LEGO Arcade Game Machines

In this page we have collected the greatest LEGO creations about arcade gaming machines in different scales (Not the MOC's about the arcade games themselves). We have done and continue doing our research for our compliation pages mainly on photo sharing sites like flickr, brickshelf and MOCpages. If you have any MOC's that can be featured here or you know other great creations feel free to send us a message together with a link to the creations photos. Here is the current of Arcade game MOC's. Enjoy.

Garett Yoshimura's minifigure scale Arcade game collection which also has its own ideas project.

Ethan Marak's Arcade game collection which also has its own ideas project too.

 Kyler Wilson's Arcade game collection. These also have a ideas project.

Joel Baker built the arcade game saloon from the movie Tron. This building has a fully decorated interior filled with arcade games and other entertainment machines.
 Stewart & Sydney's arcade games from their LEGO city on our page over at MOCPages. 

SEBASTIAN-Z's Lego Main Street Arcade saloon which is actually a large building.

minifigmaker's Arcade game machines.

Grantmasters's arcade game machines from his MOC: "Hey, Have You Seen This Guy?" 

Pedro Nogueira Photography's arcade games from the MOC: "Back to the 80's"

This amazing arcade saloon MOC is displayed in 2015 and 2014 Sydney Brickshow and 2013 Brickexpo Canberra. Photos of this MOC is shared by different members like Tim, Sam Wright, Sam Highley, akwan.architec and pete w.

 Bill's arcade game saloon "Playland" from 2009 shared by Tim Inman.

Chris McVeigh's Arcade game collection

Jemppu Malkki's Friends themed MOC: Day at arcade

Angka's OutRun arcade machine

Jimmy Fortel's space themed arcade game saloon vignette.

Kale Frost's pac-man arcade game machine. 

Joshua Drake's arcade machine MOC: "Mystery cabinet 2" from 2014

equuinox's car racing arcade machine MOC.

DerekMedina's arcade game room project from Ideas.

Jared K. Burks's Pac-Man and Tempest arcade cabinets with custom stickers.

Lesgo LEGO Movie's The "1980-something" Space Guy and Arcade Game Machine

Nick Brick's minifigure scale shooter arcade game machine with Brickarms weapons

Cecilie Fritzvold's arcade machines which is a Iron Builder MOC using the Dynamite sticks bundle

Kale Frost's Three different great minifigure scale arcade Machine MOC's