Official Images for the New Blacktron GWP Set 40580 Revealed


After the release of the 40567 Forestmen Hideout GWP set, LEGO continues to please the adult fans with remakes of classic sets. This new GWP set, 40580 Blacktron Cruiser  based on of the best known space themes, Blacktron. You can click on the images to enlarge.


So much Green in One MOC

This small room diorama was recently shared by LEGO fan and user Aurore. The moc is full of details built using various elements in multiple shades of green. Inclusion of very interesting printed pieces makes this small creation unique. According to the description this MOC is an entry for "Gradient" category of the Summer Joust 2022. I especially liked the portal section and inclusion of glow in the dark skull piece on the shelf. Check out the builders photostream for more great MOC's.

Impressive Realistic Design for a Lab Interior by Victor van den Berg

This interior design is so realistic that you probably need to take a second look on the imag when scrolling to understand that its actually built with LEGO pieces. This awesome Lab interior MOC was recently shared by LEGO fan and user Victor van den Berg a.k.a. vicnieuws in his photostream. I really like the floordeisng as well as beautiful furtinures all around the room but the perfect use of light is what this creation so amazing. If you like this kind of MOC's besure to check out the builders photostream for more.

Beautiful Lake MOC with Forced Perspective

This beautiful MOC with a great use of forced perspective was recently shared by LEGO fan and user jesse van den Oetelaar a.k.a. Mr_ReaperGod in his photostream. The creation is called "Lake Mareotis, Alexandria" and its full of great architectural deails and vegetation. My favourite part of course is the microscale city and ship in the backround used to create the forced perspective. Be sure to check out the builders photostream for more great MOC's.

U-BOOT TYP VII C 1/38 Scale Model by Ciamosław Ciamek

LEGO fan and user Ciamosław Ciamek a.k.a. PigletCiamek shared this awesome model of a U-BOOT TYP VII C in a 1/38 Scale in his photostream. This is undoubtedly the best realistic submarine model built with LEGO pieces. The size and shaping of the hull are really impressive and more amazingly the model has a fully decorated interiror. According to the description this model is 177 cm (~70 inches) long and built using approximately 15000 pieces. The builder shared detailed photos of each room with tons of detailed. You can check out the individual section details in this flickr album



Images from the interior of the vessel. (click to enlarge)

Temple of Mount Everest Remake by W. Navarre

Talented MOC'er and user W. Navarre shared this great oriental Temple MOC which is actually a remake version of the LEGO Orient Expedition 7417 set from early 2000's in his photostream. According to the description, this MOC is an Iron Builder contest creation against Dan Ko, using the large minifigure hands in bright green. Builder did a great job with the rock-work using various types of slopes and wedge pieces. I also liked the custom figures built using various NinjaGO and early 2000's pieces and accessories. 

Original LEGO 7417 Temple of Mount Everest Set

A Mitgardian Adventure by Simon Schweyer

LEGO fan and talented builder Simon Schweyer recently shared his awesome viking village diorama MOC, namely "A Mitgardian Adventure" in his photostream. The design of the building are truly awesome. I especially like the artistic style of the the various roof designs and the viking ship as well. According to the description there is also a story going on in the scene as well which you can check out at Eurobricks forum. For many more great dioramas including the amazing "A Classical Greek Polis" MOC, be sure to check out the builders photostram as well. 

Space Rocket from The Adventures of Tintin by Alexis Dos Santos

LEGO fan and user Alexis Dos Santos shared this awesome MOC of the Space Rocket from The Adventures of Tintin comics in his photostream. The rocket is a very iconic vehichle among the fans of the comic series and the build is the recreation of the rocket from the comic book "Destination Moon". The shaping of the hull is done nicely and the launchtower look pretty good as well. The builder shared the instructions at if you like to build it for yourselves. 

Images revealed for Lion Knights’ Castle (10305)


LEGO Con 2022 has revealed the new upcoming "90 years of play" set Lion Knights’ Castle (10305). Releasing on August 3, the Lion Knights’ Castle has 4,514 pieces. The set looks absolutely amazing with tons of details, accessories and minifigures. Click on the images to enlarge.

Inspector Gadget in Brickheadz Form

I really like the cartoon series of Inspector Gadget when I was a kid. Flickr user and LEGO fan aido k recently shared this beautiful Brickheadz models of Inspector Gadget and his companions Penny and Brain in his photo stream. I like the buider catches the right details to make the build instantly recognizable. As a fan and collector of Brickheadz myself I surely wanna build these models with my own pieces as well. Check out the builders photostream for many other aweome MOC's.