Keneda's Bike Compilation

We were really surprised when we realized that there are so many MOC's of the Keneda's Bike from the Movie Akira (1988). In this page you will see 35 different bikes built by 33 people. The bike itself has a really cool futuristic design with lot of curvatures therefore it is really hard to remodel it with conventional building techniques. Here you will see many great MOC each built with different techniques in different scales. Enjoy.

A scene from the movie Akira (1988) featuring Keneda and his cyber-bike.

First MOC in the is would the most detailed and accurate bike so far, built by The Avro Brothers. The model is very detailed and has many stickers that make the creation even more accurate. The creators even published a book about their incredible bike.

Here is another minifig-scale version which is full of stickers and accurately remodeled. One of the best versions built in minifigure-scale. This MOC is created by Aaron Dayman. He also built another bike in blue color and the characters as well. Interesting usage of parts like minifig hats on sides make this one unique. The rider of the bike namely Keneda is yellow colored figure.

This version is most recently built by devid. It seems like Keneda figure is only for display and he can not fit the bike. Additionally I think that the wheel rims should be red instead of black to be more accurate. Here is a movie-poster style shot of the creation. The light flesh colored figure looks great and would be suitable for a possible licensed Akira set.

This minifigure-scale version is from flickr member Calin a.k.a. _Tiler. This relatively new MOC is surely one of the best modelled versions of the bike. It looks very realistic with its curves and stickers.

This rideable version of the bike is created be LEGO suzuki. This MOC stands out with its perfect modeling considering that a minifig can fit the bike. Keneda is depicted with a light flesh colored figure this time.

This minifigure scale version of the bike was built by Moko a.k.a. LEGO DOU Moko. This MOC  includes a brick built road and the minifig for Kenada to recreate the shot from the movie poster. This version also has custom windshield decoration. The creator also shared an action-scene photo.

Another rideable version is built by kmfs_asa. This MOC also includes a brick built road and the minifig for Kenada to recreate the shot from the movie poster. The figure is a yellow one again. The best part of the bike is the seat that is built with black tiles. The tires could be bigger to be more accurate but they don't look bad at all. Here is a shot of the bike from another angle.

This version is created by qqwaqq and published in LEGO Ideas website. The shaping and parts used are looking very similar to LEGO suzuki's version of the bike but this one is more simpler. The figure is a yellow one this time. The goodyear eagle tires and grey round plates are the differences from other versions.

Here is another version of the bike created by deviantART member NIK1530 which is built in very different style than the most of others. The windscreen part is the same with nearly all others in minifigure-scale. There are also another views in the creators picture gallery including the movie-poster style shot with custom Keneda figure.

This MOC is created by Guss de Blöd and it includes the the name of the movie is written in Japanese with LEGO tiles which makes it unique. The bike itself is decorated with stickers and modeled very differently from many other versions. This one is significantly taller than most of the minifigure-scale ones. The Keneda figure is a yellow one and it has a sticker on its back. Check out the picture gallery for more photos.

This version is created by kuwabara hiroshi. Shaping of the model is also very accurate besides of the studs on sides. Keneda figure has a printing on its back.

This rideable version of the bike is created by Sérgio Batista.  This MOC stands out with its light installment and small but correct minifigure sizing. Torso piece from Exo-Force theme was used for the Figure. 

This MOC was shared by facebook user Matt Yeung in the facebook group called "LEGO MOC My Own Creation". This minifigure size version has nice shaping and a magnificent minifigure altough the bike itself lacks stickers.

This version of Keneda's bike built by Sparkart! is looking totally different than others by its longer shape. The blurred photo of the MOC the bike seems to be in a sliding action. Keneda is a light flesh colored figure and has an Dr. Octavious head piece with green glasses.

This bike is built by .Tromas. Kenada is wearing casual clothes in this version and the bike is decorated with many stickers on it. The builder has also shared a video and the building instruction of the bike. 

