Ruined Castle Diorama - New Plans

LEGO Fan and member markus1984 shared this great castle MOC in his photostream. This great ruined castle diorama is a freebuild for the Imperium der Steine RPG "Die Neun Reiche". The name of of the creation is Neue Plaene meaning new plans and the creator faction in this diorama is Bruderschaft des Zorns meaning Brotherhood of Zorn, which consist of greatly designed purist custom minifigures. The torn down walls and the foilage growing out of the ruined sections are nice looking. Blending olive green, dark green and sand green gives the MOC a natural and realistic look. Also, nicely done minifigure posing and many small details add life to the scene. We don't see ruined castle MOC so often and this is a real good example.