Hailstone Point, an Ice Castle

LEGO Castle Fan and Flicker.com member 'Sergeant Chipmunk' has recently shared this magnificent MOC Diorama in his photo stream in which medieval people are building a castle from ice blocks.. This creation is really amazing with many great small MOC's like a small horse sled, an ice castle and small wooden construction tools like crane and scaffold. The building technics used for the rocks on the cliff is also very impressive where the creator used pre-build part-blocks mostly created with slopes. Minifigure posing and usage of many strings also add life to the diorama as well.

The worker is using the wooden crane to pull up the the ice blocks which are fleshly cut from the frozen water of the lake. Another good point about the MOC is that the trees are created with plates which is not a common building technic among MOC'ers.