This big-scaled version was built by nobu_tary. There is no stickers on this one. The trans-light-blue windshield is unique to this one. The builder used the same container pieces with the Avro Brothers to cover the wheels.

This big-scaled version is built by George Panteleon a.k.a ZetoVince. The shaping is quite impressive and the front wheel is connected to the mainframe using wedge-pieces directly without using any dish or dish-like round piece.

This large scale version was shared by piroshi lego in his flickr photo-stream. The bike is decorated with many stickers and the seat is brown colored.  This version has a clear transparent canopy part as the windshield which is accurate to the original version.

This simple and compact version of the bike is built by RexExliberi. This bike is smaller than the minifig-scale. He used completely different parts than the most other bikes. 

Technic version of the Keneda's bike is built by MOCpages member Mahjga Leeonai. This version is of course larger than the minifig-scale versions and decorated with many stickers. Keneda's character became a Technic figure this time with a custom print on its back. The bike has a real suspension system and the front wheel can actually be control from the handlebar like this.

This detailed version is built by MOCpages member Something in english. This version is nearly in the same scale with the bikes of the Avro brothers and Mahjga Leeonai. The bike is decorated with many stickers as well. The seat of the bike is built using minifigure legs.

This is a digital version of the bike built by MOCpages member Juan Salvo. This bike is also in the Technic figure - scale like the bikes of the Avro brothers and Mahjga Leeonai . In the page of the creation, the builder shared a reference page for a model of the bike.

This simple version is built by brickshelf member unpy. This is a minifigure scale version again but it seems hard to fit a figure to the bike. The builder has also built a small diorama.

This version is built by brickshelf member Toshiya. This MOC of minifigure-scale bike has transparent blue wind shield and a yellow colored Keneda figure.

This uniquely shaped bike is created by brickshelf member Chunchun. Tires are windshield are build with interesting pieces. The bike seems to be in minifigure-scale.

This minifigure-scale version is built by brickshelf member tat2artst. The MOC includes a custom yellow colored Keneda figure with a large weapon and custom stickers as well.

Brickshelf member kerouac has built not one but three different versions of the Keneda's power bike. The first one is slightly larger than the second and third versions. 

Second model of kerouac is smaller but also detailed. This version has a yellow colored custom Keneda minifigure on it. The bike is decorated with stickers and has a clear transparent windshield.

The same minifigure is also used with this version. This bike is the smallest one between the three bikes and it has not decorations on it and has a blue transparent windshield.

This minifigure scale version of the bike is built by brickshelf member Masahiro Yanagi. In contrast with many other bikes side sections of the bike is built with plates instead of tiles or slopes. 

This version is created by brickshelf member Moko. He used transparent 2x1 plates to built the windshield of the bike. Keneda figure is a yellow one with custom legs built with hinge pieces. Moko also built other custom characters from the movie as well.

A relatively very small version of the bike is built by brickshelf member sekiyama. It is approximately in the same size with the official lego bikes. Kenada figure is a yellow one 

This version is shared by the flickr member Gunner S. He used NinjaGO figure pieces for the character. The size of the vehicle is relatively large for the minifigures. It reminds me the sets from NinjaGO sets.  The bike is looking good overall without any stickers. 

This bike is one of the earliest model of the cyber-bike built and shared on the internet in 2006 created by nermal when he was 13 years old. It has dish pieces instead of tires. 

This minifigure scale version is shared by user M. Mipi. The custom figure for Kenada has the newer style hair from the ninja-go theme. The windshield is trans black this time.

This small version with a blue rider is built by the Flickr member Dane Erland a.k.a Mechanekton. The windshield is built with only a single transparent tile piece and the seat is a brown colored chair piece. 

The last version is probably the most unusual one. This is built by Ghimuretto San and displayed at Treasure Festo on 2012. For more pictures and info you can check the website of Hobby Media's website.


Guss de Blöd shared the torso printing he used in his MOC.