Through the Fire (Brikthulhu War - Episode 2)

Previously: A Visitor in Bavaria (Brikthulhu War - Episode 1)

On the capital planet of Bavaria in the throne room of the palace.

Kaiserin Renate: You have made your point very clearly Zoran but why should we join you?

Zoran: Because Kaiserin you need us. You need Brikthulhu on your side. Old enemies of Bavaria are uniting against you again. Extra-galactic forces like the M-Throne Empire is finding allies and creating colonies near your borders.
Kaiserin Renate: They show no evil intentions against Bavaria.
Zoran: Not yet maybe, but trust me all unbeliever factions are our enemy. When the time comes they will take their chances to destroy our faith.

Kaiserin Renate: You could be right but we don't know you and your order. How can prove you me that you are a true worshipper of Brikthulhu and a worthy ally.
Zoran:  We are more worthy than you can expect. I will prove the power of my faith but first you will accept our offer.
Kaiserin Renate: You came to us to seek alliance. Show me your power first somehow and we will see if your prof is enough.
Zoran: Very well. Show me the way to your ritual hall.
Kaiserin Renate: Let's go.

Kaiserin Renate: This is our ritual room. In the middle you see the sacrifice altar.

Zoran: Good. Order you man to fill the altar with wood and fire it. I will prepare for the ritual.
Kaiserin Renate: Okey but you should know that I don't wanna watch a funny primitive ritual dance around the fire.
Zoran: Wait and see the power of my faith Kaiserin.

Kaiserin Renate: Fire the altar.
Servant: As you wish meine Kaiserin.

Few minutes later Bavarian guardsmen entered the hall carrying wood for the fire.

The cultist servants were helping Zoran for his preperation of the ritual.

Zoran undressed, showing of his tattoos of dark arts.

Zoran: Fire the altar.

Kaiserin Renate: What you going to do Zoran? Don't get too close to the fire because we won't help you if you burn yourself.

Zoran: Now Renate. You will see the power of Brikthulhu the only true God!

Zoran lifted his hands and started praying.

Zoran: Brikthulhu, you are our father, our mother, our creator and our savior. Give me the will and strength to show your power to those who want proof. Burn my skin, burn my flesh, burn my soul with your eternal fire and take them as my sacrifice. I only need your faith and breath to walk in this realm.

Zoran started walking towards the flames...

...without fear.

As he was entering the fire the cultist bowed and started to pray with loud voices in language unknown to the Bavarians.

Custists: Haidi haidi griyor... atheslere griyor... Brikthulhu icin kendi ethini yakhior...

Zorans body cought into flames and started to burn. But he was not screaming. He started to pray like the other cultists. Kaiserin Renate didn't expect something like this.

Zorans burning body could not hold anymore and he fell.

After few minutes his body was completely burned as the cultist continued their prayers.

Suddenly the nearly completely burned body of Zohan stood up in the fire.

He started to talk.

Zoran: This is the power of the Brikthulhu the only true God.

He walked out from the altar.

Zoran: Join us and Brikthulhu will give you the powers you never imagine.
Kaiserin Renate: Yes, we will join you.

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