Gift of Hope (Brikthulhu War - Episode 3)

Previously: Through the Fire (Brikthulhu War - Episode 2)

On the capital planet of Bavaria in the ritual hall of the palace.

The cultist servants bring the clothes of Zoran.

Zoran: Actually, Kaiserin I died and came back from the dead by the will of the Brikthulhu.
Kaiserin Renate: The ability of bringing people from the dead could be a powerful tool to motivate people to join our cause.

Zoran: Only a true believer can accomplish something like this.
Kaiserin Renate: I can understand that. What should we do to gain the favor of Brikthulhu?

Zoran: You have to prove yourself as a worthy worshipper of him. We should focus on our campaign for now. Fighting for the Brikthulhu is the best way to prove yourself. Do you remember the gift that I brought with me.
Kaiserin Renate: Yes I do. What was there in the chest?
Zoran: Lets go back. I will show you. You will find your gift very interesting.

Kaiserin and Zoran went back to the throneroom.

Kaiserin Renate: Don't wait anymore. Open the chest.
Zoran: The content of this chest is worthless if you are not a worthy believer of the Brikthulhu.

Zoran: This is a...

Kaiserin was not impressed by the look of the thing that came out.

Zoran: ...Krakos Cube
Kaiserin Renate: Is this kind of jewel? If yes it looks not really good.
Zoran: This is a holy artifact built by the strongest mages of the Krakos. This is basically a transdimensional teleport device. To activate it you have to use dark energy. To gain dark energy you have to fallow the will of Brikthulhu. When the time comes and you are powerful enough to activate the cube you can bring back the ones you love from anywhere, any time and any dimension.
He put the cube back inside the chest.

Kaiserin turned his head and look at the statue of his beloved husband, Kaiser Klaus thinking maybe this is her chance to bring him back..

To be continued...