A Visitor in Bavaria (Brikthulhu War - Episode 1)

On the capital planet of Bavaria in the palace, a servant entered the throne room. Bowed before the Kaiserin Renate.

Servant: Meine Kaiserin, a Brikthulhu cultist mage from a distant system wants to come into your presense. He stated that it is very important.
Kaiserin Renate: You can let him in.
Servant: As you wish.

A man in black cape entered the room with slow steps. He was carrying a staff with a red transparent. Renate realized the symbols of dark arts on his clothing.

The man bowed before the Kaiserin and started to talk with a very deep voice.

Zoran: Greetings Kaiserin, My name is Zoran and I came here in peace.
Kaiserin Renate: Welcome to Bavaria Zoran. Who are you exactly and what is your purpose of your visit.
Zoran: I am a servant of Brikthulhu the only true God of the Brikverse and a messenger to invite people to a holy campaign.
Kaiserin Renate: What holy campaign are you talking about?

Zoran lifted his head. Kaiserin could see his face clearly now. He seemed to be full of hatred and dark farce. He took deep breath before talking.

Zoran: It is obvious that many people in this galaxy has forgotten who the only true God of the Brikverse is. We want to remind people the truth. Only the true God can give us the salvation and freedom we all need.
Kaiserin Renate: So you are gonna fight to spread your faith? Who are you referring as "we"?
Zoran: We are the order of the Krakos. Our order allied with the Space Nutzees created an unstoppable force. You may think believers like us have been fighting for a long time. This time it will be different.  Some of our brothers - Brikthulhu follower nutzees already hit major non-believer states of the Nehellium like the Polish and Imperial Magikstrate.
Kaiserin Renate: What does the order of Krakos want from Bavaria?
Zoran: We want you to join us to teach this galaxy a lesson and remind all sinners who the true God of Brikverse is.

Two servants entered the room carrying a large black chest.

Zoran: ..and here is a gift to show our good intentions.
Kaiserin Renate: So you want war.

Zoran: I am messanger and I tell you that the war will come to your door either you want it or not. You have to choose your side. I recommend you to choose wisely. The gift is yours either way. I am waiting for your answer now.

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