Best Capital Ships built with LEGO Bricks

In this page, we try to make a complete list of the best capital space ship MOC's shared in the web. We collect photos and related reference links from various sources. We focus our research mainly on, MOCpages and Brickshelf where most of the builders share their creations. There is not a spesific order of the creations but we try to present them as orderly as possible. This list includes only large capital ships which are larger than 100 studs which defines the fan-made term SHIP.. There are tons of smaller great ships but those are not in the scope of this list. If you know any other great ships that fits the concept of this list you have seen in the internet or a ship you have built feel free to send us a message or write comment. We will gladly expand this list. We hope you enjoy this list best capital ships built with LEGO bricks.  

This amazing Star Destroyer from Star Wars Movie is built by master builder Jerac. It doesn't even look like it is made of LEGO. This MOC looks the same as the original model. You have to check more photos of this ship to get the idea how huge and detailed this creation is. 

This Venator Class Star Destroyer from Star Wars is built by Alec. According to the builder the MOC took 6 months of building and around 15,000 parts. It measures over 6 ft. and is 220 studs long.

This amazing version of the Venator Class Star Destroyer was built by user iomedes. According to this blog site this huge ship is 8 feet long (2.44 m), 44 inches wide (1.12 m) and it weighs 150 pounds (68.04 kg).

This impressive version of Imperial Star Destroyer was built by user and member raskolnikov268. This microscale ship also has a mini-figure scale interior full with awesome details including barracks, bridge, sith meditation room and many more.

This amazingly huge ship UNSC Spirit of Fire from Halo universe is built and shared by Mark Kelso. This ship is really huge in size. Check out this photo to understand the size of this MOC. Also make sure that you check out the MOC-pages for this creation.

This SHIP "Callisto" was built by Tyler a.k.a. legohaulic for SHIPtember 2015 but it took over a month to complete and I have only recently taken photos. The SHIP is 4 feet long and yes, it is all medium azure.

This great ship is built by Jonathan Walker. The shaping of the body is really exeptional.

Here is another great ship from the same builder  Jonathan Walker. This ship is built BrickCon 2011

Here is another uniquely shaped spaceship from Jonathan Walker. This shaped is named as Arcturus and shared by the creator in 2010

U.N.S.C. INFINITY is built by ZEO CMF. According to the builder this ship is all LEGO excluding LED lights. There is also a youtube video for this creation.

Cayman Class Battlecruiser is built by Dorian Glacet. Check out the albums for more photos and also WIP photos where you can see how the inside of the Ship is built.

LRCS Lifebringer is a long range cargo ship  and built by user Josiah N. This ship is one of great examples of non-military ships. Check out the MOCpages for more photos.

This battle cruiser from Star Craft II game is built from Sven Junga and called Hyperion. The level of details on this hull is really amazing and the ship looks the same as the original model.

This version of the battle cruiser was built by user yung-gi huang a.k.a. AGI-bear. This amazing ship has a total length of 80 cm and width 60 cm, weighing 4 kg.

Sci-fi master builder and the creator of the largest Imperial Star Destroyer in this list Jerac also shared his own version of the Battle Cruiser from Star Craft Game. This one is from the original first game.

This hug Ship namelyVaygr Battlecruiser is built by Tim Schwalfenberg. This Tim's twenty-ninth and final build in my Iron Builder contest against Matt De Lanoy using the Metallic Silver Barbell. Also an entry for SHIPtember.

Here is an extraordinary ship built by Christophe Corthay. This is called Razor Blade and it is colored in Kashyyyk camo. 

This ship is called Surak and built by Jonathan Walker in 2007. This ship is got a best space ship award.

Solaris is another large ship by the same builder, Jonathan Walker. This one has a more conventional grey color-scheme.

Phobos 3 is another great space ship built by Jonathan Walker. This ship is built in 2010.

Another two huge space ships from Christophe Corthay. These new generation heavy cruisers are called no mercy and built in 2014.

Omega Ship is built by Lukáš Šógor. This ship is 148 cm long and consists of 24000 pieces. Check out the album for detail photos.

Icarus is built by user Gilcelio chagas. The ship is 110 studs long and weighs appr. 6 kg. The studdless design of the ship is truely impressive with nice curves.

MOCpages member Gary King shared this outstanding capital ship in his page. This huge ship is called Battlestar Berzerk. Gary King's magnicent ship are added to the list thanks to the suggestion of member and LEGO Fan El Barto! who is a great MOC builder himself. 

This one is also from the same builder, Gary King. This huge ship is called Battlestar Deffender. This ship has a unique shape and great surface texturing as well. 

Another amazing starship built by Gary King in 2012. This ship is called Battlestar Valkyrie.

This ship namely Battlestar Rubicon is also built by Gary King in 2010. 

