Nordana Castle

I always liked huge medieval castles built with LEGO since I was young. In recent years, after establishment of Bricklink and other online LEGO shopping possibilities along with new building techniques shared all over internet, we start to see new huge and detailed castles continuously. Flickr member and LEGO Fan Gideon_83 shared his latest medieval MOC "Mordana Castle" built for the Swebrick comunitybuilt which is one of the best and compact examples of castle MOC's. This castle is fictionally found in Avalonia. It has many little features that I have never seen before. I especially like the reeds in front of the walls and the design of the wooden doors. 

The wall design is also great but not exclusively unique. The interior-exterior detailing of the castle is really amazing. There are rotating stairs, stone statue, well, a drawbridge and also a cute small stone bridge

 Tile pieces in the stair fits the gap of the bricks impressively and makes it look really realistic.

Normally I am not found of roofs built with slopes but Gideon did a very good job on the roof of the building inside the castle combining red + dark red slopes and cylindrical mini towers around the roof.