Awesome Mad Max War Rig by W. Navarre

This awesome War Rig model from Mad Max movie franchise was recently shared by LEGO fan and taled MOC'er W. Navarre in his photostream. The shaping of this vehichle is ruely incredible he used numerous detail pieces ranging from accessories to weapons and minifigure pieces. Black - brown colorscheme together with scrap-looking style this MOC has a great post-apocalyptic look. I especially like the design of the front which looks terrifying with lots of spiky details. The creator also shared many other great MOC's in his photostream so dont forget to check them out as well.

St. Basil’s Cathedral by Koen Zwanenburg

Talented LEGO MOC builder and user Koen Zwanenburg a.k.a. Swan Dutchman shared this beautiful and colorful micro-scale model of St. Basil’s Cathedral in his photostream. The shaping and the colors of this build are matches the real building and the use of extraordinary pieces like minifigure arms and horn pieces makes it outstanding. The builder used a variety of different shaped tile pieces all around the build which came out in recent years. Check out the builders flickr page to see many more great LEGO creations.

G.I. Joe Sky Hawk VTOL by Flashback Bricks

If you were a child in 80' and 90's, it is most likely that you have played with G.I. Joe toys. It was a iconic toyline with TV series. Flickr user and LEGO builder Flashback Bricks shared this G.I. Joe model aircraft namely Sky Hawk VTOL as replica of a real toy vehichle. The shaping and the colors are really resembles the original toy. Custom minifigures are also looking great as well. Check out the builders photostream for many more great creations like this one.

Original toys box art.