Another great ship from the Battlestar Galactica TV series was built by El Barto

The Impala series prototype gunship Lady Peddy is built by xiei22 for SHIPtember 2015.

M.U.ULLA 215 Battlecruiser is built by LEGOLIZE IT MAN for SHIPtember 2015. It stands out with the interesting color-scheme.

MAERSK Highliner is built by Pierre E Fieschi for SHIPtember 2015. This one is a non-military freighter space-ship.

This clean-looking and studless ship, namely Thealdran is built by Tiago Catarino a.k.a. Catarino0937.

FF Nonam is built by Anders Sinding who is a great sci-fi builder for SHIPtember 2015.

Valyrian Battleship Bloodraven is shared by dasnewten. The shaping of this ship is really amazing. Check out the disassembled ship photo.

This minifig scale ship is called AZR Anunnaki and built by David Collins. This MOC consists of over 30000 bricks and is six feet long. See this picture to see how huge this Ship is.

This multi-colored ship is absolutely one of the best designed ships aroung. This ship is called Phoenix and built by Jacob Unterreiner. Check out the swoosh video of the ship.

This huge ship namely Great Harbor Ship is built by de_chef. There are also smaller freighter ships are seen in the photo docking the harbor ship.

This great Star Trek themed ship namely USS Minotaur is built by Chris L a.k.a. Babalas Shipyards. The photo editing is made by Red Spacecat.

Xi-3 is shared by jamesuniverse. This ship is over 100 studs long and the shaping of the hull is really impressive. The builder also shared a video showing the remote-controlled features of the ship.

This greatly detailed Kingfisher Assult Unit ship is built by Forest King. So much colors are used one ship without making the creation look bad. Lots of stickers are placed around the ship as well. The result is absolutely unique and beautiful.

USS "Vindicator" Multi-Role Carrier is built by Caleb L. for SHIPtember 2015. Check out the album for WIP photos and more.

This 123 studs long black ship Ozymandias is shared by Shannon Young. This great ship is also swooshable as seen in this photo.

The Ticonderoga is built by I Scream Clone. The color-scheme of this ship perfectly fits the galactic patrol space trooper.

Reach UNSC FFG-371 Savannah from Halo video game is built by Nick Brick who is a great MOC builder an fameous for his great futuristic hand-held weapon models.

This Blacktron themed space ship built by Nathan Proudlove for SHIPtember 2013. The name of this beautiful ship is Neo-Blacktron Arrested Development.

This white space ship is called Age of Light and built by RΟΟK.

This space ship namely Lady Luck is also shared by the same builder ROOK. This one looks like space shuttle. This ship has a fully decorated interior. Check out the photo album for more details.

Venator class star destroyer is probably the most built SHIP by the MOC'ers. This great example was built and shared by flick.ocom user Martin Latta. He also shared additional photos in his brickshelf gallery here.

Another Venator class star destroyer from Star Wars Episode 3 built by ROOK. This one is huge too even if it is much smaller than the Alec's version.

This huge spaceship docked on the space-dock namely Bonsol Colony is built by torerik a.k.a wobnam. The texturing on the hull is really impressive.

This colonization "Sleeper Ship" is built and shared by Mr. Cab. This ship is 103 studs long and hasa a unique alien design and nice black-yellow color-scheme.

This nice looking capital ship namely Proteus is built by sky4walker. The details around the hull and the color-scheme is great on this one.

This space carrier, namely the FE JUNTERR is built by Sci-fi master builder Simon Liu a.k.a Si-MOCs. The shaping of the hull is great and very unique.

This beautiful and big space police spaceship namely Goliath transport is built by Tim Goddard a.k.a Rogue Bantha. This ship really fits the space police I theme with its color-scheme.

Hiigaran Battlecruiser is built by Ryan Olsen a.k.a Rphilo004. You can see the photo of the original model from the wiki page. A very similar model is later re-created by LEGO Admiral.

This large red spaceship is called The Hell Mouth. This creation is shared by Andrew Lee a.k.a onosendai2600 and built for SHIPtember 2013.

This uniquely shaped Manta-ray class starship namely Solacium is built by Peter Mowry.

Here is another great spaceship from the same builder Peter Mowry. This vertically shaped ship is called The Marquis. As you can see the photo editing skills of the builder are as goog as his building skills.

Here is another ship, Arcanian Battleship White Whale is built by Peter Mowry, The details on the front section is really impressive and unique.

This uniquely shaped great ship is built Josh Derksen. This ship is called Shadowflare and built for SHIPtember 2014.

This ship is called STREIFF and built by O0ger. According to de description this is a Planetary Resources Mining Drone Carrier.

This large space ship Nova Tour featured in landed mode in a beautiful diorama is shared by Keith Goldman. Check out the album for more detail shots from the diorama.

