecast car models. The design of the skull and the overall shaping the casing is done greatly. Check out the builders photostream for many more great MOC's.

A Great Gatehouse MOC by Jako of Nerogue


This impressive gatehouse MOC was recently shared by user and LEGO Fan Jako of Nerogue in his photostream. The texture of the walls is done greatly but my favourite part are the machicolations. Addition of thin bodied trees with autumn colors are also nice addition to the scenery. Check out the builders photostream for many more great historical MOC's.