News! Summer 2016 Star Wars Sets Are Revealed!

We have collected photos of the Star Wars Summer 2016 sets from various sources from the internet for you. First of all lets start with the preliminary photos of the upcoming sets. Sorry for the very low resolution of the photos. These are the best quality photos we can currently find on the web. Click on the photos to enlarge them to see in better detail.

This one look very similar with the winter 2016 Star Wars set 75102 Poe's X-Wing Fighter but with a different color-scheme.

Next one is a clone turbo tank. This turbo tank look lot like 8098 Clone Turbo Tank  from 2010. 

This set features a combat scene including a green-grey colored A-wing an advanced T-fighter (also known as Darth Vaders T-fighter). The set will include 4 minifigures and one of them will be a Darth Vader minifigure.

 This one looks like some sort of Sith space ship.

There will be another large space ship for the Resistance.

First polybag is Kylo Rens ship in miniscale. 

The second polybag is first order star destroyer in microscale

We found these more recently taken photos from the sets from a Toy convention. Shared in a youtube video by Geek Squad.

 Finished designs of the new set boxes

New sets out of the boxes

New advent calendar is looking nice.

And the last photo is from a youtube video shared by spieletest where a LEGO employee talks about the new turbo tank.