Amazing Island Fortress Built on an Unusual Baseplate

This amazing castle MOC, named island fortress was built and shared by LEGO fan and user Khang Huynh. The colors and fine details are great on this one but what it makes it so unique is that the fortress is built on a tan colored duplo raised baseplate. I have never seen that part used in a MOC before and I think its a really nice part use in this case. I also like design of the tree and addition of the statue. Be sure to check out the builders flickr photo album for the creation to take a closer look.

LEGO Duplo raised baseplate in tan color from set number 4960 or 5653

Saibankan, a beautiful Elven Building by Marco den Besten

This beautiful elven building MOC was recently shared by Marco den Besten a.k.a. 'Ecclesiastes who is well known for his many amazing historical fantasy creations in his photostream. The MOC is depicting an elven execution scene full with NPU's and custom figures. I really like the shaping of the huge tree trunk and dragon heads on the roof. Be sure to check out the photo album for more detail photos and builders photo-stream for other impressive MOC's.

Fantasy Diorama by Corvus Auriac

This unusual and beautiful micro-scale fantasy diorama was recently shared by talented LEGO builder Corvus Auriac in his photostream. The diorama is full with amazing part usages. The dark green trees were built using minifigure epaulette pieces. The shaping of the rock formation is amazing. The impression of the head/face was done incredibly well with the addition of the eyebrows. The micro-dragon is also another small great detail I like the most.

Space Colony Health Care Module by Sarah Beyer


This impressive space colony structure MOC was recently shared by talented MOC'er Sarah Beyer a.k.a. betweenbrickwalls . The clean look of the exterior combined with detailed interiors makes this MOC look impressive and very realistic at the same time. My favourite addition is probably the wind turbine which is a really nice idea for energy production next to the solar panels. The builder created also another module for this space colony, the habitat module, which you may like to see too.