Magic of Forced Perspective in LEGO Creations

Forced perspective is a very clever and amazing method to create scenes that look much bigger than they actually are. Check out the creations shared by LEGO Fan Stormbringer in Flickr and MOCpages. He created a battle scene in his creation; "Seven Nation Army". Creating a forced perspective scene could be harder than you think. Check out this photo how the scene above is created:

According to the creator, the MOC is a total 128 studs long and was divided into four seperate elevated sections for each foreshortened scene. If you look closely to the pieces in the backround you will realise that those are tiny bits of black and gray pieces, making it look like there are thousands of soldiers are fighting. 

Another beautiful MOC from the sama builder is named "Dragon Raid" which introduce mico scale castle and dragons flying in the backround as if they are in far distance.