This sub-marine-like spaceship is also built by Keith Goldman. The details on the hull is really impressive. This ship is called Ghoul and built in 2003 so this one is one of the first high quality large space ships known on the web.

M.R. Yoder recreated the same ship design of Keith Goldman with some improvements and called his ship Ghoul II. Yoder's ship has more diverse color-scheme than the original design.

This one is also from the same builder with the previous one M.R. Yoder. Blue-grey color-scheme makes this fit for the classic space theme.

This minifigure scale space ship namely Calamity Jane is also built by M.R. Yoder. The color-scheme and yellow side sections look similar Ghoul II.

Another non-military cargo ship, Maersk Space-liner is built by Adam Dodge for SHIPtember 2015.

This spaceship is built by iomedes and it is a NODENS class fast attack frigate. The solid design and shapes of the engines are very impressive.

This minifigure scale space is called FB 21 (a Freighter Class Botany) and built by Paul Trach a.k.a. disco86 for SHIPtember 2013.

This ship may be not as big as many other ships but is really exeptional with its unique design. The name of this ship is UNES Odyssey 21 and shared by Lazer Blade. According to the description the credit for the original design goes to LEGOLIZE IT MAN.

This beautiful green space ship is built by Red Spacecat. The name of the ship is USS Saragota. For more photos you can check out the album

The design of USS Saragota was so great that othe builders recreate their own version of the ship. LegoWyrm has built and share the USS Ranger after seeing the LDD version of the USS Saragota built by wezra.

Sci-fi master builder Ryan Olsen also built his own modifed version. USS Ticonderoga is a heavier weaponized version of the other two. user Kai Miller-Wells built his own allternate version of USS Saragota, namely The USS Babad Do'ug.

Well known LEGO space MOC'er Ryan Olsen builts and shared this great SHIP, namely USS Halsey for Shiptember 2021. The shaping of the hall is obviously very similar to USS Saragota as well. There is also background information given about the ship in the description on as well.

This ship is named  Empyrean Flame and built by brickshelf member Paul Baulch a.k.a. pbaulch.

This is another great star ship from the same builder,  Paul Baulch shared in This ship is called Lance Of Athena.

This light attack carrier ship, namely Gervoya was also built by Paul Baulch.

USS Lexington ICVN 16 was built by user Joshua Brooks. The ship has a nice color-scheme and perfect shaping.

This black ship with amazing design was built by member Rat Dude. This ship is called K'Aeon Ra.

This rocket-frigate was built by the same creator Rat Dude. This ship is named Katana 2.

This amazingly detailed and textured ship is also built by Rat Dude. The color-scheme is great again.

The large water resupply ship was built by member Trent.

Eurobricks member Outworlder shared this giant star ship model from the Star Wars expanded universe. Eclipse Super Star Destroyer model is 63 inch long and 30 inch wide containing around 11.000 pieces.

This huge starship, namely Dynan was built by Zac Lowing. Check the MOCpages page for more photos of the ship. user O0ger built this beautiful ship for the SHIPtember 2016. The hangars on sides and the bridge section are especially well designed on this ship.

This SHIP wth extraordinary hull shape and gray-black colorscheme was built by user F@bz and it is 112 studs long. This ship is really outstanding with its design, so it was also individually blogged in tilesorstuds too.

This SHIP has based on the Space Sub-theme Spyrius and built by user spaceruner. It is called Leviathan AX-04 and according to the description it is 130 studs long and 62 studs wide.

This SHIP, called The Iron Falcon was built by user W. Navarre. It has a length of 106 studs and a width of 70 studs.

This exotic looking SHIP was built by Julien Andries. This SHIP, called Manta Ray Executor class, was an entry MOC for SHIPtember 2015. This ship stands out with its colorscheme for sure.

Another great entry for the SHIPtember 2015 was this awesome blue SHIP built by Péter Ittzés.

This amazing SHIP, called Demon's Maw, with one of the most unusual design was created by Josh Derksen a.k.a armoredgear7 for SHIPtember 2015.

This yellow-red colored SHIP FSC-1 was shared by user Big Tibo as a MOC for SHIPtember 2015.

This ship namely Ugly Duckling Long Range Research Vessel with amazing hull spahing ang perfect color-blocking was shared by user Blake Foster who is known for his impressive Sci-Fi MOC's

This SHIP is called The Lovely Trina and built by user and talented LEGO space builder Frost a.k.a. TFDesigns! for the Shiptember 2021.

LEGO fan iomedes !... shared this awesome capital space ship namely sovereign class super-frigate in his photostream. Angles and smoothles shaping of the hull is very beautiful. 

This huge classic-space themed space ship namely Galactic Spearhead is from 1984 the LEGOLAND book 'Trapped in Space' by Douglas Hill. The photo is shared by member Mark Stafford. This one is probably the first large space ship MOC built with LEGO bricks.